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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Three People Killed In Clashes Between Police And Protestors In The Capital Of Albania

26-01-2011 16:29

last friday
Three people were killed and dozens more injured in clashes between police and protesters at an anti-government rally in the Albanian capital of Tirana on Friday, January 21. It was reported by Agence France-Presse .

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Italia: Silvios Bambinas

26-01-2011 16:18

Silvio and Angie
Das System Berlusconi: "Europa heute" dokumentiert Auszüge aus Mailänder Staatsanwaltschaftsakten - Von Kirstin Hausen - Redaktion: Ursula Welter .... Es ist ein Protokoll der Peinlichkeiten: Auf 396 Seiten hält die Staatsanwaltschaft Mailand Regierungschef Silvio Berlusconi den Spiegel vor. Die detaillierten Abhörprotokolle geben Einblicke in das enge Netz, das rund um Berlusconi für Frauen und Günstlinge gesponnen wurde. Erst kürzlich konnte der Regierungschef seinen politischen Hals erneut aus der Schlinge ziehen - Berlusconi überstand denkbar knapp ein Misstrauensvotum. Seine Kritiker warfen ihm Stimmenkauf vor. "Europa heute" dokumentiert in vier Folgen die Anklagedetails und stellt Aussagen Berlusconis dagegen. Die umfassende Anklageschrift verdanken wir einem aufmerksamen Deutschlandfunkhörer. Teil 1: Protokoll der Peinlichkeiten - Die Ermittlungsakte der Mailänder Staatsanwälte Teil 2: Wein, Weib und Gesang -Die Partys des Silvio B.

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Met officer 'sorry' over G20 policing

26-01-2011 13:51

Police Commander Bob Broadhurst apologised today for misleading MPs about the use over undercover officers at the G20 protests.

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Egypt Embassy Demo 3-6pm TODAY

26-01-2011 11:50

Egypt Embassy demo today (Wed Jan 26th)

3pm - 6pm 26 South Street, London W1K 1DW

Solidarity with the protest movement

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'Free at Last!': Denise McNeil Released on Bail

26-01-2011 11:16

Supporters celebrate outside court
On Tuesday, one of the Yarl's Wood 3, Denise McNeil, was granted bail at an
immigration court in Hatton Cross. Her supporters in the courtroom clapped
as the judge announced his decision.

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Alert - London "Australia Day" 2011 - The Empire is trying to transport Assange

26-01-2011 10:54

in chains to an outta sight American Gulag for the term of his natural life!

Free Manning! Free Assange! Free Speech!
releasejulianassange at

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My call to ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the sick and disabled.

26-01-2011 04:53

A disabled person calls ATOS to enquire about euthanasia options for the disabled and sick ATOS deems fit for work, in preference to being forced to die from starvation, neglect or homelessness. 7 minute call.

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Video from Egypt

25-01-2011 23:32, some chanting, then the police turn up and start shooting something - teargas? or shotguns...?

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Channel 4 news report on ClownCop 'Lynn Watson' - aka Officer A

25-01-2011 19:01

7.10 pm tonight, Channel 4 news report on Lynn Watson as a rebel clown occupying Leeds

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Off topic - mainstream media on ACS Law

25-01-2011 14:08

Criminal lawyer gives up

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Undercover Police Officer A photograph- M11 Link road

25-01-2011 09:52

Officer A
Do you recall this cop from the M11 link road protest?
Do you have any video of any of the cops who have been exposed.
Please get in touch with us at undercurrents and we will make a film
Call 01792 455900 or email

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Censorship amid controversy over police on indymedia

25-01-2011 01:41

Last week the respected alternative news project SchNEWS published a story revealing long term malicious use of indymedia by elements within the states police apparatus. The piece was base on the so-called 303 Gateway article written collaboratively by a number of indymedia admins and proposed in secret as a feature for the UK site over six months ago. The proposal was blocked by London and Northern IMC. They claim they failed to get agreement on amendments aimed at distancing themselves from admissions within the article that indymedia admins had in fact had access to IP logs despite having repeatedly said the opposite in the past. Both London and Northern said that they would have no objection to the article being published as a feature on Indymedia UK if it was made clear within the article that the IP logging was a feature found within the MIR content management system used by IMC UK and its regional sites Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, Oxford, Sheffield and South Coast, not those using alternative CMS such as Bristol, London, Northern, Nottingham and Scotland. However it seem tonight that their claim has be proven a lie...

