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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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ISM Freedom Summer Campaign Approaches - Slander Campaign Against ISM Stepped-Up

18-06-2006 13:40

Freedom Summer 2006 is nearly here. Palestinians are continuing to employ a greater variety of creative, non-violent resistance to the occupation and you’re invited to participate.

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East kent fascists-expose themselves !

18-06-2006 13:23

Two letters in a local newspaper reveal two BNP supporters. Anti fascists take note....

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Solidiarity with the Teachers of the Other Mexico

18-06-2006 10:27

The teachers of Oaxaca are resisiting the authoritarian state of Mexico, while elsewhere the repression from the governor Ulises Ruiz continues.

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FBI says, it has "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"

18-06-2006 08:52

Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI, asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on Bin Laden’s 'Most Wanted' web page: "He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connected Bin Laden to 9/11.”

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Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign vigil, 17 June 2006

18-06-2006 01:08

Guantanamo vigil, High Street, Birmingham
At 1pm on Saturday 17 June 2006, Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign held a vigil on High Street in the city centre following reports of the deaths in Guantanamo of three prisoners - named on a placard as Yassar Al Zahrani, Mani Al Utaybi and Ali Abdullah Ahmed.

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Killing season in the Philippines

17-06-2006 23:16

The escalating repression taking place now in the Philippines is no coincidence. Twenty years since the end of the dictatorship and three "people's power" uprisings later, Philippine society is hugely polarized.

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Radio University Oaxaca closed down by the police

17-06-2006 21:03

Oaxaca June 14 (CIMAC)-
Students from the university went on air in Radio University to give voice to the teachers and the civil society in Oaxaca after the ateempted eviction of the teachers concentrating in the city centre by the police. The police forcely closed down the radio.

Autor: Cimac translation John D
Soledad Jarquín Edgar, correspondent

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Denouncement of aggression at Zapatista bases the hands of OCEZ-Casa del Pue

17-06-2006 20:42

Denouncement of aggression at Zapatista bases at the hands of OCEZ-Casa del Pueblo

San Christobal de las Casas 10th June 2006.

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Oaxaca: Informative Bulletin from the Sixth Commission of the EZLN

17-06-2006 20:35

An Urgent Call to All Adherents at the National and International Levels to Condemn this New Demonstration of State Repression

By Subcomandante Marcos

The Other Mexico

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Teachers Repel 3,000 Police from Oaxaca’s Historic Center

17-06-2006 20:31

Thousands of Police Surround the City Center as Strikers Hold Their Ground
By Geoffrey Harman

The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign in Oaxaca

June 14, 2006, OAXACA CITY:
In a scene that is starting to look all too familiar in Mexico, the police attempted to disrupt the Oaxaca teachers strike in downtown Oaxaca City this morning. At roughly 3 a.m. a police helicopter flew low over the tent city where the teachers have been camped for the past 23 days and shot canisters of tear gas.
Meanwhile, 3,000 state police armed with riot shields and clubs entered the chaos and tore apart the roughshod shelters where the teachers had been staying. During the course of the six-hour police intervention three people were reported to have been killed, two women and one child.

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List of missing, arrested and wounded in Oaxaca, 11 dead

17-06-2006 20:07

bullet shells
According to La Jornada, 11 are said to be dead and here is a list of people still missing/disappeared, arrested and wounded.

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Violent repression of Afghani refugees hunger strike in Norway

17-06-2006 18:19

Early Friday morning around 100 policemen, some of them with horses, came in place, and violently entered the hunger strikers tents, in order to remove them. The police exercised exceed pressure and violence and even broke fingers of refugees.

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Will the real criminals please stand up?

17-06-2006 15:32

A tough one to swallow, but the truth usually is! If anyone can prove this false please reply.

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Innocent prisoners prefer to die

17-06-2006 09:17

Protests Have Continued at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) north of Oxford with a yard-occupation last night by 25 inmates lasting until 5 am this morning, constantly-changing numbers refusing food at mealtimes, and sporadic violence.

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Deaths in Custody: Pickett the IPPC Mon 19th 1:30pm !!!

16-06-2006 23:51

Death in Police custody families gather to demand justice. A picket of the IPCC has been called to show solidarity. Monday 19th June 2006, 1.30 - 3.15pm @ IPCC, 90 High Holborn, London WC1V 6BH
All supporters are welcome!

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Matilda Tresspass Hearing

16-06-2006 22:08

Persons unknown X 30 from the Matilda Social Centre, are due in court for tresspass, Yorkshite Forward are claiming possession of 111 Matilda Street in Sheffield.

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Police at Matilda

16-06-2006 12:56

Around 13:45 today, police arrived at Matilda, asking to come inside. People are requested to come down in support of the activists inside. More news as it comes in...

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Indonesian State Sanctioned Terrorists Warn Australia

16-06-2006 07:55

CIA or the American Military's involvement
Here is a full report and one that was not carried out by Australia, Indonesia, or the US authorities over the possible CIA or the American Military's involvement in the second blast that required nuclear hardware way above the knowledge of any peasant class in Indonesia just prior the Iraq war, mind you.

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Oaxaca repression

16-06-2006 07:46

Recent update of events in Oaxaca and request for further info

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Tell Me No Lies

16-06-2006 04:03

Continue to root them out
Rather it will be discovered by those who put their own reputations and often lives on the line, in order to uncover the real actions and outcomes of those who tell us they rule over us. The challenges that emerge from reading "Tell me no Lies" are to find the strength to continue to root them out and even more importantly, to stand up and challenge them publicly.
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