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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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18-03-2007 21:15

Pamphlet by long-term prison-resister John Bowden released.

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AUSTRALIA: Photos: Noisy antiwar protest through Melbourne Streets

17-03-2007 20:42

Melbourne Noisy antiwar protest
March 20th is the 4th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. Protest around the globe will mark this weekend. In Melbourne about 500 people gathered outside the State Library on Saturday and marched through the city streets to the Headquarters of the Liberal Party.

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Interview with Nepal Communist Leader Sunday

17-03-2007 18:43

Comrade Gaurav
Comrade Gaurav of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will talk with African People's Socialist Party host Nyabinga Dzimbahwe about the revolutionary process taking place in Nepal.

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Confronting the War Machine in the Pacific Northwest

17-03-2007 14:49

On March 5th, 2007, several people were attacked and at least three arrested by police in Tacoma, WA. at a series of protests against shipments of military supplies at the city's port. The reasons for the attacks and arrests were not clear to onlookers, who told the press that the protesters were doing nothing but holding signs. In an exchange I had with Jeff Berryhill of Olympia, WA (who was arrested along with Wally Cudderford and Caitlin Esworthy), I was told that all he was doing when he was shot with a rubber bullet by the police was "holding a sign that read "Courage to" (Courage to Resist is an organization supporting military resisters.) The next thing he knew he was hit in the thigh by a police-fired projectile. All of this occurred in the predawn hours of March 5th, 2007. The reason for the unusual timing of the arrests is because even though the protest began the evening before, the actual loading of the equipment did not begin until after midnight.

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What Rachel Saw: Rachel Corrie & Palestine

16-03-2007 20:30

Like most IDF crimes, this one happened because the people involved no longer saw Corrie as a human being, but as "the other", dehumanized to the point where she could be killed with no second thoughts. (And the Plant's comments will only further demonstrate this.)

These killings only highlight the hatred that is indicative of such fundamentalist and racist ideologies such as Zionism.

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Yet more injustice: appeal courts deny Newchurch 3

16-03-2007 16:31

Jonny Ablewhite, along with John Smith and Kerry Whitburn, had their appeal today against the draconian sentence of 12 years for activities related to Newchurch guinea pig farm. They received no reduction in sentence. The prosecution were even told they didn't need to present their case. This is indicative of the corruption of the judicial system and the state's repression of animal rights activists!

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Washington exploits Guantánamo “confession” to justify its crimes

16-03-2007 09:11

The American public was inundated Thursday with non-stop coverage of the confession allegedly given by the man accused by the Bush administration of orchestrating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against New York City and Washington.

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an open letter to AIPAC - The New Pro Israel: Mutually Assured Survival

15-03-2007 21:12

We are writing to you out of our deep concern about your potential participation in a war against Iran, and to warn you about the catastrophic consequences that would result. We are Jewish professionals devoted to developing strategies for reducing tension, preventing violence, and transforming conflict. We work in the areas of political science, international relations, conflict analysis and resolution, psychology, history, Middle East studies, and other fields engaged in observation, research and practice in relevant bodies of knowledge. Many of us have family, friends, and colleagues in Israel. We are all committed to the survival and security of Israel and the elimination of anti-Semitism around the world.

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New mini cagesw for shopping centres and else where.

15-03-2007 15:42

could this be you?
'Shopping centre jails' and widespread DNA testing planned

UK Daily Mail
Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shoplifters, people whose dogs foul the pavement, litter droppers, speeding drivers and those caught not wearing a seat belt could be fingerprinted or forced to give DNA under new Home Office proposals.

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Glasgow event: Israel/Palestine - Rachel Corrie Commemoration Friday 16th March

15-03-2007 09:25

This Friday is the 4 year anniversary of Rachel Corrie's murder in Rafah, Gaza.
She was an American peace activist in Palestine. As some of you may know Rachel had a lot of friends in Glasgow. A few of her closest friends who were with her when she was tragically killed will be in attendance.

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Bloggers vs. The Lobby

14-03-2007 23:38

This article explains quite eloquently why a Zionist Plant, and member of "IMC-Watch" (amongst other Hate Sites) feels compelled to monitor the site.

The Independent Media has all but decimated the carefully-crafted media veil keeping the reality of the Zionist war to wipe Palestine off the map from the general public.

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Call out for march 15, 2007: stop the repression now! 11th International day aga

14-03-2007 21:04

For the 11th International Day Against Police Brutality (IDAPB), there will be demonstrations and other events in Montreal, Trois-Rivieres, Toronto, Belleville (Ontario), Halifax, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Whitehorse (Yukon) and in Mexico.

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Police use tazer torture on 15 year old child

14-03-2007 19:27

A 15-year-old boy has been shot with a Taser gun during a police raid in Moss side Manchester.

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Colombia, Bush visit - Soldiers against protesters

14-03-2007 15:08

Massive protests greeted Bush as he came to Bogota to support his ally Uribe

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MET police are to appeal!

14-03-2007 12:02

News just in. The Metropolitan Police are to appeal in the High Court against a court case last year in favour of Critical Mass London.

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Australians have become a victim of terrorism

13-03-2007 21:30

The John Howard government's terrorist antics have been the most dangerous acts of aggression on sovereign nations for 200 years. Why wouldn't people fear some form of retaliation or false flag terrorist act now? What you do is what you get! So why do it? Why take the risk? Then tell us about the risks because of what you do? Who should be scared? John Howard should be scared at the next election. We should be scared that he was elected last time and that the mass media power help reinforce that fear by propping up a war criminal and his governments terrorist antics.

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On the Ground, Ireland: New Cops New Violence Part Two

13-03-2007 21:21

Tuesday 13 March, the second day of new guards at the Shell Gas Terminal construction site at Bellanaboy, County Mayo, North West Ireland, again saw police violence escalate further.

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On The Ground, Ireland: New Cops, New Violence Part One

13-03-2007 20:52

Monday morning, 12 March 2007, saw the transfer of a new contingent of guards to police the Shell gas terminal refinery construction site at Bellanaboy, County Mayo, North West Ireland.

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A shameful injustice...

13-03-2007 17:31

Free the Cuban Five!
Cuba's 50-year defiance of US attempts to isolate it is an inspiration to Latin America's people...
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