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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Bedroom Tax campaign meeting in Irvine

20-03-2013 21:24

Meeting in Fullarton Community Centre
The Scottish Socialist Party continued their campaign against the bedroom tax with their recent meeting in Irvine. Local residents came out on a bitterly cold night to hear what they could do about the issue that is getting everyone talking. The so called bedroom tax is now being compared to the Poll Tax of the Thatcherite era.

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Internal deportation in Tower Hamlets

16-03-2013 12:47

Tower Hamlets Council is ranked at the top of the deprivation league. Whoever is counting, the position hardly changes. The borough is deprived. Most people in it are in low income. So why is the Council's own "newspaper" not reporting this?

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Ugandan asylum seeker & Movement for Justice activist killed by Reliance thugs

14-03-2013 23:38

Jackie Nanyonjo died in Uganda last Friday as a result of the injuries inflicted by the Home Office’s licenced thugs who deported her from Britain on 10th January.

What followed is a Movement for Justice statement released ahead of their demo today following Jackie's death.

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State Violence Against Women: Soni Sori and other cases from India.

14-03-2013 14:29

Public Meeting to highlight cases of state repression on women, many of whom are human right defenders, many belong to minority sections of society. These incidences point at the increasing patterns in which business and politics intersect to curtain critical voices against state-corporate nexus.

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Emergency Protest At Current Hunger Strike At Guantanamo Bay

13-03-2013 09:03

Almost all of the 166 prisoners at Guantánamo Bay have been on hunger strike since early February. This protest which has led to force feeding against the human rights of prisoners and some prisoners losing over 15kg in weight was prompted by the confiscation of personal items from cells and the desecration of copies of the Koran. The situation is desperate, according to their lawyers, yet there has been no mainstream media coverage and little outcry from the international human rights NGO community. Come and join our protest on Sunday.

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Amnesty International Launches Online Campaign for the Angola 3's Albert Woodfox

12-03-2013 19:10

Today Amnesty International launched an online campaign asking Louisiana Attorney General James Caldwell to not appeal the District Court's ruling to either release or retry Albert Woodfox, declaring: "After decades of injustice, let the Angola 3 ruling stand!" Please support Albert by taking action, and helping to spread the word. Now is a critical time in the fight for Albert's freedom. We want Caldwell's office to be inundated with emails so he hears it loud and clear that the cycle of injustice and cruelty must end.

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Native squatter refuses to cooperate in court after mansion eviction

11-03-2013 22:57

Abka Re Bey (aka Tabith Gentry) was arrested early Friday morning (8th March) outside of 600 S. Shady Grove Road in East Memphis, an empty mansion worth more than $3 million that sits on nearly four acres, that she and her family had squatted. She faces charges of aggravated burglary, criminal trespass and theft of property $6,000 or more and was in court Monday morning. Her bond was set at $2 million.

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Activist risks jail,pledges not to answer questions if stopped under Terror laws

11-03-2013 12:46

Tom Woodhead, who is currently being held by Israeli immigration authorities has pledged not to answer questions if British authorities attempt to misuse the Terrorism Act 2000 when he is deported to the UK.

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Orwellian Secret Courts in the UK: Britain on the Brink of Tyranny

11-03-2013 12:13

Judicial trials to be held in secret
By Global Research News

Global Research, March 10, 2013

Law and Justice, Police State & Civil Rights 114 64 7

Britain is on the brink of tyranny.

The Justice and Security Bill, if it becomes law, will enable judicial trials to be held in secret, and it will even be illegal to tell anyone about them. The bill has now gone through all stages in the House of Commons, and will now go to the House of Lords for consideration. In other words, it’s nearly there (

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Alfie Meadows - Unanimous Not-guilty Verdict !!

08-03-2013 18:07

A young student who the Metropolitan Police beat nearly to death at a university fees demonstration has been cleared of violent disorder. After the police nearly killed him, the cops then accused Alfie Meadows of having committed serious criminal offences during the 9 Dec 2010 demo in London, which took place to protest against plans to treble tuition fees, but a jury took less than five hours to return a unanimous not-guilty verdict at Woolwich Crown Court today.

