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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Dubstep rebellion - the British banlieue comes to Millbank

10-12-2010 10:22

Paul Mason is BBC Newsnight’s economics editor. His blog entry stands alone from the total mass of shit that the BBC came out with during their live broadcast where the running commentary and the images clearly were out of step. Mason really gets to grips with the composition and anger of yesterdays crowd. As was widely shown on TV yesterday in an interview with some young people, the kids doing most of the fighting back described themselves as 'coming from the slums of London'.

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A sad day for democracy

10-12-2010 04:59

Parliament Square
When Parliament is surrounded by barricades to keep the people out. When Parliament is guarded by riot police to keep the people out. When this happens we know that those inside no longer represent the people.

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European Calling: It Is Just the Beginning!

10-12-2010 01:22

…You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows: occupation of universities everywhere in Europe, blockage of the cities, manif sauvage, rage. This is the answer of a generation to whom they want to cut the future with debts for studying, cuts of welfare state and increasing of tuition fees. 

The determination of thousand of students in London, the rage of who assault the Italian Senate house against the austerity and the education cuts, has opened the present time: this is because the future is something to gain that start when you decide collectively to take risk and to struggle.

The extraordinary struggles that we are living have the capacity to show a present with an intensity that exceed the linearity of the time, that refuse our precarity condition: it is an assault to the future!

We don’t want to get into debt, we don’t want to pay more fees to study in London as well as in Paris, Wien, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Dublin, Lisbon. This European movement is about refusing austerity policies, refusing to get into debt for these miserable politicians. Que se vayan todos!

What is happening nowadays in Rome first spread out in Athens and Paris, then in Dublin and London: it is the irruption of a movement who speaks a common language, the same young generation in revolt, who inhabits different cities but shares the same determination to struggle, «floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee».

We have to meet each other and invent a new political grammar against the weakness of the Nation-state and their strategy to face the crisis: their receipt is just austerity, cuts and debt.          

In Italy we have occupied not only universities, but also blocked motorways and the mobility of the country in order to circulate struggles outside the national borders and coming in Europe and beyond. The circulation of struggles is living within the Book Block and the wild demonstration in London, Paris and Rome.

This autumn we are living a real European student movement, that is various and radical, really heterogeneous. Its common reclaim comes from a protest that is born in the middle of the crisis, and that represents the most courageous answer. It is a struggle composed by different struggles, heterogeneous temporalities that reclaim more scholarships for student and a public university for everyone.  

Within the book block a new generation recognized and found itself in the protest. Today in lots of cities the Italian student movement is showing something more than just solidarity: this is because your struggle is our struggle and all around Europe students are against the increasing of fees, the privatisation of the university and the education cuts.  You are not alone in UK: an European event, a new generation do not want to stop. We have the force whom want to change the world and we have the intelligence to do it. It is just the beginning!

We propose to students, researchers, precarious workers and PhD students to build up together an European meeting at the beginning of the 2011, to continue the struggle, to transform this wind in a tempest!

Uniriot Roma, Anomalia Sapienza

>> more info:


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SchNEWS 751: Hacktion Stations

09-12-2010 23:39

A real (but largely virtual) war is being fought over control of information and your right to hear the truth - especially any truth unpalatable as far as the ruling elites are concerned. In their guise of 'The Authorities', the nod for a full on assault on WikiLeaks was given sometime ago; a not-so-covert campaign to shut the website shut down and trace and punish those responsible is well underway.

On the Newswire: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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Parliament Riot Book Block Stands Firm

09-12-2010 23:01

The Book Block did well during today's demo at Parliament and beyond (as did all the other brilliant fighters in the masses). Here Guy Debord's great text 'The Society of The Spectacle' resists police attacks. Caught up in between NUS, Education Activist Network, Green Party, SWP, NCFAC and all those others who really just seek to take power, those who just got on with resisting the police attacks gladden the heart.

