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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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latest from a neighbourhood without law

14-12-2005 15:17

Soldiers have big weapons. Human Righst Observers fight them with their cameras. Then the soldiers erase the tapes

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Palestine Solidarity Action in Diss

14-12-2005 13:11

Sharon gets it
On Saturday 10th December a small group of activists in Diss protested against the sale of Israeli goods in the towns new Tesco store.

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Defend democratic and human rights in Russia

14-12-2005 11:24

Prof Bill Bowring - founder and academic coordinator of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) at the London Metropolitan University - was detained and deported without warning or any explanation from Russia on November 15th 2005.

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14-12-2005 10:02

12 Noon Opposite Downing Street
Aegis Trust, Darfur Union - 200 Darfuri refused asylum seekers + Thousands of Brits (hopefully)

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WTO Protests in Hong Kong - Day One report

14-12-2005 04:20

Protestors gathered last night at the Wan Chai loading bay near the Sports Centre last night, police in riot gear outnumbered demonstrators almost 2-1.

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INCA center, TIMISOARA under eviction threat

13-12-2005 20:46

INCA Foundation(in Timisoara) got a place from the city for a period of 5 years to develop a community center inside a historical part of the city (part of the defense wall of the old fortress of the city). Now after 3 and a half years inspectors came keen on finding stuff that is breaking the contract so that they have a motivation to throw us in the streets. Our strong conviction is that this was a deliberate act, and inspectors which came were not interested to find solutions to fix the problems they discovered, they were not interested in finding out if there is another side of the story and so on. They were sent to find a reason to throw us out.

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People urged, don't Vote Ba'athist!

13-12-2005 18:11

Allawi - One of the 130 urged not to vote for
Electoral officials for the Iraqi elections are allowing some candidates with suspected links to Saddam's former party to stand for the new parliament.

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anti wto HK site

13-12-2005 17:01

An autonomous group of direct action activists have launched Target: WTO | Derail, Dismantle, Destroy as activists across Hong Kong, Asia, and around the world unite to destroy WTO for once and for all.

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Mass Graves from War Era Unearthed in Lebanon

13-12-2005 16:33

the site
The Lebanese authorities have discovered mass graves near the town of Anjar in the Beka'a Valley over the past week. The discovery of this site, along with another one discovered last month in the Ministry of Defence compound, have sparked a series of speculations and condemnations.

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Journalist and MP Jubran Tueni Killed in Explosion

13-12-2005 16:28

the wreckage
On Monday December 12th, an explosion took place in Mkalles Area north of Beirut, killing MP Jubran Tueni and three of his companions. As the General Manager of An-Nahar newspaper, Tueni often wrote in opposition to the Syrian's governments interference in Lebanese political affairs.

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Death of free speech in Blair's Britain

13-12-2005 16:26

Free speech has died in Tony Blair's Britain.

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artist to challenge/defy westminster protest ban

13-12-2005 14:27


This Saturday 17th an extra ordinary art performance artist Mark McGowan is to challenge the government and police�s Westminster protest ban by walking backwards inside the entire exclusion zone wearing a tee shirt saying THIS IS NOT A PROTEST, and whispering the words 'sssh this is not a protest sssh�this not a protest sssh', to passers-by.

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13-12-2005 13:53

Local press coverage
Journalists are meant to be passive observers not instigators of violence – yet tonight I was assaulted by staff from Hong Kong’s two major TV news broadcasters, ATV and TVB.

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The State of California Has Executed Tookie Williams

13-12-2005 11:36

Stanley Tookie Williams was pronounced dead at 12:35 am Pacific Time (8:35 am GMT), Tuesday, December 13, 2005.

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Gov. Schwarzenneger Refuses Clemency for Tookie Williams

12-12-2005 22:23

Earlier today, I asked the question: Will "The Terminator" Terminate Tookie?

The answer is yes, and it is another sad day for humanity ...

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Too gutless to save one of our own

12-12-2005 22:09

Only Westerner left among Guantanamo Bay's prisoners
David Hicks, apparently, is now the only Westerner left among Guantanamo Bay's prisoners. This year, after George Bush decreed a special US military commission - a system the Americans have not used since World War II - would try any of the alleged terrorists, eight countries insisted their nationals at Guantanamo Bay be sent home.

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Link between southern Christian fundamentalists/Texas oil interests/Russian mob

12-12-2005 18:51

Additional ties between southern Christian fundamentalists, Texas oil interests, and Russian-Israeli mobsters and weapons smugglers uncovered. According to informed Washington insiders, there is increasing evidence of financial links between key "Christian Right" GOP notables and an international ring of Russian-Ukrainian-Israeli mobsters.

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What if you had 16 hours, 29 minutes to live?

12-12-2005 16:20

What would you be thinking — what would you be feeling — if you had but 16 hours and 29 minutes left to live, knowing that you were not going to die of natural causes at some unspecified date and time, but knew that you were scheduled — that's right, scheduled — to die one minute after midnight, tonight, in California's San Quentin prison?

Note: This article is available with integrated web links via the blog at the following URL:

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Venezuela Film Showing tomorrow evening at the MAC (Tuesday 13th)

12-12-2005 13:24

The film 'The Revolution will not be Televised' will be showing on Tuesday at 7.00pm at the Midlands Arts Centre. It is about the failed coup in Venezuela in 2002 with apparent US support.

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Brighton police 'pleased' with EDO march

12-12-2005 12:23

Superintendent Kevin Moore and Churchill Square management are unable to justify their hysterical comments in the run up to Saturday's peaceful march through Brighton centre.
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