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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Game On? “Protest the Drone Wars” demo, 16 November, Kensington

17-11-2011 21:52

Chris Cole, Drone Wars UK
Gaming enthusiasts are often accused of having a distorted perception of reality and blurring the distinction between the virtual and the real. But what if your military day job consists of doing what seems like playing a computer game, while picking off real targets? Where bombs guided by you from a safe distance really “splat” kids on the streets of Kabul, Gaza and Mogadishu? Welcome to the very real world of drone warfare.

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13 December: Oxford Census Refuser's court hearing in Reading

17-11-2011 13:25

Deborah Glass Woodin of Oxford, green activist, mother of two and widow of Mike Woodin, is due in Reading Magistrates Court on Tuesday 13 December at 10am for refusing to complete the 2011 Census.

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Census Refuser in Court in Birmingham: 5 January

17-11-2011 08:04

Roger Grenville, 66, a former Local Government Officer and local Councillor from Leamington, Warwickshire, is being prosecuted for refusing to complete the 2011 Census on grounds of conscience because of Lockheed Martin's involvement. Solidarity and support needed at the court hearing in Birmingham on 5 January.

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Another message to the Metropolitan Police

16-11-2011 22:51

Police Inspector Blog aka Inspector Gadget
Police Inspector Blog - proof some cops are really THICK

Full article

Occupy London solidarity with Occupy Wall Street (at US Embassy)

16-11-2011 17:06

US citizens from Occupy London went along to the US Embassy yesterday to protest the eviction of Occupy Wall Street folk from Zucotti Park/Liberty Square.

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Antifascist Prisoner Thomas Blak Released - But Deported

16-11-2011 15:49

Thomas Blak is the first of the six UK antifascists to be released, but he has been deported.

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Alternative Currency: Let The Era Of Global Prosperity Commence

16-11-2011 08:51

Designed on the principle of 'Free Currencies – Free Markets – Free People – Free Planet', on 13 November 2011, the long-awaited Crom Alternative Currency System has finally been opened – in many ways a unique combination of a social network and payment system.

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Assange seeks leave to appeal to Supreme Court over extradition ruling

15-11-2011 22:34

Update 15 November 2011: Julian Assange’s team have raised the following points of law as grounds to appeal to the Supreme Court:

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Palestinian Freedom Riders

15-11-2011 13:03

Palestinian Freedom Riders
Groups of Palestinian Freedom Riders will attempt to board segregated settler buses heading to Jerusalem through the occupied West Bank this Tuesday November 15, in an act of civil disobedience that takes its inspiration from the US Civil Rights Movement Freedom Riders aim to challenge Israel’s apartheid policies, the ban on Palestinians’ access to Jerusalem, and the overall segregated reality created by a military and settler occupation that is the cornerstone of Israel’s colonial regime.

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N9 Undercover Cops - More Photos, New Faces

15-11-2011 12:27

[Removed 16 images on which Declan Hunter claims copyright, demanding $35 per image licensing fee -]

Following the photos and videos that appeared on You Tube, Indymedia and Fitwatch etc of undercover cops attacking Nov 9 students and electricians protests down in London, here's a new set;

Full article

Police use unprovoked force against peaceful Occupy London

15-11-2011 08:36

Repressive policing of Occupy London direct action at Guildhall at Lord Mayor's Banquet.

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Prosecution of F&M 145 protesters falls apart

15-11-2011 00:36

Today my trial for a two hour UKuncut sit-in at Fortnum & Mason ended far faster than anyone estimated. The trial was scheduled to end on the November 30th, however a thin prosecution case was over in just 2 and half days.

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Greece, 11.Sep.2011 Photoreporter under (state) attack, photos

14-11-2011 19:02

On September 11th 2001, whilst covering a Greek demonstration, photojournalist Yannis Behrakis experienced a live stun/flash grenade.

Police violence against against demonstrators and the general public has increased dramatically that it's hardly worth reporting.

The stun/flash grenade was launched directly at him, and follow similar attacks on other individuals.

Fortunately Behrakis was unharmed, although his clothes were burnt. Others have not been do fortunate, suffering burns, deafness and other injuries.

Photographs by Ken Cedeno

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8 December, Liverpool: Another Census Refuser's Court Hearing

14-11-2011 12:46

Lockheed Martin F-16s used by Israel to bomb Gaza
Sarah Ledsom, 56, of Bromborough, Wirral, a grandmother who suffers with a disabling chronic condition, is due to appear at the Magistrates Court in Liverpool on Thursday 8 December to answer a charge of failing to complete the 2011 Census form. Sarah's objections to completing the census relate to the contract with arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin for processing census data. Sarah refers in particular to the use by Israel of deadly Lockheed Martin weaponry on the people of Palestine.

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More photos from Friday's Census court hearing and Remembrance

13-11-2011 23:19

Some photos and a short report from Wrexham, where anti-war and anti-Lockheed Martin conscientious census objector Judith Sambrook appeared in court on 11/11/11.

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News from Calais: week of evictions, dozens out in the street again

13-11-2011 20:01

Wednesday saw the eviction of the latest Africa House, an industrial complex right next door to a previous Africa House that had been evicted and demolished in 2010.

Full article

(Italy) The militarisation of the Susa Valley: final act

12-11-2011 17:38

Berlusconi’s moribund government has finally managed to pass a decree – with the opposition’s approval – that formalises the current state of militarisation in the Susa Valley.

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N9: Pics of moment undercover cops arrest protester

11-11-2011 17:03

This is the moment several undercover police, dressed as protesters, drag a person from the crowd at the student demo on Nov 9. As is clear to see one cop is dragging the person by the throat while others hold his arms down. [All the coppers are earing blue wristabnds]. This is clearly not in any recognised legitimate police arrest manoeuvre and certainly isn’t sanctioned by the police authorities. Names of these officers as soon as possible please. Violent scum like this should not be on our streets.

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Scottish Crown Office - Unfit for purpose?

10-11-2011 23:13

Here is a summaryof the way that the Scottish "justice" system has treated Robert Green from the outset
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