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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Hicks, Howard and Rogue USA

03-03-2007 02:02

Anyone familiar with the criminal tactics of thoroughly corrupt State Institutions would not be surprised to learn of the plea bargain offered Guantanamo Bay detainee, David Hicks. After five years of torture and various other forms of physical and psychological abuse, the U.S. has offered a deal that would see Hicks released from Guantanamo but not necessarily from continued incarceration.

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AUSTRALIA: NSW: Mardi Gras 2007

03-03-2007 00:17

Love Justice for David Hicks we know you're part of the crowd. Thanks!

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"Welcome to Ledbury otherwise known as the Police State"

02-03-2007 22:49

When three animal rights campaigners turned up outside Sequani Limited (an animal testing firm in Ledbury, Herefordshire) in August 2006 to hold a peaceful and lawful demonstration against animal testing, they later referred to the town of Ledbury as 'the police state'.

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Two East Timorese protestors killed by Australian troops

02-03-2007 20:30

neo-colonial operation
The entire political and media establishment is complicit in the Howard government’s neo-colonial operation in East Timor, and the latest killings have, predictably, produced not a word of protest. While posturing as opponents of Australia’s participation in the occupation of Iraq, the Labor Party and the Greens back every military intervention in the Pacific to the hilt—from East Timor in 1999, to the Solomons in 2003 and 2006, and the Timor operation last year.

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Identity Cards Propaganda on Channel 4 - please complain

02-03-2007 20:11

I am disgusted to have just seen a half hour programme on Channel 4 hosted by Charles Clarke where he made the case for why we need identity cards. The programme offered no arguments against their introduction beside a brief interview with the face of Liberty.

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Ruths facistpolice clears the Youthhouse in Copenhagen!! Se all about it!!

02-03-2007 13:09


Ruths fascistpolice clears the Youthhouse in Copenhagen!!

Se all about it!!

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You can save political prisoner Ahmad Batebi from execution

02-03-2007 10:04

It is not long ago since the general massacre of Akbar Mohammadi, Valiollah Feyz e Mahdavi and Zahra Kazemi and lots of other political Activists, students, writers and journalists in prisons by the dictatorial regime in Iran. It is getting worse and worse.
Today Ahmad Batebi is one of the thousands of political prisoners that are not far from death because of non stop torture in prison.

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Polish solidarity with Ungdomshuset

02-03-2007 09:37

Poznań (consulate) -
And today around 2pm (1pm in UK) in Warsaw -

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US faces mounting crisis in Afghanistan

02-03-2007 04:23

deteriorating position
Cheney huddles with Musharraf and Karzai

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Did HBO Cover-Up Bomb Evidence At The WTC On 9/11?

02-03-2007 02:14

Did HBO television deliberately delete frames of video used in their 2002 documentary 'In Memorium - 9/11/2001', that revealed the detonation of an apparent exploive device at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

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Ungdomshuset Solidarity Demo Friday London

02-03-2007 01:15


Meet 2pm HYDE PARK CORNER, inside on park
Bring banners, flags, leaflets, noisemakers....

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Pics of the brutal eviction of Ungdomshuset, Denmark.

01-03-2007 18:22

Police raided brutally Ungdomshuset today. Many people are severely hurt. Many arrested. Pics of the eviction:

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Ungdomshuset evicted - Protests everywhere!

01-03-2007 16:29

The police is in Ungdomshuset. Around the neighbourhood and in the rest of the city there are actions, happenings, events and fighting. There is a demonstration starting at 17.00 which has just been surrounded by police. Calls for international support!

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Right to Protest - 17th March

01-03-2007 15:19

Following Sussex Police's complicity in criminalising peaceful protest at EDO and their outrageous attempts to counter local accusations of over-policing last year's demonstration against Israeli aggression in Lebanon many local activist groups have responded to a call from Sussex Action for Peace to hold a 'Right to Protest' march on March 17th in Brighton.

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Battle of Algiers screening Cardiff 4th Marchh

01-03-2007 12:50

Battle of Algiers documents FLN struggle for independence from France between 1954-62

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CSSGJ talk analysing the Narmada Dam Protests in India

01-03-2007 08:56

what does the Narmada Dam Protests in India tell us about the nature of contemporary protests and the efforts of peasant and indigenous groups to oppose dispossession? How is the process of accumulation compare with earlier processes such as enclosure and clearance? What can be done to help such movements?

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Video from Current Nablus Invasion - Day 4

01-03-2007 05:23

This is the third video clip dealing with the military operation "Hot Winter" in Nablus, occupied Palestine.

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GUINEA: The Trade-Unions Bosses Liquidates the General Strike !

28-02-2007 22:11

At the end of discussions during Sunday with the authorities, religious leaders and a delegation of the CEDEAO (Economic Community of the States of the area) directed by the former President-general of Nigeria, the gangster Babangida, the trade-union leaders decreed the "suspension" of the general strike which had lasted for 2 weeks, as of Sunday midnight.

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ID Cards & The Myth of Terror

28-02-2007 21:01

Thursday 8th March, 7pm, at the Liverpool Social Centre,
in the basement at 96 Bold Street (entrance is next door to the
bookshop) - all welcome

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Hijab is not a piece of clothes, but the flag of women rightlessness

28-02-2007 19:14

Women rightlessness is a characteristic of today unequal world. In many countries, women are officially and lawfully deprived even from the little rights that men enjoy.
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