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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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SATURDAY: Memorial demo for murdered 21-year-old Russian Antifascist

23-02-2012 00:22

Urgent: This Saturday 26th February, we will be laying a wreath at the International Brigades Memorial, Jubilee Gardens SE1 at 1pm to commemorate our fallen comrade. We encourage all antifascists and radicals to join us.

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Indymedia Radio Activist Shot Dead in Kenya

22-02-2012 22:18

Stephen Nyash was working with Koch FM, a station in Korogocho, a township near Nairobi.

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Trial Collapses in Farce As Judge Throws Out Case After 10 Minutes

22-02-2012 17:54

Last year three people were arrested for displaying a banner on the bridge connecting the Hyatt hotel during the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham.

One of them was then held in prison for ten days and suspended from his job for three months. Yesterday the case went to trial but was thrown out of court after only ten minutes.

The following statement is taken from the Banner Drops are not a Crime website:

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New Leeds ABC T-shirts

22-02-2012 11:48

Anarchist Black Cross T-shirt
Look good and support a good cause.

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Food is a right not a privilege – statement of solidarity

22-02-2012 00:08

The first arrest for sharing food in Orlando, Florida
Birmingham Food Not Bombs would like to issue a statement of solidarity to all groups and people around the world who have been arrested for sharing food with the hungry. There’s been a worrying trend recently in America of new laws being introduced to prevent free food being given out to the hungry which has resulted in many people being arrested and held for days in prison. There has been a call out for people around the world to consider sharing free meals in celebration of our right to food on Sunday 1st April. Food is a right not a privilege.

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When Principles of Journalism are Betrayed

21-02-2012 15:29

The articles looks at the various reports published about the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, and then tries to work out the reason behind reports which came out on the subject by anonymous officials. Taking into account that quoting un-named officials is a well known tactic often used by dictatorial regimes, the article tries to find out the reasoning behind the issue.

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Bahrain: burning a police station after killing a protester video

21-02-2012 00:18

Video says it all really. If you're gonna do it, then do it with style!

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It`s not just Greece that needs reform, it`s the whole EU.

20-02-2012 17:05

Throughout the world working people are being dumped with the debts of the corrupt politico-economic elites and greece is no exception. Only a FAIR bailout package will be accepted which requires serious reform of a rotten Greek political system. But will this imply such reform throughout the EU?

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Anti-Prison Gathering 2012

20-02-2012 16:27

This year on the 28th and 29th of April there will be an Anti-Prison gathering
in Nottingham.

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Alkhawaja: “The hungerstrike allows me to shed light on human rights violations

20-02-2012 13:38

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) has learnt that Human Rights Defender Mr.Abdulhadi Alkhawaja (51 years) is determined to continue in his hungerstrike until he secures his release. Family members have informed the BYSHR that although Mr. Alkhawaja was in high spirits, he looked thin and weak and had obvious problems concentrating.

Mr.Alkhawaja also confirmed that he had collapsed last Wednesday and was transferred to the Bahrain Defense Force Hospital after a sharp drop in his sugar and blood pressure. He was first transferred to the Jaw Prison clinic but when medics saw his condition they quickly called for an ambulance. He was semi unconscious when he was transported via an ambulance to the hospital where he suffered from muscle spasms. He received treatment but refused to end his hungerstrike.

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23 Feb: Vigil at US Embassy, London as Bradley Manning is Arraigned in US

20-02-2012 09:22

Previous rally at US Embassy, 17 Dec 2011

Thursday 23 February, 5pm - 6pm.

Stand in solidarity with Bradley Manning in London as he is arraigned for Court Martial in the US. The Vigil will take place at the hour the arraignment is starting at Fort Meade, Maryland.

Meet in front of the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Nearest tube: Bond Street.

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Down Your Limbs from Indymedia Athens!

20-02-2012 00:32

Since the generalized attack on an entire society in terms of labour, social and political rights has been answered massively last Sunday, 12/2, with the concentration of hundreds of thousands of protesters across Greece, the Power plays its last card, that of intensification of repression, to recoup the social rage.

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Burlsem trotters have nothing better to do

19-02-2012 22:47

I write on behalf of myself and all others in this country and around the world who suffer harrasment for their political beliefs.

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Human Rights Films Festival - Oxford Brookes

19-02-2012 21:44

Full schedule
Welcome to the annual Oxford Brookes University Human Rights Film Festival.

This year is our 10th anniversary and to celebrate we are showing 10 films over 5 days. Each focusing on a different region: Africa, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Brought to Justice? Rendition, torture, indefinite detention and death by drones

19-02-2012 15:49


Audio excerpted from a 2.5 hour Free Speech Radio fundraising special on KFPA. If you can spare a dime to help keep this invaluable resource going, please visit their site for details of how to donate.

Contributors included Andy Worthington who spoke about how courts in DC have watered down the Habeus Corpus rights which the Supreme Court said detainees were entitled to. As a result the only detainees to leave Gitmo in the last 13 months have been in coffins, despite the fact that over half the detained have been cleared for release. Special mention of Shaker Amer, the last British resident still being helf.

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Ongoing solidarity with the NO TAV arrestees (Italy)

19-02-2012 15:47

Update on NO TAV arrestees, solidarity initiatives and ways to support them - includes updated address list of people still in prison

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If not the governments, people around the world do speak: protect Khader Adnan

19-02-2012 03:28

I have heard of Israel’s “men of peace” and “democracy” from the news since I was a child. I, however, have never felt or seen anything that could relate to such false, and indeed, useless allegations. As I write this, Gaza drowns in darkness. I write as a frenzied power generator roars upstairs causing not only an irritating noise but further damage to the environment too.

One cannot but fear death. On his sixty fourth day of going on a hunger strike, Khader Adnan insists to look death in the eye and refuses to submit to an Apartheid regime that continues to find interest in upholding laws that blatantly contradict the internationally recognized humanitarian law.

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Indignation for Pinheirinho

19-02-2012 03:16

Pedro Rios handcuffed and on hunger strike
30 January 2012 (Brazil-Rio de Janeiro) Pedro Rios Leão´s Hunger strike

Translated from the original Portuguese by Kevin Lynch

— There is a brilliant commentary from Paulo Halm (brazilian movie maker) below. Because, if it was Yoani Sánchez handcuffed to a post in Havana and on hunger strike in front of the ´Palace of the Revolution´ asking from the world justice and democracy, Globo (and all of the mainstream press), in the face of any embargo, would send a correspondent to Cuba sending live feeds from the locale or going even further still without and loosing the realism, would make, let us see... a reality TV show! But no, my friends, Pedro is only a Brazilian asking for justice and democracy in the most democratic country in South America, the location of Rio +20, the Olympic Games as well as being the 5th largest economy in the world.

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Calais solidarity demo with people in detention & London No Border carnival

18-02-2012 21:06

Today cross border demonstrations are held in France and UK in solidarity with migrants and refugees persecuted by the immigration, detention and deportation regimes across Europe.
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