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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Brutal Human Rights Violations Bahrain

25-03-2011 14:03

In London this past Saturday hundreds of protesters demonstrated at the Embassy of Bahrain.

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Brussels demo kicks off against EU summit

25-03-2011 01:07

BRUSSELS - Trade union protests outside an EU summit in Brussels against the austerity being imposed across the continent by the bloc turned violent on Thursday (24 March), as riot police battled rock-wielding demonstrators with water cannon and pepper spray.

Because of a fear of violence, helicopters circled over the summit site, hundreds of police patrolled throughout the capital, and heavy equipment, including water cannons, was stationed close to EU headquarters. Demonstrators armed with sticks and other protesters throwing stones confronted police cordons but could not break through.

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Shut Guantánamo / Free Shaker / Free Bradley Manning demo

24-03-2011 15:48

"Shut Down Guantánamo!" / Free Shaker Aamer / Free Bradley Manning demonstration

Friday 1 April, 12-1pm and 1.15-2.15pm:

12-1pm: US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 1AE (nearest tube: Bond Street/Marble Arch)

1.15-2.15pm: Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, W1 (nearest tube: Marble Arch)

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G4S involved in Israeli prisons and illegal settlements

24-03-2011 08:37

G4S delivers services in illegal settlements
On 11 March, the Danish-British security firm G4S announced its exit from some contracts in the West Bank. The company will continue to deliver security services to illegal settlements in the West Bank and to prisons in Israel.

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Sukey slip closer into the arms of the Met

24-03-2011 00:21

Sukey have changed their their Warning To Idiots page to come across a little more, er user friendly.

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The puppet show in Libya has been set - here are the actors..

23-03-2011 22:27

puppets... in Paris
The puppet show in Libya has been set. Actually it was set before the Libyan revolutionaries revolted against Qaddafi. They (the people of Libya) will soon have to face the bitter truth when these puppets will negotiate in their name and will sell Oil to their masters..

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Syrian protest movement , At least four dead in fresh Syria violence

23-03-2011 13:37

Syria- protest
The Syrian protest movement was launched on 15 March 2011 via a Facebook group entitled "the Syrian revolution against Bashar al-Assad in 2011" which demanded an end to corruption, humiliation, and poverty.

Residents say the victims were shot dead in an attack on the city’s Omari mosque in the early hours of the morning, where protesters had gathered.

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Pro-Gaddafi protesters chant slogans as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

22-03-2011 22:44

Pro-Gaddafi protesters chant slogans and hold up signs as they protest against the international intervention in the war in Libya, as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon arrives to meet Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo March 21, 2011.

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Glasgow Uni Occupation Violently Evicted by Cops

22-03-2011 15:22

The 49 day long occupation of The Hetherington Building at Glasgow University has today been violent evicted by the cops. In response, occupiers, students and supporters have occupied the Senate Floor of Glasgow University.

Over the last month The Hetherington Building has been the site of Free Space offering workshops and other useful social activities.

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Petition: SAY NO to the UK's Largest Eviction of Travellers

22-03-2011 14:41

A decision was taken by Basildon Council last week in favour of issuing the 28 day notice period for the eviction of resident's at Dale Farm (although there are still negotiations taking place). This is despite widespread concerns from the UN, the Children's Commissioner and a recent visit to the site from the Council of Europe. If this goes ahead it will represent the largest ever eviction of Travellers in the UK, with over 150 children affected.

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Full Unemployment Cinema, 27th March 2011 London

22-03-2011 11:36

Full Unemployment Cinema presents 'Evening' Land by Peter Watkins

Sunday 27th March 2011, 6pm
at Colorama
52-56 Lancaster Street,
London SE1

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Will Sukey Keep Us Safe? … Leaked Minutes Reveal Cosy Chats With Met

22-03-2011 10:09

On the face of it, Sukey (1), the mobile phone application launched to much fanfare in the mainstream press, seems like a good idea. Sukey is designed as a: “a multi-platform news, communications and logistical support system designed to ensure safety for protesters during demonstrations”.

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US, France and Britain launch war of aggression against Libya

21-03-2011 23:40

The United States, France and Britain began air strikes and missile attacks on Libyan targets Saturday, initiating a war of aggression that threatens to destabilize North Africa and the entire Middle East. The first two days of bombing have already claimed many lives among the Libyan population that the imperialist powers falsely claim to be protecting.

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Outlawed, taking a picture!

21-03-2011 20:29

Sec. 9.1(a)(2) makes it a crime to “Possess or distribute a record which produces an image or sound occurring at the animal facility” which was taken without permission of the owner.

Sec. 14.1.b makes it a crime to “Possess or distribute a record which produces an image or sound occurring at the crop operation which was” taken without permission of the owner. -from Iowa House Bill HF589, passed March 17, 2011

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Disarm the Census

21-03-2011 16:22

A report on London CAAT's protest about Lockheed Martin's role in the UK census

As part of Count Me Out's weekend of action against Lockheed Martin's deplorable involvement in the census, Saturday saw London CAAT members carry out a protest at Victoria station.

The protesters engaged with the public for nigh-on two hours and found a lot of sympathy for our cause (one passerby even said we were saving the world but I wouldn't go that far!). We handed out 400 leaflets as well as a number of stock letters that people could send to their MPs. The Guantanamo Bay-style costume attracted a lot of attention (Lockheed contracts out interrogation at Guantanamo Bay) and enabled us to inform the public why we were there.

£150m of taxpayers money has been given to the biggest arms company in the world (according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's latest list of top arms-producing companies) to help run the census. Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for Britain's Trident nuclear weapons and also produces Joint Strike Fighters and F-16 fighters.

Another issue stems from the fact that they are an American company - under the US Patriot Act any personal data held by companies with systems in the US has to be made available to government intelligence, thus meaning our details could end up in the hands of the US government. Finally, our government does not have a good record of storing data securely.

For more information, visit the Count Me Out website at Here you can find a number of actions you can take regarding the census, from boycotting it entirely to spoiling your census paper as well as writing protest letters to your MP and the Office of National Statistics.

Also, the Peace News log has a piece on how to fill in your census form without Lockheed Martin profiting - And finally Indymedia has a supplementary page you can enclose with your form -


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In London On 26/03? Remember Ed Woollard!

21-03-2011 13:02

Don't forget the victims of politicised sentencing.

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#541 - Outing Prison 1 (Mass Incarceration Is The New Jim Crow)

21-03-2011 12:55

This week we hear author Sasha Abramsky and professors Viviane Saleh-Hanna and Michelle Alexander on the US incarceration industry, or as they call it, the "Prison Industrial Complex". How can a country which used to style itself the "land of the free" lock up far more of its own population than any other country? Why has the US prison population exploded? And what is the connection with racial segregation and Jim Crow?

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Vigil in Wrexham for Bradley Manning, for Japan, Iraq and Libya

21-03-2011 12:37

free bradley manning
Ten people held a vigil in Queens Square Wrexham yesterday, Sunday 20 March, observing 20 minutes of silence before being joined by other supporters and passers by over the following hour.

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Attending the Ian Tomlinson Inquest: Information for the public

21-03-2011 12:30

The inquest into the death of Ian Tomlinson, who died during the G20 protests in 2009, will commence on Monday 28 March 2011 and is expected to last for of 5-6 weeks.

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Census by Arms Manufacturer Lockheed Martin

21-03-2011 10:07

In case you're not aware, the upcoming UK census is being run by a big US arms and surveillance company, Lockheed Martin.
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