The draft article stated, "what has never been openly stated before is that the CMS system we use has a number of anti-abuse measures which include the ability to monitor for particular IP addresses and log their behaviour." The draft goes on to say, "site admins believed that they would never be able to gain the trust of posters, if the range of anti-abuse measures were made public. As is often the case, once a body has failed to be completely open about something, it becomes 'the elephant in the room' and so a situation was created where the new and current admins were actively blocked from bringing these measures into the open. The stalemate continued until now, with site admins proposing a new approach of coming clean about the measures that are in place, and others in the collective blocking this."

Prophetically, that stalemate over coming clean about the IP logging meant that no consensus was possible on publishing the article. There was no way that the information about the governments disinfo campaign could be published without revealing that indymedia had been lying about IP logs. Apparently some suggested it could be published via a different alt media outlet while leaving out the info about indymedia but the story would have been weak without the evidence gathered by indymedia admins.

The impasse remained but then the draft article was leaked by a disgruntled admin using the name 'indyleaks'. The posts were repeatedly hidden from the indymedia sites it was posted to and a filter set up on IMC UK to automatically hide it whenever posted.

There remains no consensus about publishing the article which includes a frank admission that indymedia has misled its user since 2003. However the lack of consensus is now a moot point since SchNEWS has ran the story and Birmingham IMC has published the 303 gateway article as a feature on it's own site.

Both the story about the government running a disinfo campaign via indymedia, and the story that indymedia UK has been hiding the truth about IP logging for all these years, that is big news for activists at a time when trust is already in short supply.

As the article says "continuing to gloss over the reality in a misleading way was detrimental to Indymedia UK, and that there was no small likelihood that at some stage we could be outed." Now that the truth is out, lets hope indymedia can recover from the damage to its credibility and move on to become more open and honest with its users.


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Iran's islami regime hanged Two Political activist

24-01-2011 22:54

Stop killing , stop execution of progresive people
AFP - Iran on Monday reportedly carried out the first executions of activists detained in street protests after the disputed 2009 presidential poll, hanging two men it said were from an outlawed group
The executions of two activists from the Iranian exiled opposition group, People's Mujahedeen of Iran (PMOI) came despite a plea by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that they be freed.

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'Peter Black' undercover 1993 to 1997

24-01-2011 22:21

According to this article 'Peter Black' was deployed against environmental activists from 1993 to 1997, including at the M11 link road protests.

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S. Korean Supreme Court Declares Executed Party Leader Not Guilty

24-01-2011 21:34

The south Korean supreme court declared Jo Pong Am, former head of the Progressive Party in south Korea, not guilty in a retrial on Jan. 20, according to south Korean MBC.

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Blockade of Scotland Yard against police abuse

24-01-2011 19:42

Dozens of women, protesting against the sexual abuse of women by undercover police officers, successfully blockaded Scotland Yard this morning!

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Shells survey worked Stopped

24-01-2011 18:17

Stop Shell
After hearing the news that Shell would be allowed to continue building their gas pipeline in Co.Mayo Ireland, we decided to take action!

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These are photos of the canal boat Tamarisk - Mark Kennedy

24-01-2011 11:12

Tamarisk Registration Number
Tamarisk photographs for general release from a very trusted source.

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Advocating Domestic Extremism - Cops on Indymedia - An Exposé

23-01-2011 19:53

On April 27th, 2010, a comment appeared on the Indymedia UK newswire entitled Don't use SPEAK as a model. The comment, on an article entitled New animal lab at Leicester; New nationwide campaign to start urged readers to respond to the campaign by "Model{ling} the campaign on a successful AR campaign such as Hillgrove cats or Darnley(sic) Oaks etc". Readers familiar with those campaigns will be aware that the campaigns are alleged to have included violent actions against individuals, including a a letter bomb in the Hillgrove Cats campaign, and the removal of Gladys Hammond from her grave.

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