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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Squatban in Jamaica?

13-07-2012 16:46

A politician is floating the idea of a squatban in Jamaica, where an estimated 15-20% of the population squat....

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Four events last Saturday, one next Monday for Bradley Manning & Julian Assange

12-07-2012 21:17

World Pride, London. Photo by
Last Saturday 7 July saw three solidarity events for Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, as well as the ongoing vigil at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Next Monday, Brad is back in court and there will be a vigil from 3pm at the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London.

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Fortress Olympics looms over London

12-07-2012 13:50

Anarchist Federation (London) statement on the Olympics

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Calais Latest: stand off outside the police station

10-07-2012 10:14

remembering Marie Noelle
Currently 60 people are gathered outside the police station, while members of Nooredin's family are inside. They are still refusing to let them see the body. Around 20 CRS riot cops are out, one with rubber bullets at the ready, and all the streets have been blocked off.

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Another friend killed in Calais

09-07-2012 18:29

One more death. In the early hours of Saturday Morning (7 July), our friend N., 28 years old, from Sudan, died in Calais town centre. His body was dragged out of the canal near the Sub-Prefecture. As often in the past, the police have been point blank refusing to allow friends and family access to his body, or to hold an inquest into his death. They have already prepared their story about his death, which is starting to unravel as more evidence comes to light.

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A call to kettle FIT and police liaison (again!) in Brighton

09-07-2012 12:03

Fitwatch are heading to the Smash EDO demo in Brighton on Monday 16th July, and we'd love people to join us. Smash EDO protests have historically been heavily hit by snoopers from the FIT, Police Liaison and the National Domestic Extremism Unit and action is needed!

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7 July: Join Queer Friends of Bradley Manning at World Pride event, London

06-07-2012 12:48

Queer Friends of Bradley Manning with banner at Pride London 2011
Queer Friends of Bradley Manning will have a presence at Saturday's World Pride event in London. Join them to show your solidarity with Bradley Manning, the gay US military intelligence analyst with Welsh roots and accused WikiLeaks whistleblower who has been detained without trial for over two years, tortured and denied his rights. Brad faces life in jail without parole if eventually convicted as charged. Exposing war crimes is not a crime!

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Keir Starmer QC invites Drax power station protesters to appeal

03-07-2012 12:30

Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer QC said he had concerns about the safety of the convictions following the Drax power station protest in 2008.

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Report on protest against Land-Grab Investors Summit - Tues 26th June, London

30-06-2012 07:11

Protestors make their voice heard to delegates leaving landgrab investors summit
On Tuesday 26th June, a group of people from environmental, development and farming groups joined together to denounce land grabs outside an international agricultural investors conference in London.

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An open Letter

28-06-2012 23:06

Here I ‘am in HMP frankland segregation unit fourteen weeks till release I’m in a high control cell getting fed through a hatch and on a six officer unlock

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Dissident voices from South Africa

28-06-2012 09:44

Spokesperson for Unemployed People’s Movement in UK in July

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RootsAction Sends 13,000 Emails to Ecuadorean Embassy Supporting Assange

27-06-2012 18:57

The U.S. online activist group RootsAction has sent emails from over 13,000 people to the Ecuadorean Embassy in Washington, D.C. in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's request for asylum.

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Media Lens: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work

27-06-2012 14:23

The persecution of Julian Assange through the eyes of Media Lens - 'correcting the distorted vision of the corporate media'.

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Sri Lankan Army attacks uprooted civilians in Vanni - sent back to SLprison camp

26-06-2012 02:11

Sri Lankan military goes amok on uprooted civilians in Vanni, 2 injured, 1 suffers heart attack

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Tamil protest opp Downing St, London against Sri Lankan Govt protest clampdown

26-06-2012 02:05

This afternoon, there will be a demonstration organised by Tamil groups opposite Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA from 4.30pm to 8pm.

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Calais: Olympic Eviction of Migrant Squats

25-06-2012 14:38

Eviction of the latest 'Africa House'
The lead up to the Olympics has seen a rapid increase of police brutality against migrant communities in Calais and their supporters. Calais is an 'Olympic village' during the Games and in preparation the authorities have begun cleaning up the streets to make Calais 'migrant free'.

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Bradley Manning back in court today. Banner drop in Wrexham, Wales

25-06-2012 12:15

Bradley Manning, accused WikiLeaks whistleblower, is back at Fort Meade, Maryland, USA today for another pretrial 'motions' hearing. He has now been incarcerated for 25 months in circumstances that make a fair trial impossible. Solidarity actions are taking place around the world today. In Wrexham, banners were put up over the main A483 by-pass this morning.

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Those who build awareness and autonomy are enemies of the state.

23-06-2012 16:45

This article has been written as part of the worldwide campaign to free 2 political prisoners in Chiapas. Alberto Patishtan is a member of the Other Campaign. Francisco Santiz Lopez is a Zapatista support base.

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Please sign the letter demanding the release of Chiapas political prisoners

23-06-2012 06:47

These 2 men are innocent, imprisoned for their political beliefs, please sign the letter at

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FCUKBA: a month of immigration repression and resistance

23-06-2012 00:41

A UKBA arrest
A month in immigration & control & resistance in the UK, 22nd May - 22nd June
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