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How to join the Anonymous Hackers Payback Operation for beginners

09-12-2010 22:21

An introduction to the Anonymous group currently organizing the attacks against Paypal, Mastercard and other perceived enemies of Wikileaks. Freedom fighters sign up here!

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Sri Lanka War-Crimes Accountability The Tamil Perspective 15/01/2010 10Colombo32

09-12-2010 21:13

## "Responsibility for many of the alleged crimes rests with the country’s senior civilian and military leadership" ## "...[Tamil] vulnerable to political or even physical attack if they raise the issue of accountability publicly...[if] the international community push...[it] would seem to play into the super-heated campaign...that there is an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka and its “war heroes.”" ##

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Violence against student elected uwesu by met police

09-12-2010 19:40

elected represented of uwesu hospitalised by met police in london during tuition fee protest. Paddy Besiris, st Matts Chair of UWESU has been admitted to hospital after a head injury inflicted by excessive force by the MET police. 24 hours ago at an event hosted by centre forum David Cameron, prime minister, praised uwe professor Steve West current vice canceller of Samantha Cameron's alumina. Today popular representative lies in hospital following police brutality propping up Cameron's coalition.

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Freedom to protest demos

09-12-2010 18:44

A reminder for tommorrow

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Ex-Intelligence Officers, Others See Plusses in WikiLeaks Disclosures

09-12-2010 14:05

WASHINGTON – December 7 – The following statement was released today, signed by Daniel Ellsberg, Frank Grevil, Katharine Gun, David MacMichael, Ray McGovern, Craig Murray, Coleen Rowley and Larry Wilkerson; all are associated with Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence.

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WikiLeaks founder jailed in London on bogus charges

08-12-2010 14:50

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police Tuesday morning, denied bail by a London magistrate and then jailed. Assange faces a hearing December 14 on an extradition request by Swedish authorities, who issued a warrant last week on fabricated charges of sexual misconduct.

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The WOMBLES are coming.....again!

08-12-2010 14:01

Once were Wombles: (2001)

In what has become a bit of a tradition, Commander Bob Broadhurst has once again resurrected the WOMBLES in an attempt to justify the attacks that the cops will undoutably make on the mostly peaceful demonstrators on Thursday's protest.

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Hackers take down Mastercard site after wikileaks donations are banned

08-12-2010 11:25

Mastercard goes down
Hackers have launched a DDOS attack on the website, following its announcement that card holders may no longer use their cards to donate to the besieged likiweaks.

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PlowsharesActivist SolidaritySpeaksOut@Court as AssangeJailed

08-12-2010 10:28

Irish/Australian CW/Plowshares Activist Ciaron O'Reilly Speaks Out in Solidarity-Outside Westminister Court While Julian Assange Denied Bail!

YOUTUBE (2min22sec)

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Is there any difference between China and USA?

08-12-2010 03:42

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange refused bail
In Freedom for Sale, John Kampfner looks at a number of countries where freedoms is for sale, China and the USA are in among his case studies.

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Direct Action skillshare on mass street demos at Brighton University tomorrow

07-12-2010 19:02

at the occupied University of Brighton, Pavilion Parade, 11am

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Riot shields as steering wheels

07-12-2010 18:20

If you are going on a protest, especially in London, try this to keep from being hit by a police bludgeon.

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A ghost haunts Europe

07-12-2010 17:28

Οn the 24th November, many student demonstrations took place in Britain, in which participated over 50,000 people. The march was called in response to the new educational measures announced by the British government.

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WikiLeaks and secret diplomacy

07-12-2010 14:59

As diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks continue to be published—revealing each day new information on the sordid maneuvers of American imperialism in various parts of the world—the US government is going on the offensive. It is leading an international campaign targeting WikiLeaks founder Jullian Assange and the organization’s web site.

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Banner Remembering Greece 06/12/08

07-12-2010 11:42

Yesterday morning a banner proclaiming 'Cops Pigs Muderers! 6/12/08' was hung from Newcastle's inner motorway bridge, in remembrance of the Greek uprising two years ago and all those that suffer at the hands of the police.
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