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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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No more deaths in custody! - Prisoners Justice Day! London

13-08-2008 00:23

Campaigners gathered outside Holloway Prison, London on Sunday 10 August to remember all the women who have died there, to protest against all deaths in prison and to remember the massive contribution to the struggle against prison brutality made by Pauline Campbell, who died earlier this year.

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Photos and Videos from Saturday's orange block march and rally

12-08-2008 22:00

Video Working class climate agency was discussed at several workshops
Here's some images and vids from the orange block march from the camp site to Kingsnorth station. As others have mentioned, the event really wasn't that fluffy, with one arrest plus another attempted arrest and baton attacks en route, plus many more arrests at the gates when demonstrators refused to obey a police helicopter dispersal order.

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Animal Rights groups protest against seminar by cruelty lobby

12-08-2008 17:32

outside the hotel
Animal Rights groups were tipped off that the Hunting Association of Ireland was going to be hosting a breakfast seminar this morning to unite groups and companies which have been the subject of protest for their treatment of animals.

The main speaker at the event was Lt. Col. Dennis Foster (US Army, ret'd) who was described as an ''expert on animal rights terrorists" .

See video

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NETCU and Climate Camp

12-08-2008 12:48

The Hoo Peninsular becomes a fully functioning police state but police fail miserably!

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Rossport Recruitment Night Tuesday August 19th

12-08-2008 12:12

Tuesday, August 19th 7:30 pm
Pogo Café, 76 Clarence Rd, Hackney E5 8HB

Rossport Recruitment Night – Shell to Sea Needs You!

Information, Cake, Films & Fundraiser

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NW // Power station shut down: Netcu lying or Kent police lying?

12-08-2008 10:02

Netcu have proudly published the following press release on their site:

"Fifty arrested during river rescue and scuffles - but protesters fail to close down power station

Around 50 people were arrested in disturbances today as climate camp protesters attempted to carry out their threat to break into Kingsnorth Power Station, near Hoo."

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DSEi Downing Street legal observer cleared of obstruction on appeal

12-08-2008 09:56

A legal observer convicted in February of obstructing a police officer during a stop and search outside Downing Street won his appeal at Southwark Crown Court in London on Friday, 8 August following a one-and-a-half-day hearing. The incident occurred during a peaceful vigil and blockade of Downing Street last September in memory of victims of the arms trade. The demonstration took place while arms dealers from around the world congregated in east London for Europe’s biggest arms fair.

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Campesino Leaders Assassinated in Honduras

12-08-2008 00:42

Leaders and members of the cooperative, Guadalupe Carney in Colon, Honduras murdered in July and August. An urgent action is being organized to demand investigations and that the campesino community which has occupied the land at the former military installation the CREM be given title to the land as previously decreed by the National Agrarian Institute

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Parents demand the release of their children; Austrian prisoners

11-08-2008 18:21

The parents in front of the Ministry for Justice in Vienna
Parents of the imprisoned animal protectionists protested on the 6th August in front of the Ministry for Justice in Vienna. They expressed how appalled they are at the continuing remand custody of their children. The parents are extremely concerned about the psychological damage that their children are undoubtedly suffering due to this forced separation from their loved ones, and how this may affect them long term. They also talked to media of their own pain at not having seen their children in such a long time.

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Climate Camp bail-breaker Paul Morozzo free on bail

11-08-2008 15:37

Paul Morozzo, arrested while attempting to enter Climate Camp in breach of his bail conditions (imposed for his participation in the Drax coal train occupation on 13 June 2008), was freed by Selby magistrates court today, Monday 11 August.

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Wed 13th: Discussion on 'The Britain-Colombia Connection

11-08-2008 11:11

Wednesday 13 August 7pm: discussion on 'The Britain-Colombia Connection', at Housmans Bookshop 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London N1

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No more deaths in custody! Pauline Campbell remembered

11-08-2008 10:40

Campaigners gathered outside Styal prison in Wilmslow, Cheshire on Sunday 10 August to remember all the women who have died there, to protest against all deaths in prison and to remember the massive contribution to the struggle against prison brutality made by Pauline Campbell, who died earlier this year.

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Hands off the MST Brazil! - S African social movements say!!

10-08-2008 15:50

To the poor of the world, to all people of good will who work for progressive change

We, the landless and homeless people and associated activists of South Africa, decry the secret campaign by the so-called Workers' Party (PT) government of the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul to criminalise, outlaw and otherwise illegitimately harass our landless comrades of the MST.

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Knives out for the GRRR!

10-08-2008 12:43

armed and dubious
After the discovery by Kent Police of over 9000 weapons near the Climate Camp, it was surprising that no ninja bloc turned up for the mass action at Kingsnorth. But at nearby Upnor, the knife crimes continued...

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Climate Campers Continue Search For Missing Teenage Girl Snatched by the Police

09-08-2008 20:39

The teenage girl illegally assaulted and snatched by the police at the conclusion of the day of mass action at the Camp for Climate Action is still missing.

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Solidarity Action with European Hunger Strike August 1-7, Kanada.

09-08-2008 11:57

"Sheriff Van and Police Cruiser Firebombed, August 6th, 2008, Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), Kanada.

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Letter to police about their abuse of stop and search powers sent on 6 August

08-08-2008 16:47

Police have set up a search regime for every single person visiting the camp that is unknown at any border checkpoint in the world other than Israel / Palestine. It is analogous to that faced by visitors to prison. It assumes anyone going to the camp is a potential criminal, whereas the legal power used requires them to have actual suspicion that they are.

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Legal support Letter to Police re. Police confiscations

08-08-2008 16:37

Police have thieved vast quantities of materials trying to either scupper the camp or prevent effective direct action taking place. This is clearly unlawful, but for various reasons we unfortunately failed to find a way to use the law to prevent it happening. It may be that such a challenge happens yet - if you have had property seized in suspicious circumstances like those outlined below, please contact us

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why i packed my bags

08-08-2008 14:46

This is a translation of an open letter from Bruno, a French Anarchist who recently decided to escape his oppressors and go on the run.

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Climate Camp - Arrests and charges list

08-08-2008 12:12

A list of all those so far pulled at Climate Camp courtesy of Kent Online. Not sure how biased or accurate this list is.
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