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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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25-11-2004 00:36

The legislation is expected to introduce a new definition of "possession" of an illegal drug, making it an offence to have a certain amount in the bloodstream. This is likely to prove controversial - not least because some drugs, such as cannabis, can remain in the bloodstream for weeks.

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Help Ukraine!

24-11-2004 20:41

People went to the streets, on strike or to Kyiv, first of all, because they are sick and tired with organised criminal gang holding power in their country for the last decade. People of Ukraine felt that at this point they’re robbed of any future hope. You can do a lot. There are no small deeds now – everything can be helpful, can prevent bloodshed and give support to the people.

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'Normality' in Palestine

24-11-2004 15:48

Three weeks ago, whilst Gaza was being bulldozed and
the world watched Arafat about to die, the Israeli
army invaded Jenin. Surrounding and closing off the
city for two weeks, they occupied houses to use as
bases, erected roads-blocks, and imposed curfew.

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24-11-2004 05:18

Did he see bin Laden with his own eyes? Did he try and cut him in half with a saw? Or did they have lunch together with George Dubya Bushit and the CIA?

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Blunkett tells opponents: if you don't like it, vote Liberal

24-11-2004 00:10

When asked on tonight's Newsnight (23/11/04) about Labour critics of his controversial 'anti-terror' policies, David Blunkett didn't mince his words...

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volantino operazione MITRA

23-11-2004 23:23

In distruibuzione dal il 16 ottobre 2004 dall'evento di cui parla il volantino stesso cioe' al gazebo per il reclutamento di terroristi organizzato dai posti occupati.

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Peace demos planned in Canada

23-11-2004 20:10

Second Falluja USUK massacre
(re-post from Quebec Indy.)

See also..

Ottawa Indy is down.

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Take Action on Indonesian Genocide

23-11-2004 13:47

British company Rolls-Royce is selling its weapons technology to Indonesia this week. Tell them what you thik about it.

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Candle Vigil outside St John’s in support of Ansari brothers

23-11-2004 11:59

“Keep Azim in Oxford” Campaign
Candle Vigil outside St John's College
Tuesday 23 November 2004 (Today!)
17:30 - 18:30
Bring candles, yourself, and your friends.
Sign letters and petitions.
(Town AND Gown Welcome!)

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Burning Solidarity with Fallujah - Palestine

23-11-2004 11:18

'Al-Fallujah' spelt out in flames lights up the sky on Jabal Ash-shamliya, the m
Nablus, Palestine, shows solidarity with the people of Falluja by writing 'Al-Falujah' in Arabic in flames on the mountain above the city

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U.S. ELECTION: Democracy in Question

23-11-2004 00:17

Interviews with John Zogby and Ralph Nader, plus what's now known about Election Day, suggest something went very wrong on Nov. 2.

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Blunkett's Quest, but is he on drugs?

22-11-2004 21:57

The legislation is expected to introduce a new definition of "possession" of an illegal drug, making it an offence to have a certain amount in the bloodstream. This is likely to prove controversial - not least because some drugs, such as cannabis, can remain in the bloodstream for weeks.

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Battle of the Beanfield Film Screening

22-11-2004 21:01

OPERATION SOLSTICE recounts the story of how 420 people were arrested on 1 June 1985 on their way to Stonehenge to hold the 11th People's Free Festival.

Using video footage, the police radio log, photographs and personal testimony to recreate what became known as the Battle of the Beanfield. This documentary presents horrifying evidence of the semi-military tactics employed by police as they smashed up travellers' homes.

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New rumours about location of G8 summit in 2007

22-11-2004 19:10

Tendencies in politics and locally indicate, that in 2007 the G8 summit is likely to be held in the Northeast of Germany, near Rohstock. Officially the location will be announced in spring 2007.

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mobilisation for protest against EU summit 2005 in Luxembourg started

22-11-2004 18:36

In june 2005 a EU summit takes place in Luxembourg.

Mobilisation to protest against the politics of the EU are in preperation, for more information, visit:

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S. KOREA. 11.22/Last Week's Struggle Report...

22-11-2004 17:06 migrant workers, now since one year and one week in sit-in strike against S. Korean government's policy of manhunt, mass arrestings and deportations.

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Edo in Brighton well and truely smashed.

22-11-2004 12:27

Smashed again, our local arms dealers were awoken again today to the sound of smashing windows, red sam missiles and surface to air rocks going through their windows.
Hey lads start making something useful at Edo and we will consider poshing someone elses windows.Honest.

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USUK attack and occupation - More blood, More chaos

21-11-2004 19:45

As the mass graves in Fallujah continue to be filled with countless
corpses, sporadic fighting flashes throughout areas of the destroyed

“The Americans want every city in Iraq to be like Fallujah,” said
Abdulla Rahnan, a 40 year-old man on the street where I was taking tea
not far from my hotel, “They want to kill us all-they are freeing us of
our lives!”

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This is Camp X-ray - The film

21-11-2004 19:10

This Is Camp Xray - The film
Sunday 12.12.04
A documentary film by Damien Mahoney
Showing at The Dancehouse. 10 Oxford Road (opp. BBC) Manchester

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Manchester Indymedia Filmscreening- "Summit Good"

21-11-2004 14:58

flyer extract present
Summit Good: In the lead up to the G8 summit coming to Scotland, we tell our own stories about Summit Mobilisations. Film Screening
The Dancehouse – Oxford Rd – opp BBC - Sunday Dec 19th
7:30 for 8:00 start - £2 – none refused entry for lack of funds
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