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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Lebanon's Al Manar TV "Marked for Death"

17-07-2006 04:44

Targeting the press in the next Arab tragedy, under 'self-defense' and Holocaust Immunity

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SOCPA - anti-israeli demonstration in parliament square today

16-07-2006 22:01

crowds beginning to gather
two separate demos in the square grew out of all proportion to their police authorisations. police threatened organisers with arrest in order to disperse the crowds of hundreds

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16-07-2006 21:19

A new pamphlet by Leeds ABC will be launched on August 6th.

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Film Night: Atenco - Breaking the Seige! Wed 19th July, Reading.

16-07-2006 20:33

Please tell friends/family/groups/email-lists who might be interested!

// FILM SCREENING: Atenco - Breaking the Seige!

// WHEN: 7.30pm, Wednesday 19th July

// WHERE: Room 3, RISC International Solidarity Centre, 35-39 London Street, in Reading town centre

May 3rd 2006: As Mexican Police violently attack the peoples of Texcoco & Atenco, Mexico City for selling flowers, the residents display their dignity, humanity and bravery in their steadfast resistance, which continues......

Hosted by Chi'iltak (Reading based anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian Zapatista Solidarity group).


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Solidarity with Detainees in St Petersburg

16-07-2006 20:09

Anti G8 Protestor in St Petersburg, 2006
There will be a demonstration in solidarity with those arested in St
Petersburg on Friday 21st July at 1pm outside the Russian Embassy in London

Address: 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W 8 4QP, UK

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G8 Delegates Blockaded in Hotel, Protesters Arrested

16-07-2006 17:17

The following is a report about actions this morning (16/07/06) in St. Petersberg.

Solidarity actions requested!

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300+ Demonstrate in Berlin Against G8 and Repression

16-07-2006 16:48

Today, around 300 people took part in a demonstration in Berlin against the G8 and the system it represents, and demanded a release of those arrested in St. Petersberg taking part in protests against this year's summit.

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Are there still people that believe that violence works?

16-07-2006 08:10

Appalling violence and mayhem!
While we watch the latest round of appalling violence and mayhem spilling across our screens it is worth stepping back and looking at the process a little more simply

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Small Protest Shuts Down Russian Consulate in Sydney

15-07-2006 21:54

The ongoing brutality of the capitalist system, environmental destruction and, most pressingly, attack on the human rights that the goverments of the countries in the Group of Eight perpetrate made the action urgent.

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Close Guantanamo Bay Protest - Video & Pics

15-07-2006 19:09

Video Outside American Embassy
This is a short description of the Protest from Marble Arch to the American Embassy on Juy 15th 2006.

We marched to highlight the ongoing torture and illedla imprisonment by the Americans in Guantanamo Bay.

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London G8 Arrests Update - Both Released Now

15-07-2006 14:03

Both of the activists arrested at yesterdays anti-G8 action in London, have now been released.

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G8 Summit 2006, Russia, Tony & Repressive States

15-07-2006 13:50

Today the Group of Eight (G8), the unofficial "world government" of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, will attend the 32nd G8 Summit in some suburb of St.Petersburg, which is in Russia somewhere.

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Press Release: Global Day of Action Against G8 and Repression

15-07-2006 12:08

The following is a press release issued by the Berlin-based G8 2006 Info and Press Group. For more information, check out our website. Also see:

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2 arrested in London

14-07-2006 22:51

one is expected to be bailed out soon
the other will be in court tomorrow

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White House, Congress seek to legalize kangaroo courts, torture

14-07-2006 22:46

kangaroo courts, torture
Then the newspaper warned, “Already, in the wake of this reversal, the Bush Administration’s critics are talking about the ‘illegality’ of its previous failure to abide by Geneva rules. We’ll predict that it won’t be very long until some European magistrate indicts Donald Rumsfeld or National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley or some other US official for ‘war crimes’ for this failure. The Pentagon’s new memo won’t be much of a defense.” To forestall that possibility, the Journal argued, Congress should pass a law repudiating the application of Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions to the United States.

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London Anti-G8 protest - 2 arrested - Pics & quick report!

14-07-2006 17:46

Banners & Occupation - Against G8! - Against Repression!
Today an occupation and banner drop against the G8 and in solidarity with comrades in Russia facing repression, was carried out at the Russian Chamber of Commerce in Southwark, London. Usual violent policing resulted in activists being assaulted, 2 arrested and others detained for short period.

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AntiG8 Solidarity Action in Gothenberg

14-07-2006 16:39

The following is a report from an action outside the Swedish embassy in Gothenberg against the G8 and in solidarity with the protests in Russia.

More information about actions around the world:

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Jean Charles de Menezes anniversary & Forest Gate shooting meeting

14-07-2006 15:51

jean charles de menezes family campaign in conjunction with the justice for the kalam family & justice for the dogra family campaigns

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Join the trend setters, Israeli in London

14-07-2006 13:38

The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland invite you to join the well established trend for collective punishment with attendence to the following events...

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1,500 Demonstrate Against G8 and Bush & Merkel's pre-G8 meet

14-07-2006 13:15

Around 1,500 demonstrated yesterday (Thursday 13 July, 2006) against German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Bush's meeting in Stralsund, on the Baltic coast in north-eastern Germany.
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