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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Sheffield Celebration of Mubarak's Resignation in #Egypt

11-02-2011 22:35

Protestors gathered in Sheffield on 11th February 2011, the evening of the 18th day of the revolution in Egypt, after hearing that Mubarak had resigned and had handed control of the state to the military.

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The Real Facts Regarding Mark Kennedy’s Infiltration of Saving Iceland

11-02-2011 17:14

Traitors Iceland safari - M. Kennedy in Iceland in 2005
Kennedy had no role in the birth of Icelandic environmentalism

Kennedy did not provide training to Icelandic protesters and did not play an important role in actions

Kennedy was never a key decision-maker in Saving Iceland

Kennedy did act as an agent-provocateur

Illegal Icelandic collaboration with British services?

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Egypt - a military coup

11-02-2011 17:04

President Mubarak has stood down, and handed power over to the military. In his own words, "may god help everybody".

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Soli attack in Bristol out skirts - the fire is spreading.

11-02-2011 14:51

We have come to terms with the extent of the damage done to our individual lives, our planet, what could laughably be called the remains of some *community* (now a politicians' poisoned term - we see nothing reflective of what community means to us in this society) by the ravaging of capitalism, the State, social hierarchies of race and gender and our own seeming inability to confront and systematically destroy these entites as they suffocate us. This realisation can too often lead to paralysis or chasing one's own tails in a frenzy of self-righteous *activism* that leaves participants exhausted, the quality of their struggle cheapened, and our enemies unfazed. We have assessed the terrain in which we find ourselves and pledged a trajectory of wild rage despite the spell of tranquility that society attempts to cast, living passion and experimentation despite the inertia and obsession with dead objects this society fetishizes, and real affinity despite the empty shell of social networks and meaningless interaction we are sold as leisure or *community*. Many tools are ours in this lived resistance - but none of these find any context when not held up against a relentless and determined assault on the open prison that unfolds everywhere our enemies tread.

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Bosses try to kill off workers’ rights

11-02-2011 11:25

Business leaders are risking workers’ lives and eroding employment rights by pushing the government to slash workplace regulations.

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Protest In Solidarity With The Students of Iran on 11 February

11-02-2011 06:54

The University of Strategic Optinism is organising a protest against the Iranian regime and in support of democracy in the country on 11 February.

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Corporate complicity in Egyptian regime's crimes

10-02-2011 19:38

CSI tear gas canister used in Egypt
When the ongoing Egyptian revolution started on 25th January, a high-profile Egyptian military delegation was in the US requesting 'help' with technology to fight the 'enemies'. It turns out that a US company, with Israeli origins, had already sold Egypt new technology to monitor Internet and mobile phone traffic to crack down on protesters' communications, possibly leading to the arrest and abuse of many. Meanwhile, US-made tear gas and other anti-riot weapons were ruthlessly used against protesters in the first few days of the mass protests, resulting in many injuries and deaths. Should the multinational corporations profiting from these crimes be held responsible? Corporate Watch investigates.

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Museveni must go!

10-02-2011 19:16

The momentum for change in North Africa must extend to sub-Saharan Africa.

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Solidarity protest with striking Puerto Rico university professors

10-02-2011 07:14

The Puerto Rican Association of University Professors is staging a 24-hour strike in support of students who have clashed with police during protests over a new fee.

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Mark Kenney: A detailed chronology of his activities

10-02-2011 07:00

A detailed overview of Mark Kennedy's actions between 2002-2010, in different countries. It will no doubt generate more information, so please comment or email the address included.

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'Index on Censorship' and Wikileaks

09-02-2011 14:52

Index on Censorship is troubled by the uncomfortably close relationship between one of Wikileak's paid correspondents and the dictatorial regime of Belarus, where the cables are likely to be used to persecute political opponents of President-for-Life Lukashenko, who recently "won" a discredited reelection bid by the simple strategy of imprisoning all opposition candidates.

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Shocking exposure of Israel's repeated violations of international law

09-02-2011 14:24

Palestine Section report to UN exposes Israel's systematic pattern of torture and ill treatment of children

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Photo Blog from Tahrir Square: 08/02/2011

09-02-2011 08:58

Tahrir Square - 08/02/201Tuesday

Tuesday the 8th saw the biggest demonstration since last Friday in Tahrir Square. Coming one week after the ‘March of a Million’ (when there was a callout for one million to participate in the protest) some people sleeping in the square had felt a bit nervous the night before. Although the big march on 1st February was calm, the day after saw the bloodiest day yet, with the demonstators being violently attacked by pro-Mubarak forces. Yesterday proved that whatever the regime comes up with, the peoples' determination to gain their freedom will not bow under the pressure. The Tahrir protestors are not going anywhere.

