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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Shell causeway 'washed away' by Shell to Sea action

03-06-2009 13:42

Reclaim the beach!
Part of the Shell causeway extending into the sea at Glengad was removed by Shell to Sea protesters on monday evening. This was in protest at the illegal blocking of access to the public beach and to oppose the forcing of this unsafe project on the local community and the giveaway of Ireland's natural resources.

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A River of Lights for Tiananmen

03-06-2009 10:52

Join Amnesty's Cambridge University Group and Chinese Salon for a Floating Lantern Ceremony in remembrance of the victims of the Tiananmen Crackdown.

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Britain sold arms despite Sri Lanka’s abuses – The Times

03-06-2009 00:04

Britain sold £13.6m worth of arms to Sri Lanka in the past three years despite Colombo’s widespread abuse of human rights, The Times newspaper reported.

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Car workers vote for all-out strike

02-06-2009 15:37

Lobby of Unite London headquarters over the sacking of Rob, Linamar convenor
Workers at the Linamar car parts plant in Wales have voted for an all-out strike to oppose the sacking of union convenor and National Shop Stewards Network vice-chair, Rob Williams. Rob has been instrumental in building solidarity for Visteon workers during their action recently, and management blamed a "breakdown in trust" for his dismissal.

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arrest in parliament square over tamil eelam t-shirt

02-06-2009 13:01

continuing the story from, maria was yesterday arrested for wearing a t-shirt bearing the symbol of the tamil eelam. the symbol bears similarities to the tamil tiger LTTE logo, but has significant historical and graphic differences. police have kept flipping on this issue all week

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Police spent £700.000 on climate action bust operation

02-06-2009 12:21

The recent raid at a school in Sneinton, which saw over 100 people arrested for 'conspiring' to take action at a local coal fired powerstation, costs the police around £700,000. The costs of Operation Aeroscope, were revealed as a huge surplus in the Notts Police's budget for 2008/9 as recently presented to the Notts Police Authority. Apparently 'attempts will be made' to get some of the money back through central government (Home Office) but it seems most likely the cash will come straight off the budget of the Notts force, possibly leaving other services under-financed.

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Police Abuse Powers To Prevent FA Cup Climate Protest

02-06-2009 06:25

Police officers unlawfully confiscated campaign leaflets and T-shirts from climate protesters outside the FA Cup final on Saturday, preventing a legal demonstration from taking place. Activists from the Camp for Climate Action are calling this yet another example of over-the-top policing designed to silence environmental protest, and are redoubling calls for an independent public review of the policing of protest.

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Israel’s “Existential Threats”

31-05-2009 08:22

The last few days have witnessed an inflection point in the history of Israel. It has effectively shed its democratic veneer and blatantly embraced its racist, fascist and colonialist ideology.

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McLibel McVictory Protest: Cambridge: BE THERE!

30-05-2009 22:01

Put this in your diary and be there if you are against McDonalds for any reason! Health! Globalisation! Human Rights! The Environment! Animals! Freedom to Protest!

United against McDonalds! One Struggle, One Fight!

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Phony Terror and Black America (Part II)

30-05-2009 14:31

In the wake of 9/11, the Bush regime launched a domestic terror entrapment and provocateur offensive in search of trophy victims. "If Barack Obama's policies and pronouncements to date are any indication, there is little reason to believe that he will put an end to this insidious practice."

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UN concealed carnage to keep Sri Lanka goodwill

30-05-2009 00:42

Despite massive international pressure, on Wed 27th May, the United Nations Human Rights Council refused calls to investigate allegations of war crimes by both sides. Instead it supported Sri Lanka in handling the humanitarian crisis under it's own initiative. The session had been called because of alarm over the high number of civilian casualties as well as the island's treatment of displaced Tamil civilians. The call by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay for aid agencies to be given free access to the camps so they can provide the Tamils with critical relief was also not agreed upon.

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The Tarnac 9 Case: Julien Coupat RELEASED!

29-05-2009 19:27

French authorities on Thursday authorised the release of Julien Coupat, who has been detained for more than six months on suspicion of sabotaging high-speed train lines, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

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Police shelve review on Kingsnorth protest

29-05-2009 11:16

Index on Censorship image
The failure to publish the long awaited report on policing tactics last summer is leading to accusations of a cover up. Chris Ames repor

The Home Office and Kent Police have buried a report on the policing of last summer’s climate camp at Kingsnorth power station, provoking suspicions that it was critical of the controversial police tactics at the protest.

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Sussex Uni Protest Camp Threatened By Management

29-05-2009 09:05

Warning letter page 1
The protest camp outside the management offices of Sussex University, which has now been established for over a week, yesterday recieved a letter from the management warning of potential disciplinary action being taken against the student demonstrators.

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Violence In Queensland Parliament

28-05-2009 21:57

Queensland Parliament
The following article details what happened to a woman who went to Parliament House in Brisbane to draw attention to long standing human rights abuses and judicial abuse and corruption against her teenage son, who was forced out of school due to severe school bullying.

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Nickos Koundardas on Hunger and Thirst Strike demanding his freedom

28-05-2009 15:52

A summary of what has happened up to now and his last letter from the Hospital Ward where he is imprisoned.

Please, contribute to the summary in english (or other translations) so we can add more details and begin spreading this around the globe to inform people about his situation.

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Interview with Julien Coupat

28-05-2009 01:15

translation of very recent interview

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Manuel Pinteño has been in jail for 32 years

27-05-2009 20:28

Spain's longest serving prisoner is closer to a pardon
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