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Philippine Gov’t lacks political will to go after the Marcoses

07-03-2013 12:28

One can understand Andres Bautista’s deep frustration in wanting to abolish the Presidential Commission on Good Government, which he has headed since October 2010, although — or because — it has failed to accomplish its two-pronged mandate, 27 years after President Cory Aquino created the PCGG through Executive Order No. 1.

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[Video] Anarchist intervention at the speech of the Mayor of Athens at the LSE

06-03-2013 02:12

Anarchist intervention at the speech of the Mayor of Athens at the LSE

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Greek Solidarity Night & Belarus ABC Infotalk this week

05-03-2013 18:18

Belarus ABC Infotalk @ Eileen House
Events at Eileen House, 80-94 Newington Causeway, Elephant & Castle, SE1 6EF. Or if we are evicted, then Library St Community Centre, 44-50 Lancaster Street (5 minutes away). Check Twitter for latest updates:

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EDL Numpties Achieve Nothing In Manchester - #edl #nwi @slatedl @misslbuttercup

02-03-2013 17:06

The EDL got absolutely nothing from today's visit to Manchester, leaving its braindead devotees so absolutely bored shitless, afterwards came a mad dash to jump naked into the canal at Canal Street (possibly wandering where the EDL's Gay Division had vanised to). After the usual run-of-the-mill speeches, anti-fascists will be pleased to know nothing has changed, Tommy, Kev and Hel still in-charge of the EDL, and not the French Revolution-like leadership change that many members had prayed incessantly to Nutzi Norse God "Odin" for.

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EDL Support Hardcore Anti-Semites in Manchester This Saturday #edl #nwi @slatedl

27-02-2013 23:15

Since their inception in 2008, the EDL have repeated in parrot fashion the mantra that they are peacefully opposing Islamic extremism by taking to the streets. Formed after poppies were burnt in Luton, this far right group argued every day for a considerable time that they were not racist. Furthermore, setting up supposed Gay and Jewish Divisions, they appeared on radio, TV and the newspapers telling the world that they hated antisemitism and homophobia, and yet, few people believed them.

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‘Transatlantic Partnership’ seeks to duplicate secret Trans-Pacific Partnership

27-02-2013 20:53

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, an 11-country trade negotiation intended to go well beyond NAFTA, appears to the be model for proposed United States–European Union trade agreement.

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EDL Leadership Are Attending Manchester #edl @slatedl #NWI @misslbuttercup

26-02-2013 17:54

From a fresh tweet taken in the last hour, the EDL leadership are "wetting their pants" absolutely looking forward to visiting Manchester, which proves the "Uniting The Right" rubbish was a trap laid on by KKKev Carroll to get the rebels all back to pay subserviant lipservice to Tommy's deputies - the infamous "and universally loved" Hel Gower and Kevin Carroll, lol! All of those idiots such as the NWI, who seriously believe the terrible twosome, with their "muggy mushrooms" talk are not welcome in the North - think again. You idiots are being used to cement Kev and Hel's popularity.

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Anti-fascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman Ends Hungerstrike But Still Needs Support

26-02-2013 17:10

Australian Anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman, serving 20 years in Sofia/Bulgaria for defending two Roma boys from a racist mob, was on hunger strike from the 13th January 2013. The Director of the Central Sofia Prison had ordered another punishment measure because of Jock´s activist work as chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoner´s Association. Due to this punishment Jock is now not allowed to finish his studies which is very important to him.

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Open Shuhada Street Action

25-02-2013 16:57

On Saturday, 23 February activists in London staged a multiple boycott action and protest at the Israeli Embassy, in support of the Palestinians in Al-Khalil.

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Tell @edfenergy to drop legal action against No Dash for Gas

24-02-2013 19:43

Petition to tell EDF not to persecute peaceful campaigners in the courts. EDF are trying to sue campaigners for £5 million.
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