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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Denmark, Kopenhagen: Heavy Streetfights. *PICS*

18-12-2006 18:23

Sunday December 17 - More than 300 demonstrators were arrested in the Danish capital on Saturday after violent clashes between police and youths who were protesting against the planned closure of a youth centre in the city. "Ungdomshuset-The Youth House Stays" .

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Dodgy land deals in Farnborough town centre?

18-12-2006 16:38

Farnborough town centre boarded-up shops streets a bustle with Christmas shopper
Was public land in Farnborough town centre sold on the cheap to a developer to aid them in their plans to build an unwanted superstore?

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Abbas attempts a political coup on behalf of Washington

18-12-2006 15:21

Mahmoud Abbas, the Fatah president of the Palestinian Authority, has announced that he will dissolve the recently elected parliament and call new presidential and parliamentary elections. Abbas aide Yasser Abed Rabbo told Associated Press that the president would set the date within a week, and that new elections would be held within three months.

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Letter about basque prisoner Iñaki De Juana Chaos

17-12-2006 21:30

Letter to British Press and European Parlamentary Groups about Iñaki De Juana Chaos in prison because the content of two articles. You can sign and send it too.

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NuLab Medical Records Database

17-12-2006 18:51

The Government's plan to upload our medical records to a centralized database is a thread to all our privacy.

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Towards a Worldwide Mobilisation for Oaxaca, 22nd December

17-12-2006 18:14

(English / Spanish)

Towards a Worldwide Mobilisation for Oaxaca, 22nd December:
See below a list of actions being planned for the 22nd of December in solidarity with Oaxaca, as part of the Worldwide Mobilisation for Oaxaca called by the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation)

Rumbo a la movilización mundial por Oaxaca del 22 de diciembre:
Algunas acciones programadas para el 22 de diciembre en solidaridad con Oaxaca, como parte de la Movilización Mundial por Oaxaca convocada por el EZLN.Algunas acciones programadas para el 22 de diciembre en solidaridad con Oaxaca, como parte de la Movilización Mundial por Oaxaca convocada por el EZLN.

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Violent protests in Copenhagen - "Ungdomshuset-The Youth House Stays"

17-12-2006 11:16

1 - Copenhagen street
Sunday December 17
More than 300 demonstrators were arrested in the Danish capital on Saturday after violent clashes between police and youths who were protesting against the planned closure of a youth centre in the city.
"Ungdomshuset-The Youth House Stays"

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NYCLU on surveillance cameras: a critique

17-12-2006 04:21

"Daily News" makes it readable
The New York Civil Liberties Union (USA) has released a study on NYPD use of surveillance cameras in public places. This is our critique.

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A visit to Palestine

16-12-2006 19:31

This is an account of a week long visit made to Palestine (East Jerusalem and the West Bank) in November 2006. The visit was organised by the olive co-op in Manchester and had an agricultural/ economic development theme. I wrote this piece descibing our visit upon my return in order to give a picture of life in Palestine and to convey the strong impression the visit made on me.

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Mobile phones, the stealth ID card, bug and tracking device in your pocket.

16-12-2006 19:07

Earlier this month it emerged that the FBI had been remotely activating a mobile phone's microphone and using it to eavesdrop on nearby conversations. The surveillance technique, which "functioned whether the phone was powered on or off." came to light as a result of a ruling by U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan on the legality of the "roving bug". It had been approved by U.S. Department of Justice officials for use against members of a New York organized crime family who were wary of conventional surveillance techniques such as tailing a suspect or wiretapping. Cell phones owned by two alleged mobsters, John Ardito and his attorney Peter Peluso, were used by the FBI to listen in on nearby conversations.

The news that the FBI had been remotely activating mobile phones as eaves dropping devices confirms what many activists have been saying for years.

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16-12-2006 18:57

At Rampart Social Centre
15-17 Rampart St, London E1
nearest tube Whitechapel

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Privacy, Email and Activism - a brief intro

16-12-2006 16:25

Recently there was a conference for activists interested in security issues - obviously something that any activist should be interested in. Notes from the gathering are being compiled along with previous documents into a printed booklet for activists which is expected to be distributed next year.
In the meantime I've been doing a little additional research on solutions specific to securing email communication...

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Families in Immigration detention October 2006

15-12-2006 22:55

Released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

In October 2006 you asked how many families were in Immigration Detention in Dungavel, Tinsley House and Yarl's Wood? How many adults, how many children?

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BAE Systems Scandal: Email Tony Bliar!

15-12-2006 16:21

Look, he is ready and waiting to listen to us!
Hello everyone,

I have attempted to formulate an email/letter to send to Tony Bliar which captures the nation's feelings regarding the latest BAE/Saudi scandal which he has now pulled the plug on. I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to reproduce and amend this letter as you see fit, and send it to him. This is a democracy, he needs to know what we think!

He can be contacted here!

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Newcastle Asylum Protests Continue Despite Police Intimidation.

15-12-2006 13:55

Newcastle-based asylum rights organization Tyneside Community Action for Refugees continue to organize protests in support of the protesters in Harmondsworth and Yarl’s Wood detention centres and to end the detention of children.

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Hungerstrike in Campsfield

15-12-2006 10:23

photo by Stalingrad O'Neill

Detainees held at Campsfield House, Oxfordshire, are understood to have been on hunger strike for 4 days now. 66 detainees, mainly Turkish and Kurdish, were logged as having skipped meals on Monday and are consuming only sugared water and coffee. They are protesting against the lack of information on how long their cases would take to be processed.

Recent detainees hungerstrikes: Families on Hungerstrike in Yarl's Wood Detention Centre | Hunger Strike in Colnbrook Detention Centre

Links: Campaign to Close Campsfield | National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns | UK NoBorders groups

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Australian lawyers launch court bid to secure David Hicks’s release from Guantán

15-12-2006 08:49

None of us are free
The ongoing imprisonment of Hicks, which is designed to psychologically destroy him, has further underscored the contempt for legal precedent and democratic rights that characterises the entire Australian political establishment.

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14-12-2006 18:56

After the bodies of 5 sex workers have been found murdered within 10 days of each other and the police advising women to stay at home concerned citizens of Ipswich call you to:-

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The Cuban Five and US Terrorism...

14-12-2006 16:53

Free the Cuban Five!
Now is the time to demand the release of the Cuban Five. They were sentenced 5 years ago this month and have been imprisoned unjustly in the U.S. for 8 years for the crime of trying to defend their homeland against terrorist attacks...
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