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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Benefit gig for Anti Fascist Prisoners. Sunday July 24th

24-07-2011 08:37

Awesome mixture of music and comedy. ​ex.php?page=music

Sh!t Theatre
Yes they are back with songs and projections.
 http://shittheatre.blogspo ​

Steve White
The folk singing Firefighter playing solo ​lstevewhite

+ more acts TBA


Sunday 24 July 8-11pm
The Grosvenor
Sidney road
SE11 5DA

Benefit for anti fascist prisoners.

We will be finishing the music at 11 for the benefit of those who are working the next day. The pub will be open till late for those who are not.

Attached is an an e-flyer for the gig. Please spread around the net like a virulent plague.

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Calais: "Welcome to Fortress Europe" action at City Europe

23-07-2011 18:38

No Borders activists stage a mock FORTRESS EUROPE CONTROL ZONE outside City Europe mall opposite Coquelles detention centre in Calais.

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Resist ethnic cleansing at Dale Farm

22-07-2011 13:55

Resist ethnic cleansing in the UK, fight the eviction of Dale Farm!

First they came for...

From the clearances of Roma camps in Italy and France, to the neo-fascist murders of Roma in Hungary, Romania and the Czech republic, recent events in Europe are becoming increasingly disturbing. Now the UK Government is engaged in the ethnic cleansing of Dale Farm, the largest Traveller community in the country.

On 4th July the residents were told that have until Midnight on August 31st to abandon their homes or face having their community bulldozed. This despite the fact that the families own the land on which they are living and have been offered no viable alternative housing. In the event of an eviction some 90 families will be made homeless, including many elderly, sick, and very young residents.

An astonishing £18M has been allocated for the eviction, being led by Constant and Co, a company notorious for their involvement in brutal evictions of Traveller sites. This eviction is racially motivated. It amounts to ethnic cleansing. It must be resisted.

Camp Constant, a mass gathering of national and international supporters of the Dale Farm community will begin Saturday, August 27th. We want to send the invitation far and wide for people to come and help the community resist the eviction, many of whom are determined to fight to the end. Different people will take different types of action, but we will take the lead from the community in what forms of resistance we use. Remembering the centuries of persecution Travellers and Roma have faced from the settled community since the 1500s, it's crucial we all act with real sensitivity.

After the August 31st, an eviction could happen at any time, and we might not know when. We'll need people to be on standby to come up to Dale Farm in the event of an eviction. See: for details. We also need people to spend the night at Dale Farm to provide around the clock support. We are looking for groups and individuals to pledge to stay overnight at

Dale Farm is within easy reach from London Liverpool St. Station. See for directions and contact details

Please spread this message to your contacts and networks. Resist ethnic cleansing, fight the racist eviction of Dale Farm!


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JSTOR documents released in act of solidarity with Aaron Swartz

21-07-2011 20:41

This essay originally appeared at The Pirate Bay as the description for the torrent of documents. You can see this message and the torrent here:

See also Defend Internet Activist Aaron Swartz

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Is America Fascist?

21-07-2011 19:08

Before we can determine if America has succumbed to fascism, we first must have a good definition and understanding of what fascism really is.

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Italy: NO TAV / Genoa / Naples / Other News

21-07-2011 14:10

Update on the last few weeks in Italy: NO TAV movement, Genoa 10 years after the G8, labour struggles in Naples, and more.

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Agents Provocateurs

21-07-2011 09:12

The insurmountable problem for those who categorise any accusation of the state acting deliberately wrongly as a “conspiracy theory”, is truth. There is, beyond any doubt, a police operation to infiltrate left wing groups in the UK with spies.

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Direct action @ Kensington & Chelsea Council’s Cabinet Meeting

20-07-2011 20:02

The Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8 7NX

at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 July 2011

The Supreme Court has ruled in support of Kensington and Chelsea council’s withdrawal of overnight care to Elaine McDonald to save money.

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Court Judgement: Mark Kennedy acted as an agent provocateur

20-07-2011 13:32

No doubt the defendants will be posting on their site about the court of appeal decision and also Tweeting about it, but in the meantime following are extracts from a Guardian article.

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Why did police declare death of News of the World whistleblower “not suspicious?”

20-07-2011 09:42

When the former News of the World reporter Sean Hoare was found dead Monday at his home in Watford, north of London, the immediate response of the Hertfordshire police was to issue a public statement declaring his death to be “unexplained but not thought to be suspicious.”

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Cairn obtains legal interdict: ‘Twitter ban’ and 'gagging order' for Greenpeace

20-07-2011 00:04

In its latest move to cover up the truth about its Arctic drilling, Cairn Energy has obtained an extraordinary, wide-ranging legal interdict (injunction) against us, gagging us from posting Tweets and Facebook updates containing photos of yesterday's occupation of their Edinburgh headquarters.

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Defend Internet Activist Aaron Swartz

19-07-2011 22:44

Aaron Swartz, who has been a life long progressive and highly ethical, internet activist, who founded Demand Progress, has been charged in the US for downloading academic documents and potentially faces up to 35 years in prison and a $1 million fine. A political campaign to support Aaron Swartz has been launched and he deserves the widest support — the charges, threatened sentence and fine are truly outrageous.

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Activist Legal App now available

19-07-2011 18:47

Animal Rights UK would like to introduce our legal App for Android devices.

We hope this App helps Activists across all movements keep in action and out of police stations

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Charlie Gilmore's sentance and the corrupt establishment

19-07-2011 18:11

The imprisonment of Charlie Gilmore and other students is an example of what a spiteful, vindictive and politically corrupt little nation the UK has become.

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Solidarity with Charlie Gilmour

19-07-2011 14:48

Predictably there has been a lot of interest and comment on the sentencing of Charlie Gilmour to sixteen months for two counts of violent disorder. It has been both suggested this was lenient because he’ll only do eight months or less on a tag, and that it was a harsher sentence because of his parent’s notoriety.

Neither of these sentiments are accurate. It is a harsh, unjustified sentence – certainly far longer than those involved in drunken violence on a Saturday night receive. And those who think it’s not long should fuck off and spend a week in prison before making such facile statements.

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Good News! CPS Drop 109 Fortnum & Mason protest cases

18-07-2011 21:39

Today the CPS have announced that they will be dropping 109 cases of the 145 arrested at Fortnum & Masons during anti-cuts demonstrations on March 26th. There remains 30 people who the CPS still plan on prosecuting, 13 of which have a trial set for November.

But questions remain as to why the decision was taken to arrest 145 people staging a sit-down protest against tax dodgers and why they continue to prosecute 30 individuals with the same charges as the 109 dropped today.

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a unique opportunity for filmakers.....don't miss it

18-07-2011 15:11

genocide in west papua has escaped the world's together with us to rise awareness to the world.....we have a lot of footage shot that needs to be made into a film

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Action Alert! Stop the prosecution of Sheila Farmer. Safety must be the priority

18-07-2011 14:08

Sheila Farmer is being put on trial for brothel-keeping on Monday 5 September at Croydon Crown Court. Please can you urgently write to stop the prosecution
to the addresses below.

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