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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Delivery of Petition at Danish Embassy 10.30am Friday Dec 18th

17-12-2009 21:31

In solidarity with all those arrested in Copenhagen at the Climate Summit, 10.30 am tomorrow, Friday December 18th, delivery of petition, "Release Tadzio Mueller and the other climate prisoners!"
To read and sign petition, see here:
The Danish Embassy is at 55 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9SR.

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Nottingham City Council Makes Vague Legal at Blogger

17-12-2009 20:54

Nottingham blogger ncclols is told by Council lawyers to stop causing 'distress'

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DE: Grassroot Union FAU Berlin - Prohibited!

17-12-2009 20:19

On December 11, 2009, the Berlin District Court decided that the Free Workers' Union Berlin (FAU-B) could no longer call itself a union or grassroots union. This is the culmination of a series of attempts by the Neue Babylon Berlin GmbH to legally hogtie the strongest and most active form of workers' representation in the company.

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FITwatch Copenhagen - mass arrests, cages and deportations.

17-12-2009 16:16

Police found it difficult at times to contain hundreds of people in the detention cages, having to resort to dogs and pepper spray. They will now face a legal challenge. But is this the new style for the policing of European summits?

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Police, judiciary and CPS actively support illegal hunting

17-12-2009 10:05

Whilst the police and CPS response to enforcing the Hunting Act 2004 has been anaemic at best there is a bottomless pit of resources when it comes to soothing the collective fevered brow of the hunting fraternity. Apparently it is now an offence to actually do the police's job for them and try and gather evidence of unlawful hunting.

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BNP Leader's Family Alleges Abuse

17-12-2009 04:16

Arthur Kemp, the third highest-ranking member of the British National Party, is accused of years of unspeakable, sadistic abuse of his children, according to an interview with his family published earlier this month in the United States.

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Sign the Open Letter: Release Tadzio Mueller and the other climate prisoners!

16-12-2009 20:43

The following Open Letter was drafted by Turbulence: Ideas for Movement. Please sign here:

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Prince William should not come to Australia on Australia Day

16-12-2009 19:54

Prince Willliam
Prince William’s plan to come to Australia and give a speech on our national day is political, even if the Palace denies it. It is no doubt an attempt to stave off growing republican feelings in our country, and to maintain the status quo and keep the cruel and outdated constitutional monarchy under which we are suffering here in Australia. I understand he will be visiting New Zealand too.

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Polish High Court Refuses Return of Australian Child

16-12-2009 05:06

Panagiotis Laskos with father Dimitrios
Australian child Panagiotis Laskos was abducted to Poland in 2007. After a two year battle to have his child returned under the Provisions of the Hague Convention, the Polish High Court has ordered that Panagiotis is to stay in Poland.

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Charter to Kabul/ regular charter from UK

15-12-2009 21:00

There are regular charter flights from UK to Kabul, usually every Tuesday, this for instance is the 'usual' Tuesday run picking up a few Afghans in France.

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Ashraf Internment, Press Conference, London - Pictures.

15-12-2009 20:07

Gathering at Downing Street.
On the day the Iraqi Governments deadline for the forced removal of the residents of Ashraf City to an internment facility expires, Iranian pro-democracy campaigners gather in Whitehall opposite Downing Street to hold a press conference.

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REMINDER: London Benefit Event - Resalto

15-12-2009 15:15

For the financial support of the 22 arrestees of Resalto

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Mass arrests in Copenhagen

15-12-2009 13:42

Tens of thousands of demonstrators who assembled in Copenhagen on Saturday to peacefully demand serious measures by the United Nations Climate Conference (COP15) to address the global warming crisis were confronted by masses of riot police, who cordoned off a section of the march and arbitrarily arrested nearly 1,000 people.

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ITALY announces fascist illiberal measures: new rules on marches and web sites

15-12-2009 13:18

the proposals under consideration Thursday of the CDM
Casini disputes that: "No to illiberal measures, laws are already there"

Maroni: "New rules on marches and sites" The proposals under consideration Thursday of the CDM
ROME - On Thursday, the Council of Ministers will consider new, stricter rules on demonstrations and on the Internet. This was announced by Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, speaking of "the most appropriate and urgent measures" to which it is conceivable that the government act by decree. The holder of the Interior Ministry has also informed that the Executive is considering the possibility of extending the rules to public demonstrations against the violence in stadiums.

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UK to Palestine Convoy crosses Turkish border

15-12-2009 11:26

Report from 80 strong vehicle convoy heading for Gaza with aid

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The RSA (The Royal Society for the Arts)'fosters resilient communities'.

15-12-2009 00:31

The Royal Society for the Arts (the RSA, correctly title 'The Royal Society for the encouragment of the Arts, Manufacture and Commerce') fosters 'resilient communities'. The Lancashire Resilience Forum is a private body, does not come under Freedom of Information, yet is chaired by the Superintendent of Police.

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COP15 prisoners riot in makeshift jail

14-12-2009 23:55

For the second day in a row, the police have used pepperspray against the inmates in the climate prison in Valby. Climate activists smashed the cages and used benches to break cell doors open. The police are sending out daily press-releases with the latest news about the many arrests in connection with the protests against the COP15 summit, but some stories never go further than the police’s leadership and are left out of the official accounts.

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Pepper Spray Used on Activists in Copenhagen Whilst Detained!

14-12-2009 20:36

Defiance in Copenhagen During COP-15
Shocking reports coming from copenhagen of YET MORE police brutality against those that seek justice for the planet and its inhabitants, human and non-human, as people are sprayed with pepper spray in their holding cells for apparently making noise!!

below is the actual text on indymedia denmark:

solidarity to those suffering police abuse.

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Never trust a cop Demo

14-12-2009 13:08

Call out for demo outside Danish embassy on Thursday 17th., sloane street @ 16.00

In solidarity with Ntac and all arrested in Cph.

Dresscode : BLACK !!!!

Mood : PISSED OFF ( what else )

Spread the word.

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Telephone solidarity with detained activists in Copenhagen

14-12-2009 13:05

Do you know anyone taking part in COP 15 protests in Copenhagen who may have been subject to mass arrest? 968 arrested Saturday, 250+ Sunday ??? today...
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