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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Sea Island G8 arrestees still in custody! How we can help them.

13-06-2004 08:11

Demonstrators break off the March For Palestine and head for Sea Island
On Thursday June 10th 15 people were arrested in Brunswick (GA) after refusing to disperse. The majority of them has not yet been released and they are not receiving medical attention despite injuries due to prolonged sun exposure and other lesions. Others were later arrested at a jail-solidarity demonstration outside the Glynn County detention center on Friday and charged with criminal trespassing.

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Ronald Reagan "Gallant Leader" or "Reckless,Murdering Scum-Bag"???

12-06-2004 17:52

Ronald Reagan "Gallant Leader" or "Reckless,Murdering Scum-Bag"???

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Bio-Chip Implants

12-06-2004 16:26

A few months ago I posted the article below. It received a mixed reception but some commeted that the idea was the creation of a paranoid conspiracy theorist's mind.

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Our Islamic Fifth Column

11-06-2004 09:56

Most recently, in response to a column I write for an Indian paper, in which I confessed to having met a few terrorists in my time and attempted to analyze their limited grasp of the world, I received a lot of hate mail.

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"Have your say" at the Beeb...

10-06-2004 23:27

Falluja child corpse
"Have your say" at the BBC, but will this organ of the "Government talking on its feet" (to quote Pilger) dare to publish it ?
"USUK cannot export democracy at the end of so many DU tipped missiles mainly because they do not have it at home. The illegal USUK attack was against the wishes of the majority of the USUK natives...."

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Abu Ghraib: The Charade

10-06-2004 16:11

In this article, Palestinian activist Amer Jubran examines the factors behind the decision of the U.S. Government and the corporate media to admit that Americans have been torturing Iraqis. Responses to Mr. Jubran can also be sent to

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Solidarity for Jeff "Free" Luers in Edinburgh, June 15th

10-06-2004 13:59

As part of the June 12th international solidarity day for political prisoner Jeff "Free" Luers, we in the Bilston Glen Collective are organizing a solidarity action outside of the US Consulate in Edinburgh, 3 Regent Terrace, June 15th, 4pm. Bring a drum and a mask... Afterwards we're showing a film about Jeff called "Green with a vengeance", 8pm (same day) at the Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Place.

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Follow up protests on Critical Art Ensemble Arrest

10-06-2004 11:03


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Scots police in Savannah to study G8 security

10-06-2004 09:43

Good report from The Herald

Scots police travel to America to study G8 security
LUCY ADAMS, Home Affairs Correspondent
June 09 2004

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Orissa: Tribal Protest Against Displacement Faces Arrests and Intimidation

09-06-2004 09:34

Tribal villagers in the State of Orissa, India, are fighting displacement from their villages and agricultural land. Their campaign has faced arrests, physical attacks and intimidation, and the authorities have refused to listen to their concerns. The State government has given the go-ahead for Sterlite, a mining company with links to UK business.

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'Refugees and Us: No One is illegal' two days of events

08-06-2004 21:07

Two days of actions and events in solidarity with refugees

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G8 Resistance Report - The Past, Present, and Future...

08-06-2004 14:53

G8 Resistance: Past, Present, and Future...

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Upcoming Day of Action against Caterpillar (25th June)

08-06-2004 14:32

Friday the 25th of June will see what should be the first of many days of action against Caterpillar, or as they have affectionately come to be known, Caterkiller. The action will be focussed in the West Midlands area where Caterpillar has a number of plants. Caterpillar has been targeted for supplying of D9 military bulldozers to Israel, despite knowing that they are used to murder civilians (including peace activist Rachael Corrie and countless Palestinians) and to demolish thousands of civilian homes in illegal acts of collective punishment.

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On Terrorism and the State

08-06-2004 13:10

25 years after its publication, Gianfranco Sanguinetti's "On Terrorism and the State" is finally available on-line

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Mobile CCTV in Cambridge

08-06-2004 11:39

The attentive Cambridge residant might notice the new devices on Mill Road lamposts. They are a new generation of mobile CCTV cameras, that promise to solve all your problems. But you you know all the details behind the scheme?

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Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death in Libya

08-06-2004 10:37

In Libya, several Bulgarian nurses face the death penalty being accused of deliberately spreading the HIV virus in a hospital. I received this desperate email appeal from my Bulgarian friend in Cambridge.

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Queeruption 6 against fascism

07-06-2004 19:27

Nearly 300 anti-facist protestors where arrested on Saturday in The Hauge. for "illegal protest" against a nazi parade. Amongst them was a contingent of around 70 international queer activists visiting for the Queeruption 6 gathering, which was taking place in Amsterdam. Here is part of the story.

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07-06-2004 18:38

Mordechai Vanunu & Ken O'Keefe

Ex-US Marine/Gulf War Veteran & Founder of the Human Shield Action to Iraq Ken O’Keefe announces ‘P10K FORCE’ plan to Mobilize 10,000 International Observers from Western Nations to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) - Launching September 11, 2004.

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Apartheid Wall, Palestine: Women And Girls Lead Blocking of Bulldozers, AzZawiya

07-06-2004 15:11

An eight-year-old girl stood under the blade of a digger on Monday, as women
and children stopped the uprooting of olive trees on Az Zawiya land for
nearly one hour.

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G8 starts in the US: police and military in front of IMC

07-06-2004 14:20

police and military in front of Indymedia Centre
Military Intimidation and surveillance at St. Johns & IMC
for more information, see Atlanta Indymedia
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