The next big day will be this Friday.

View short video here

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“I was born when I came to Tahrir Square”: Interview with a volunteer doctor

09-02-2011 08:18

Mosque converted into medical clinic in Tahrir Square

The most striking thing about Egypt’s ongoing revolution is the ecstatic expressions on the faces of the the people who are creating it. Everything that happens on Tahrir is the result of real self organisation. “There are no political parties present here, just people”, one man tells us , “we are doing everything for ourselves because we want to create something for the people”. The sense of empowerment this gives is nowhere more evident than in the busy medical centre located just outside the square. Normally a Mosque, the building is now buzzing with doctors and nurses who treat patients around the clock. At prayer time the building still fills up with worshippers who pray there, but once they are finished the work continues. All the medics are volunteers, many of whom have made significant sacrifices in order to be there. Being a doctor is one of the best paid professions in Egypt, but the three doctors on call did not hesitate to leave their jobs so that they could come here and treat the wounded.

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Demonstration at Magles Al Shaab – 08/02/2011

09-02-2011 05:24

Anti-Mubarak protester leading chants outside Magles Al Shaab

“First Obama said Mubarak had to go straight away. Then Mubarak, cleverly, said that if he stood down the Muslim Brotherhood would gain power… Now Obama says that Mubarak must remain in power to keep ‘stability’, and Cameron follows him”
Middle aged anti-Mubarak demonstrator

“In the square there are a million people, and a million leaders, everyone has a voice”
Tahrir Square occupier

As hundreds of thousands of people demonstated in Tahrir Square a crowd gathered outside nearby Magles Al Shaab, the Egyptian parliament, standing opposite the Ministry of Health. Hundreds of people swelled to thousands as people poured in from the square. Protestors barricaded the road and set up a volunteer checkpoint to protect the demonstration against attack. The army stood and watched as people vented their anger, an act that would have been unthinkable before the revolution began sixteen days ago.

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Bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria

08-02-2011 23:46

Despot Mubarak in die BRD ?
Ex-minister suspected behind Alex church bombing ...... Egypt`s general prosecutor on Monday opened probe on former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly`s reported role in the New Year`s Eve bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria in which 24 people were killed, an Egyptian lawyer told Al Arabiya. Laywer Ramzi Mamdouh said he had presented a proclamation to Egyptian prosecutor Abd al-Majid Mahmud to investigate news media reports suggesting that the former interior ministry had masterminded the deadly church attack with the intent to blame it on Islamists, escalate government crackdown on them, and gain increased western support for the regime.

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Protests spread to occupied Cyprus...

08-02-2011 19:23

Turkish Cypriot resistance to the occupation of Cyprus by Turkey continues to be completely ignored by the British media intent on perpetuating the myth that the Cyprus problem is one of Turks vs Greeks instead of one between imperialism and liberation... This week up to half the popultion of the north took to the streets... As Ergodan said: "Who do they think they are... I have strategic interests!"

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Suleiman: The CIA's man in Cairo

08-02-2011 13:42

In October 2001, Habib was seized from a bus by Pakistani security forces. While detained in Pakistan, at the behest of American agents, he was suspended from a hook and electrocuted repeatedly. He was then turned over to the CIA, and in the process of transporting him to Egypt he endured the usual treatment: his clothes were cut off, a suppository was stuffed in his anus, he was put into a diaper - and 'wrapped up like a spring roll. At one point, his interrogator slapped him so hard that his blindfold was dislodged, revealing the identity of his tormentor: Suleiman

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Early release for Trident Ploughshares prisoner Georgina

08-02-2011 12:50

Eight-one year old Georgina Smith was released yesterday (7 Feb) from Cornton Vale women’s prison ten days early, after an anonymous benefactor paid the compensation order she had refused to pay.

Earlier report:

Senior woman anti-nuke campaigner jailed for 45 days in Scotland

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"We will rip freedom from the throat of Mubarak"

08-02-2011 11:42

Remembering Bilal Salem Ayesh Mahmud - Martyred in Rafah

“We will rip freedom from the throat of Mubarak”
Young man, Tahrir Square, 07/02/2011

“We have seen our friends killed here in Tahrir Square. After that how can we leave now, before the revolution succeeds”
Man in his mid twenties, Tahrir Square – 07/02/2011

Mourning for the martyrs of Tahrir Square and of the Egyptian uprising continued yesterday. Banners bearing the images of the martyrs were hung in the square. One Bilal Salem Ayesh Mahmud, ten years old, was killed during the uprising in Rafah. Fourteen demonstrators have been killed in Tahrir Square, and over 300 have been martyred during the uprising.

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