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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Fascism and the Republican Party

30-10-2004 17:04

The close relationship between fascist individuals and groups from the period of Nazi rule in Europe with the Republican Party of the United States.

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Students Union of 45,000 members facing closure

29-10-2004 23:09

At a recent meeting with University managers, members of the Students' Union Executive Committee were confronted with the news that the University intends to close down the Students' Union facilitates.

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USA: police kills 22-year old girl with "non-lethal" weapon

29-10-2004 22:06

60.000 to 80.000 people celebrated the victory of the "Red Sox" in Boston. However, police went crazy and shot a 22-year old girl with a "non"-lethal weapon in the eye. She died.There was no specific action she did, there were no "riots" around her, nothing. She was just celebrating and chanting with others.Meantime police is trained to see the enemy in us, the people: this is what we learn from this murder.

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Sheffield to host G8 Justice ministers summit in June

29-10-2004 17:55

The G8 ministers of Justice and Home Affairs will meet in Sheffield in June 2005.

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Forthcoming demo against arbitrary detentions, Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes

29-10-2004 16:51

MK Stop the War with the Campaign Against Political Terror plans a demo at HMP
Woodhill (in W. Milton Keynes), provisionally on Sunday 28 November,

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£1m goodbye for "Hanging Judge"

29-10-2004 09:39

This weeks Schnews's "and finally" section tells us that, following a year of leave, Roger Davies, the "Hanging Judge of Horseferry Road", has resigned, with his index linked pension intact. They calculate he stands to make up to £1m from the deal. Mayday will never be the same again. I'm sure a number of Indymedia readers will join me in wishing Roger a happy retirement .........

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29-10-2004 08:24

A climate of censorship and repression still clings to modern Greece, and reports about the trial of the Coastguard who assaulted Necati modify the facts quite freely and continue to undermine Necati's credibility. This is in line with earlier actions that tried to styop him testifying at all. It is a shame!

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Support at Asylum Hearing, Wednesday 3rd

28-10-2004 23:37

In December 2002 with much fanfare, several Algerian men were arrested on terrorism charges in Edinburgh, allegedly for plotting an attack on the Hogmanay celebrations. All the men were innocent, the evidence amounted to a scribbled on tourist map, and now they face deportation.

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10/28 UNRWA Gaza Field Assessment of IOF Operation 'Days of Penitence'

28-10-2004 20:32

"This report summarizes the preliminary findings of UNRWA's field assessment of 16 October 2004, in the form of general data and a sector-by-sector review .."

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Council For National Policy - The Religious Reich & Bush

28-10-2004 19:29

Who Is The Council For National Policy And What Are They Up To? And Why Don’t They Want You To Know?

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March for Justice

28-10-2004 16:55

Demonstrate for Kebba Jobe, killed by Kentish Town police at Camden Lock.

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Resist The Attacks On Iraq's Cities - Petition, Letter-Writing and Phone Blockad

28-10-2004 14:38

Folks, an atrocity is about to happen, unless we cry out loud enough.

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Women in Black - Silent Vigil for Iraq

27-10-2004 20:29

Women in Black (WIB) will be joining the Oxford Stop the War Coalition on Saturday 30th October to say “No to Bush – British Troops out of Iraq”, on the eve of the US presidential elections.

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Coca-Cola killers almost strike again.

27-10-2004 17:08

Francisco Ramirez, the president of Sintraminercol in Colombia, was the victim of an assasination attempt on the 10th October.
For the full story, check:

Campaign against Killer-Cola in your community!

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Elections in Ukraine: too far, too close

27-10-2004 15:53

While the whole world is holding its breath waiting for the US elections, and European activists are involved in struggles in such distant territories as Bolivia and Palestine, - the whole cycle of events going on in Ukraine passes unnoticed. But neither First nor the Third World, neither part of "axis of evil" nor European Union, Ukraine is too far to be understood, and too close to be interested.

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The antiKKKrime war against the excluded continues unabated

27-10-2004 14:59

Britain’s totalitarian terror against the socially excluded and the different is escalating and reaching new heights. As the sheep call for more “protection” from one another, the statist tyrants grab more and more power, and what few freedoms exist are crushed mercilessly under their jackboots. Another animal rights activist has been served with an ASBO and also jailed, for absolutely nothing – his alleged “crime” was simply to shout at a vivisector. Other victims of ASBO’s include a homeless man jailed for visiting his girlfriend in a town where he was banned for begging, someone banned from owning a TV, someone banned from listening to gangsta rap, and even a barrister given an ASBO for banging a mop on the floor! But resistance is possible and growing.

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Night Watcher

27-10-2004 13:01

Some creatures paid a visit to EDO/MBM last night with a gift of ¼ a tonne of cement left on the entrance so the difficulty of crossing it to their livelihoods might remind ...

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concert forPalestine in Swansea

27-10-2004 12:45

A concert for Palestine in Swansea

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Cuba bans the US dollar

27-10-2004 11:46

Fidel Castro has placed a ban on US dollars being used in all transcations on the island, instead introducing the 'convertible peso' - offering a one-to-one exchange rate with the US dollar.

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Remember the Red and Blue States

27-10-2004 03:25

Don't cry for the passage of the democratic government. Weep for the real patriots that will be swept away to the concentration camps or whose blood will cover the streets, but above all else regardless of the outcome remember the red states.
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