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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Games without Borders

25-07-2012 10:58

Calais, Summer, games, Demonstration, Fun

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Sex, Lies and Julian Assange

24-07-2012 07:16

Investigative journos at Aussie TV programme 'Four Corners' have been looking into the detail of Julian Assange's predicament and have put together this 50 min programme. Want to inform yourself about Julian's situation? This is a good place to start.

Watch it online or read the transcript (below).

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Britain: London Olympics opening week

23-07-2012 15:31

The greatest sporting, and money-making, show on earth The 2012 Olympic Games, held in London, will start with on Friday 27 July, watched by an estimated audience of 1 billion people around the world. Beyond the sporting excellence, Manny Thain looks at the crass commercialisation and increased state repression that accompanies the ‘greatest show on earth’.

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Round up of London ABC Actions! (June & July)

21-07-2012 13:32

Belorussian Embassy
Round up of London ABC Actions! (June & July)

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Justice for Noureddin campaign continues in Düsseldorf, Germany

21-07-2012 13:26

The campaign and calls for justice, and an independent enquiry, after the death of popular refugee Noureddin Mohammed, originally from Darfur, which began outside the 'Hotel de Police' in Calais by local sans-papiers and other No Borders activists, continued yesterday after two actions in the German city of Düsseldorf during the No Borders camp in the nearby city of Köln. (This camp is also being supported by actions and a solidarity camp for a hunger-strike by refugees in the regional capital, Düsseldorf.)

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Winson Green 8 - Just a Few Points

20-07-2012 15:13

Miscarriages of JusticeUK (MOJUK) News Service

Winston Green 8 - Just a Few Points

On the Friday 1st June, Justice Flaux in the absence of the jury acquitted Everton Graham and Aaron Parkins; he thought that in both cases there was no case to answer. Crown Prosecution Service appealed to the High Court and this was heard on Tuesday 12th June the appeal was upheld. Court resumed on Wednesday 13th June, with acquitted back on the indictment; jury was not told that two of the defendants had been acquitted.

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Simon Harwood punched and racially abused 14-year old girl

19-07-2012 23:13

Simon Harwood punched and racially abused 14-year old girl

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Ian Tomlinson - demo outside Scotland Yard 6pm to 9pm TONIGHT

19-07-2012 16:25

Ian Tomlinson - demo outside Scotland Yard 6pm to 9pm - be there!!

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Ian Tomlinson Killer Simon Harwood Walks Free

19-07-2012 14:05

Killer cop Simon Harwood
Despite being previously sacked from the police for attacking an innocent member of the public in a road rage incident, and despite making unprovoked attacks on journalists, on city workers and on G20 demonstrators immediately before he bludgeoned Ian Tomlinson to death, Met Police PC Simon Harwood has walked, another murderer free to roam our streets -

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Family of Kingsley Burrell - Public Support Meeting

19-07-2012 12:33

Saturday 21st July 6:00 - 8:00pm
Handsworth Park
Community Play Centre
Grove Lane
Birmingham, B20 2HF

All invited to attend this most important meeting

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Graffiti Raids Across London as Police Sanitise City Ready For Olympics

19-07-2012 10:51

Update #1: The New Statesmen spoke to the British Transport Police about this story, who claimed that only four people were arrested, not thirty. The New Statesman shares our opinion, however that process should not be used as pre-emptive punishment. We posted the story as it was told to us, and do apologise if there are any inaccuracies.

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Solidarity in London, Wrexham, Brisbane as Bradley Manning is back in court in US

19-07-2012 07:31

Vigil outside US Embassy, London

Accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning has been back in court at Fort Meade, Maryland, US this week for another pretrial hearing. Solidarity action has been organised outside the court, elsewhere in the US including 'Fort Manning' occupation of the federal courthouse in LA and around the world including London, Wrexham and Brisbane. For some background and a summary of the current situation at court, see this interview with Nathan Fuller of the Bradley Manning Support Network and Kevin Gosztola's blog.

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French Embassy action for Noureddin Mohamed

17-07-2012 21:55

Today over 20 people held a demo outside the French embassy in London to call for an immediate investigation into the death of Noureddin Mohamed.

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Who was Fred Hill

17-07-2012 21:03

Fred Hill died While in Jail for Refusing to Wear A Motorcycle Crash Helmet

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Genoa 2001: two of the activists sentenced last week are untraceable

17-07-2012 20:35

The State devastates! Capitalism loots! Freedom for the Genoa rebels!
Francesco Puglisi and Vincenzo Vecchi, the two of the’Genoa 10′ to receive the most severe sentences for crimes of “devastation and looting” – 15 and 13 years – are untraceable since Sunday, the same day Genoa’s Supreme Tribunal ordered them to be incarcerated.

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Weapons Inspection Update - EDO Brighton

16-07-2012 15:35

Banner outside EDO despite police cordon
Turned out nice again - despite pre-demo smears from the local rag and assortment of Tory wankers - Smash EDO succeeded in shutting down the arms factory for the day and a blockade and lock-on is still in place at Home Park Rd.

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California’s dysfunctional alliance between suburban greens

16-07-2012 08:23

California’s dysfunctional alliance between suburban greens

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Striking miners greeted by violent police in Madrid

15-07-2012 18:10

Miners in the mountains of Asturias who have been on indefinite strike for nearly two months have arrived in Madrid to take their strike to the streets.
Faced by escalating police terrorism were attacked in the Spanish capital over the last few days by cannonades of plastic bullets and batons rained on them by the riot police.
The miners' only demand is that they be given back their jobs, with the Spanish State declaring an end to subsidies which effectively destroy the livelihoods of thousands of people, which effectively add up to the destruction of the main source of income to the region.

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New Zealand judicial appointments satarised

15-07-2012 09:02

The inbred nature of New Zealand judicial appointments has been satirized into cult vernacular on the website Uncylopedia.

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16 July: Free Bradley Manning; Protect Julian Assange. Vigils at two embassies

14-07-2012 19:26

US Embassy, Grosvenor Square at 3pm -4pm
Vigil for Bradley Manning

Ecuadorian Embassy, Knightsbridge from 4.30pm
Vigil for Julian Assange (ongoing daily vigil)
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