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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Burmese Pressure Breaks UN Mould. . . . keep breaking the news blockades!

16-10-2007 15:11

Recent statements from the western media that the burmese situation is blocked by china have shown themselves as the"cold-war nostalgia" war spin they were intended as. . . .

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Brighton police make early morning raid against squat.

16-10-2007 14:43

Good Morning Pie Face!
At 4am Brighton police demanded squatters leave a new squat on Franklin road. Despite resistance by 5am the squatters had been evicted by the police, who were acting unlawfully without a court order.

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Burma activists 'lock on' to Total

16-10-2007 10:43

Off goes the power
Three direct activists have today shut down a busy Total filling station in solidarity with the people of Burma's nonviolent struggle for democracy.
Under a banner saying “May all beings be happy – Free Burma ” the activists have locked themselves together and begun to meditate, locking together the hoses, turning off the power and blocking the entrance to the premises in London's Marylebone Road.

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Bye Law Bobbies: Under Pressure

16-10-2007 09:15

“This is the most heavy handed policing we’ve seen outside this factory in over two years. EDO have used Sussex police as their rottweilers before and their efforts have ended in failure and humiliation for the company. This is a desperate act by a failing company. The community has shown time and again that this aggression will not silence us. We will continue to protest against EDO until it has been shut down.” - Sarah Johnson, spokesperson for Smash EDO

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Blount Inc. of Delaware trades with BURMA!

16-10-2007 03:40

New Light of Myanmar 3 Oct 2007
Chopping down trees and trading with a military Junta - now there's ethics for ya!!

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New Zealand, terrorists arrested, need your help

15-10-2007 13:23

17 activists arrested, denied bail. 300+ Police raid houses across the country
15 Oct 2007 (Updated)

This was on ceefax briefly, just read the latest at the enclosed link

Guess they needed some terrorists to terrorise, sorry arrest.

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DEADLINE Screening @ The Custard Factory, Birmingham

15-10-2007 11:40

4wardever in association with Birmingham Indymedia presents Deadline, an excellent documentary film chronicling the astonishingly flawed criminal justice system in Illinois, USA -

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No Means No! Help Stop More Incineration In The UK

15-10-2007 10:22


Yes, you've heard about these plans before, and yes, you objected so much they were thrown out by the Council.
But WRG have ignored this democratic decision and re-submmitted their plans to expand Nottingham's dirty Eastcroft Incinerator. Time for us to shout even louder...

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Take Action for Ahmed Belbacha – let him return to the UK

15-10-2007 06:52

Ahmed Belbacha has been held in Guantánamo Bay for nearly six years. In February this year, he was cleared for releases and deemed to pose no threat at all but has remained there as he cannot return to Algeria where his life will be in danger and the Foreign Secretary did not include him on the list of British residents whose return he sought in a letter to the American government in August.

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Colombia (and Latin America) Solidarity

14-10-2007 19:09

HEAR: ANDY HIGGINBOTTOM secretary Colombia Solidarity Campaign
WATCH: MEMORIA DE SAQUEO, extacts from the Argentinian film
DISCUSS: developing a local Latin America solidarity network

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People to lose the right to see a solicitor in a police station

14-10-2007 15:36

The government has announced that people arrested will no longer have the right to see a solictor in a police station. The new scheme (coming in February) will only allow people access to a call centre where trained non-soliciors will provide telephone advice. The firm that won the contract in London employs mainly ex police officers.

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Cardiff Total blockade 13th oct

13-10-2007 14:20

Total garage blocked for second time

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Interpol APB proves police agencies can now unscramble digitally blurred images

13-10-2007 07:34

Digitally blurred images from protests or other actions which can incriminate people involved are not safe to post publicly. Police now can unscramble the encryption behind this security device.

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Burma's dogs and graffiti artists continue the protests

12-10-2007 22:10

Protesting Dogs Are Now on the Regime’s Wanted List, by Saw Yan Naing writing for Irrawaddy, October 12, 2007

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Dignity Not Detention: the 3 Day march

12-10-2007 15:23

Asylum seekers, refugees, trade unionists and supporters from all over South Yorkshire will march from the Home Office in Sheffield (at noon on Friday to Lindholme Detention centre near Doncaster between 26-28th October

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12-10-2007 11:55

On smoke
I should like to say that at the moment humanity is so much enslaved by mechanisation that the majority have become, consciously or unconsciously, robots.

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Vicente Fox disrupted in NYC by questions about Oaxaca and Brad Will

12-10-2007 09:03

A book signing at Barnes and Noble turned tense when audience members
asked about Brad Will…

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Resistance, Not Repression, Is the Real Story From Burma

12-10-2007 00:44

Note: the events within Burma described below come from a member of the exiled pro-democracy leadership of Burma 8888. This individual is now deeply involved in the current movement's strategizing and communications, and is in regular contact both with groups on the Thai-Burma border and within the country. Because of the sensitive nature of his work, he has asked to remain anonymous.

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BIA raids in Soho London Today

11-10-2007 22:49

More than thirty people were arrested and detained in raids by the Borders and Immigration Agency and the Metropolitan Police on 5 restaurants in the Soho area of London this afternoon.

This is the latest episode in the Home Office's escalating war on migrant workers in Britain's capital, which sees as many as 60 raids on workplaces a week. Liam Byrne, the Immigration Minister repeats in the press release his boast that his department manages to deport a migrant worker or refugee from the UK every 8 minutes.

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Sheffield Guantanamo Protest 11th October

11-10-2007 20:29

Some photos of the regular protest against the Guantanamo Bay Camp X-Ray held on the 11th of every month in Sheffield.
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