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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Anti-fascist and anarchist from Russia needs help and solidarity

21-07-2015 20:25

Good afternoon. My name is Oleg. I am a member of the anarchist and anti-fascist movement in Russia. For a long time I was a member of Autonomous Action and coordinator of the local group Autonomous Action Izhevsk.

Now I was seriously ill because of the severe brain injury that caused me to neo-Nazis during the attack. I would be very happy if hlt someone helped me, because I am no longer 10 years has been an active fighter for freedom and justice.

I really need help to pay for the treatment of the effects of brain injury. Unfortunately, my income is not enough to fully treated, so I beg you to help me.

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New front line video from the fierce austerity riots (Athens 15 July)

20-07-2015 15:24

New front line video from the fierce riots that took place in Athens on 15 July 2015, during a protest outside the greek parliament against the new austerity measures.

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EU deal with Greece betrayal of OXI

16-07-2015 03:33

The die has been cast. The Geek prime minister Tsipras, who won the elections
because of his promise to make an end to Trojka austerity measures, has capitulated,
accepting the hardest EU deal with Greece ever. Shame on him and his party
Syriza, which has lost every credibility. It's a horrible betrayal of OXI, plunging
the Greek people in still worse misery. People of Greece, fight for Freedom!

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'Amsterdam Climate Games' activist placed in foreign detention

06-07-2015 14:02

Police are the real terrorists
A German climate activist that was arrested on Saturday during the Amsterdam Climate Games has been transferred to foreign detention on Monday morning. During the Climate Games action day hundreds of people took action in the Western port of Amsterdam against the coal, gasoline and soy industry, which according to the activists "is responsible for contributing on a large scale to dangerous climate change'.

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"Back To Work Therapy, Is No Therapy At All"

29-06-2015 03:45

Banner drop from inside
On the 26th of June 2015, members of the Mental Health Resistance Network and Blac Banner Collective @blacbanner disrupted the launch party of the so called Living Well Hub in Streatham Job Centre. Many believe that having therapists in the JobCentre Plus will only lead to further sanctions and targeting of the most vulnerable in our society. For further background search the hashtag #NoForcedTreatment.

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Mass Sleepout in Solidarity with Newport's Homeless People

26-06-2015 06:52

Police are harrassing, bullying and arresting Newport's homeless people even more than usual, telling them that they will be clearing them out of Newport. They are using the 1884 Vagrancy Act and imposing impossible bail conditions. This stinks of a clean-up ready for the opening of a new shopping centre in November. A mass sleepout has been organised so that we can help these exceptionally vulnerable people.

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Defend Chelsea Manning & all whistleblowers!

25-06-2015 09:57

Chelsea Manning
You are invited to march with our banner
Defend Chelsea Manning & all whistleblowers!
Saturday 27 June, meet 12.15pm outside Baker St (march starts at 1pm)
Queer Strike, Payday, Compassion in Care, whistleblowers from Yarl’s Wood detention centre, women from the Julian Assange Vigil and many more...All Welcome

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SCHOOLBOY BOMB PLOT NOT TERRORISM @edlnews @misscheeky666 @ant1fane @leejasper

22-06-2015 15:25

News today has emerged of a potentially devastating terrorist plot hatched by two Tyneside schoolboys (15 at the time), who were planning a series of deadly bomb attacks, having purchased bomb-making equipment on the internet. Inspired by Raoul Moat and Taliban murder videos, the two were noted to have chanted the far-right nationalistic chant "no surrender", and hated Jews and black people. No mention of Islam as a motivation - not deemed terrorism by the media.

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MANILA – ‘Morong 43’ arrest, detention illegal — CHR

22-06-2015 13:46

Morong 43
Five years since the arrest, detention and release of the 43 health workers dubbed as the “Morong 43,” the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has finally issued a resolution stating that state forces violated the rights of the health workers.

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HITLER SALUTES AT DUDLEY FAR RIGHT MARCH #antifa #edl @edlnews @misscheeky666

13-06-2015 15:16

The usual crowd of EDLers and associated far right nutjobs gathered in a car park in Dudley to march un-noticed to a deserted park to give speeches to fellow fascists, chanting the usual range of racist and Islamophobic chants including "if you hate p*kis, clap your hands". Not only did the police fail to take action. They also turned a blind eye to blatant Adolf Hitler salutes.

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Audio: No Platforming of Radical Feminists - @bindelj @TerrorizerMir @RadFemUK

06-06-2015 22:52

Audio Julie Bindel
Following is a audio recording of a meeting on the No Platforming of Radical Feminists held on Saturday 6th June 2015 at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield which was addressed by Julie Bindel and Miranda Yardley and organised by RadFem Collective.

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15-05-2015 15:17


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EDL COMMEMORATE VE DAY WITH NAZI SALUTES: @edlnews @slatedl @misscheeky666 #edl

09-05-2015 20:35

Being the "proud patiots" the EDL are, they turned up in Walthamstow paying respect to the Brits who fought fascism - by making blatant Adolf Hitler salutes.

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Banners for Anarchist Prisoner Emma Sheppard and Others

08-05-2015 11:33

Two banners were hung from a bridge over the M32 motorway into central Bristol during the morning rush hour on Thursday April 30th.

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Welcome to the second five years of unelected austerity

07-05-2015 11:20

It seems that there are lots of people dropping off the electoral roll.

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Fighting Sanctions

06-05-2015 21:51

Nobody has a closer view of the effects of benefit sanctions than advice workers. Helping people with benefit issues has always been a daily feature of our job, but in addition to pestering the job centre for answers and submitting appeals and preparing evidence for the appeal hearings, we nowadays have to do more to make sure the claimants don't starve or become suicidal before we get the problem solved. It is impossible not to be disturbed by the brutality of official actions and attitudes, and so three of us in Rochdale decided to take part in the Week of Action Against Sanctions.

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Police crackdown on anarchist movement in Czech Republic

04-05-2015 21:48

Recent police crackdown on anarchist movement in Czech Republic

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EDL Divisions Switch To The National Front @edlnews @slatfascists @slatukip #edl

28-04-2015 23:24

Whilst some might view the disintegration of the EDL as a positive step for British politics, the wholesale departure of entire divisions to the steadfast white supremacist territory of the National Front (northern and southern sectors) should set alarm bells ringing for antifascists. Once the dodo of the British far right, the NF are increasing their grass roots recruitment.

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Thanet EDL Joins National Front En Masse - @edlnews @misscheeky666 @slatfascists

28-04-2015 23:06

The EDL is rapidly fading, but is, in many regions, being replaced up and down the UK by the openly nazi National Front. Headed by violent fascist thug and online racist troll Gaz "Pat Riot" Field, Thanet's EDL Division has already jumped ship and left the EDL and joined the National Front, warming to their white power message. Yorkshire's EDL division is going to follow suit.

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April The 12th, Solidarity From Brighton With The Anarchists Imprisoned In Spain

15-04-2015 16:59

From Brighton, solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in Spain.
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