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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Respect to Kyung Hae Lee

13-09-2003 10:50

As another successful DSEi took up most of the newswire this hero went largely unnoticed.
All respect to Kyung Hae Lee, 56. (knife to the heart on Sept 10 2003)

What was he highlighting? Was it just anger at the Mexican pigscum?

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Impeachment Inquiry

13-09-2003 09:15

Santa Cruz, CA USA City Council passes motion to write letter requesting an impeachment inquiry

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Fight for His Freedom!

13-09-2003 08:32

On 20 August, a leader of the People’s War that has been sweeping through Nepal, Chandra Prakash Gajurel, known as Comrade Gaurav, was arrested by the Indian authorities as he attempted to travel to Europe to support the battle against imperialist intervention in his country. The reactionary monarchy ruling Nepal is now preparing a demand for his extradition from India, which has repeatedly sent Nepalese revolutionaries back to the government’s dungeons.

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Charing Cross Police Station, Abuse of Rights for DSEi

12-09-2003 12:58

Quick information from an interview conducted with a woman who was arrested near Custom House DLR during wednesday's anti-DSEi protests:

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Fuerth, Germany, 11-14.9. 2003, days of action against deportation camps

11-09-2003 22:29

People are in rebellion: in spring 2002 at the internment camp in Woomera/Australien; in March 2002 at the deportation prison in Bologna; End of 2002 at the Eurotunnel-camp in Sangatte/France; in Febuary 2003 in the deportation prison Haslar/England; January - April 2003 in the deportation prison Grünau/Berlin,; in May 2003 in Nomansland-camp between the Iraq / Jordan border; against fences, walls and borders of deportation prisons, internment camps, deportation camps, “Ausreisezentren”, refugee camps.

Camps are an indispensable part of the separation policy of industrial countries. Separation from those who come, because the living conditions in their countries are decisively regulated by the interests of rich states. "We are here, because you destroy our countries", as refugees put it.
"Ausreisezentrum" is no term of the tourism industry. What sounds like palm beach and vacation trip is another link in the long chain of systematic exclusion and isolation of refugees and migrants in Germany. Cry from Halberstadt "Deportation camps are camps which illegalise people. As a supplementation to the socalled accumulative accomodations and deportation prisons deportation camps make perfect the system of determent, controll and deportation opposite to refugees.

Camps are an expression of the worldwide migration regime within the neoliberal globalisation. Therefore there is not only a temporal connection between the campaign against WTO
and the actiondays against the camp in Fuerth.

The neoliberal globalisation has serious effects on the majority of mankind: - cutback of hard earned rights, - social dismantling in the curse of global "adaption" GATS

Results of the globalised competition are: The strong prevail over the weak. What is called globalisation has nothing to do with the real globalisation in terms of ?one world?. With means of national, nationalistic arrogance and mobilisation big parts of mankind are excluded of the alleged blessings of civilisation. In many parts of the world (thus the loser?s side) globalised competition results in pauperisation, incontent, oppression, war, ?warlordisation?, barbarianism.

Results are: Billions of people are on the run or migrant to where they hope to find better living conditions.

source: Imc Germany:

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Corporate Media on DSEi protests

11-09-2003 12:01

Links to other media reports around the world about the DSEi protests.

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Dali Lama says Iraq War May Be Justified

11-09-2003 00:32

The exiled Tibetan leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner said some wars, including the Korean War and World War II, helped "protect the rest of civilization, democracy."

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11-09-2003 00:27

Weapons on display inside DSEI

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11-09-2003 00:16

Weapons on display inside DSEI 2003

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Canning town kids vs mounted cops VIDEO

10-09-2003 22:38

Short video showing Canning town kids being chashed out of their local park by mounted filth.... (can you believe these scum?, really makes me sick)

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Desperate call for photos or videos of arrest

10-09-2003 20:32

Hi, The cops are trying to charge me with a load of stuff i didn't do, i need help to clear myself

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Anti-War protestor on Racist Charges scores early Legal Victory

10-09-2003 18:25

An anti-war protestor appearing in court for legal debate had all his legal arguments accepted. The charges concerned an allegation that he was stirring up racial hatred by bearing an upside-down US flag with the words "Fuck Bush" on it.

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Eamonn McCann calls for support for Brian Butterworth and the Socialist Alliance

10-09-2003 17:52

Eamonn McCann calls for a vote for Brian Butterworth and the Socialist Alliance in the Brent East by-election against war and privatisation

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Mobile photos

10-09-2003 17:46

riot photographer
mobile pix from street party

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Mainstream support for Liberty

10-09-2003 15:48

Mainstream political pressure mounting against the polic

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Fire Alarm Cops

10-09-2003 14:40

The following footage (video to follow)...

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Zionists and Fascists to Sabotage Pro Palestinian Picket Tomorrow - help needed

10-09-2003 14:08

Below is a call out from the folks at Fight Racism Fight Imperialism who have kept up a constant weekly vigil outside Marks and Spencer and are now facing hassle from zionists and racists waving Israeli flags and Union Jacks and trying to push them off the streets>


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Corporate Media - DSEi protests

10-09-2003 09:05

Corporate and mainstream media on the Disarm DSEi protests

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Campaigners to picket Egyptian embassy to call for release of peace activists

10-09-2003 09:02

Five Egyptian anti-war activists face up to 15 years in jail for contacting international human rights organisations. Campaigners in the UK will protest at the Egyptian embassy Friday 12th September to highlight their case.

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No Sweat (anti-sweatshop) Meeting

09-09-2003 19:57

The next Sheffield No Sweat meeting is on Thurs 11th Sept at St Matthews Hall on Carver St (opposite the central Fire Station in city centre)at 7.30pm. We'll be concentrating on finalising details for the local dayschool on October 4th but also planning future local actions.
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