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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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UK anti-protester database

26-10-2009 04:54

British police are building up a database of "domestic extremists" who turn up to protests.

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British secret service chief justifies torture

26-10-2009 00:41

With efforts by the Labour government to suppress evidence of collusion with the United States threatened with collapse, the head of Britain’s secret service, MI5, last week made a public defence of the use of torture to obtain evidence against alleged terrorists.

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!!URGENT REQUEST FOR HELP: Youth Organiser in Colombia receives Death Threat!!

25-10-2009 11:45

The International School for Bottom-Up Organizing (ISBO) received news this week that one of our comrades and youth Organisers in Colombia was sent an email death threat by an alleged paramilitary group for organinising in his local community, & involvement with our International School. We have been mobilising & sending out word far and wide this week believing that the best protection for our comrade is raising as much hell as possible!!

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24-10-2009 21:47

edl demonstration (NOT) 24th October Newport

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First Anniversary of Unjust House of Lords' Chagos decision

24-10-2009 17:41

A demonstration took place on October 22nd to draw public attention to the House of Lords revocation of the rights of the Chagos people to return home to their land from which they were unceremoniously kicked to make way for the US base of Diego Garcia.

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Spirit of Freedom Prisoner Listing Oct 2009

23-10-2009 22:48

Spirit of Freedom
(October 2009)
Produced by

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Next: A Popular Referendum for a New Honduras Constitution?

23-10-2009 18:14

"The coup was held on June 28 precisely to stop a non-binding referendum – one that asked if Hondurans wanted the right to vote for or against a new Constitution – but the regime’s own insistence on holding faux “elections” on November 29 inadvertently provides the people with the opportunity to do the very thing the coup was intended to stop: To put up ballot boxes outside of every “official” polling place and survey the people on that original question.
Now that the Honduran civil resistance and its diverse social movements are so much better organized in every town and city than ever before, the little bird asked, why not utilize the November 29 date of the regime’s sham “elections” to hold a real referendum?"

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3 arrests at Zippos circus

23-10-2009 17:06

On Thursday night there where 3 arrestsa Zippos circus in Cambridge

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Guildford Book Festival 2009

23-10-2009 16:43

Now in its 20th year, the Guildford Book Festival is a ten day event held in the autumn.

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New Deal is bad for your health

23-10-2009 15:12

Welcome to CDG detention camp
Bastards at CDG and Job centre destroyed my health!

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'Everyone To The Streets' - new Greek Uprising 2008 book out now

22-10-2009 14:20

'Everyone To The Streets: Communiques and Texts from the Streets and Occupations' - a new book produced by some people in and around 56a Infoshop about the riots and struggles in Greece last year!

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No to the BNP! No to the Racist Labour Government!

21-10-2009 22:00

The BBC has invited Nick Griffin of the British National Party on to its flagship debating show, Question Time where he will share the platform with the Labour Party representative Jack Straw and others.

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UPDATE: Terrorism Act injunction against Blacklisted worker thrown out of Court!

21-10-2009 21:24

Terrorism Act injunction application against Blacklisted Trade Unionist thrown out in the High Court

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Why prisoner support is important

20-10-2009 23:59

Government social policy - a prison society for us all
The following article has been written by Brighton ABC, with input from other ABC activists and random anarchists. It is due to be included in the copy of Freedom newspaper available at this Saturday's London Anarchist Bookfair. It reflects on the generally low-level of prisoner support & solidarity within our movement, and why we should increase it. Read it here if you miss it at the bookfair.

Brighton and Bristol ABC will have stalls at the bookfair, alongside other prisoner support and anti-prison society anarchists. Come and chat to us, or come along to one or all of the 3 meetings Brighton and Bristol are co-ordinating:
1pm (room EB2): Too many prisons, Not enough justice
2pm (Skeel lecture room): Greece - repression and resistance on the streets. Latest news & analysis.
4pm (room EB4a): Anarchists for prison abolition

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Nottingham Claimants Action website has moved

20-10-2009 21:48

Nottingham Claimants Action formerly Nottingham Campaign Against the Job Seekers Allowance "A great set of links to advice and action relating to work, unemployment and benefits" is moving.

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Confronting censorship in prison

20-10-2009 21:46

The suppression of political literature and material considered ‘subversive’ is a long-established habit on the part of prison administrations who view the spread and dissemination of radical ideas amongst prisoners as a real threat to the authority of prison staff and the system they enforce.

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Clarification: Terrorism Act 2000 being used against Blacklisted workers

20-10-2009 20:48

The main contractor at Fiddler's Ferry power station in Cheshire - Scottish & Southern Energy - is seeking an injunction under the Terrorism Act 2000 to prevent blacklisted workers from picketing the site.

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Free Film Show - 'Harlan County USA'. London Sunday 25th Oct

20-10-2009 19:36

Harlan County USA...
Full Unemployment Cinema have a film show coming up this Sunday (Oct. 25th), this months it's Harlan County USA from 1976: 'Barbara Kopple’s Academy Award–winning Harlan County USA unflinchingly documents a gruelling coal miners’ strike in a small Kentucky town

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Protest as Embodied State Practices

20-10-2009 11:54

Black bloc demonstrators draw attention to the divide between anarchic direct ac
Whilst this article focuses on US based protest, the article provides some useful discussion on the reasons that Autonomous and Black Blocs receive so much more attention from the police. For more on the Institute for Anarchist Studies, see the Last Hours interview at The image is 'borrowed' from this article 'In support of Direct Action which appears at
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