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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Oberlin College Comes Under Hostile Attack from Israeli-Firster Websites

10-04-2016 23:01

Recently David Gerstman of the Tower Blog (actually called “The Israel Project’s The Tower blog”) attacked the entire liberal arts Oberlin campus in Ohio as being lax on anti-Semitism because he doesn’t like what “one” of the college’s assistant professors wrote on her own personal face book page. Ironically Joy Karega, the alleged anti-Semite, was not really criticizing Jews in general, per se, but mostly what can be defined as some dirty politics of the State of Israel that is terrorist in nature. But conflating criticism of Zionists as supposed to mean anti-Semitism in general is what many propagandists are deliberately trying to d0—confuse various forms of debate in order to create a freeze on any negative criticism of the Zionist project in Israel as State for Jews or their Zionist influence here in America.

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09-04-2016 16:11

The moment Stephen Yaxley Lennon, the UK organiser of Pegida, starts talking about law and order, accusing Muslims of being criminals who mistreat women badly, is the moment the ironymeter explodes, for when it comes to a woman-assaulting career criminal who dodged justice all his life, look no further than Tommeh Tit himself. The former leader of the EDL who joined the neo-Nazi BNP with a family membership before setting up the EDL, was convicted on 18 April 2005 for a horrific ultra-violent assault upon his partner Jenna Vowles. A police officer tried to shield Jenna from Lennon's brutal punches and kicks, and himself got kicked in the head. Found guilty of actual bodily harm, the woman-hating fascist thug was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment with three additional months for his attempt to resist arrest.

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Support a Public Inquest into the deaths at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center

05-04-2016 21:27

We have a serious responsibility here
to speak fair against the stealing of
innocent life currently going on over
at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center
in "Comfort Care". They openly,
without apology, deprive vital
medicines, while torturing the
patient with poisons such as with
my mom, Jennie Kinal, now dead as
crime victim to first degree murder.

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#ANTIFA DESTROY #PEGIDA IN #ROTHERHAM @JLRFB @slatukip @misscheeky666 @siegfails

02-04-2016 17:01


Following yet another miserable turn-out in a deserted car park near the NEC in Birmingham, the prince of egotistical fascism Tommy "The Tit" Robinson, has officially fallen out of love with with patriotic car parks, today announcing to his fellow sellotaped-mouth sheep that the flaccid Germanic Neo-nazi marching organisation will return to coke and Stella town centre demonstrations starting with a provocative goosestep on Saturday May 28th in Rotherham of all places, the town where repeated far right marches led to the murder of a taxi driver. Now Tommy Tit has decided to return to the nitty-gritty of street fascism on the same day as the NF invade Manchester. The NWI in disarray, the NF demo is very likely to be cancelled.

ENTER STAGE: MILITANT ANTIFA to put a stop to the antics of the wifebeater from Luton.


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No Border Kitchen Lesvos under treath of police rate and eviction

29-03-2016 22:42

No Border Kitchen Lesvos under treath of police rate and eviction

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: #NAZI #FILTH @slatukip @siegfails @dubdanu @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

27-03-2016 18:05

Roll the clock back a few years, and "patriots" (as racist national socialists still deceivingly like to call themselves), were fawning pseudo-tears for the victims of terrorist attacks. Tommy Robinson and his fascist thug friends engaged in walks to raise funds (supposedly) for victims families. As it happened, all the money went into racists pockets, Josh Bonehill included, as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and fellow his fuhrers of the Far Right exploited tragedy for personal gain. Now, just a few years later, the far right are doing away with all the falsities of pretence, and when not invited to take part in legitimate anti-terror protests, they gatecrash the mourners, turning up doing straight-right-hand salutes to the world's worst ever terrorist Adolf Hitler, stamping on the wreaths laid by the mourners with cold, heartless white supremacist brutality. And if that wasn't enough to chill the blood, news outlets such as BBC and Sky News's Twitter accounts were teeming with support for the Hitler-saluting wreath-crushers, including registered UKIP supporters, who sickeningly called the Brussels hardcore neo-Nazis "people standing up for themselves".

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: #NAZI SCUM ALERT @slatukip @misscheeky666 @siegfails @JLRFB #EDL

10-03-2016 16:56

Ukip Supporting White Supremacists
Scandinavia's version of the KKK, the so-called "Soldiers Of Odin", have linked up with British far right activists to bring the violent biker-influenced neo-Nazi Odinist-worshipping cult to the streets of the United Kingdom, and fascist activists of several far right groups including National Action are reportedly getting involved with this quasi-terrorist group, their aims, to foment rioting between white people and non-Aryans including Muslims. Their white supremacist "Norse God" ideology of Wodinism / Odinism, an extreme religious philosophy worshipped by ex-oddballs of the BNP - racist space monkey Lee Barnes, police grass Eddie Stampton and senior members of the National Front, provides another dogmatic reason to hate people different to themselves. Even Kippers are getting in on the act, Twitter's foremost UKIP publicist David Jones, lending his support to violent racial assaults carried out by hardcore white supremacists. Nigel Farage continues to refuse to remove Jones's membership card, despite his alarmingly extreme views.

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Oxford Waterways PSPO Council Meeting 7-3-2015 18.15 Oxford Town Hall

06-03-2016 22:55

Not the boaters!!
Oxford City Council is trying to secretly make a Public Space Protection Order against live-aboard boaters in Oxford effectively removing them from the City. The Scrutiny Committee will be considering this at the Town Hall at 18.15 on 7-3-2015. Please come and show solidarity against this draconian plan.

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01-03-2016 22:04

I am a 42-year-old Christian with kidney failure - who has been gang stalked, abused and tortured by the UK government since 2007; and despite comppaints to government officials, my illegal, abhorent and atrocious treatment had continued till date.

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Philippines: Bongbong Marcos is a false prophet of unity

23-02-2016 11:00

Akbayan PartyList today countered Senator Bongbong Marcos’s calls to elect politicians who will push for unity, saying the ambitious scion of the dictator does not fit the quality he endorses.

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Citizens of Gujarat Write to President of India on JNU

20-02-2016 08:26

From 9th February to present day a state of anarchy tantamounting to fascist onslaught is terrorising the whole nation of India.

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SHANIA TWAIN LAW @slatukip #ANTIFA @exposingbf @siegfails @JLRFB @misscheeky666

19-02-2016 13:31

Just as you think the stupidest of racists cannot get any thicker, along pops a racist and homophobic Christian member of psychotic neo-Nazi internet cult #bluehand, who cannot even spell the word Christian, ranting about his fear of something he calls "Shania Law", which is run by "Islams". His profile is not a spoof, but sadly is for real. Yes, we have serious idiots living among us, bozos who support Britain First, of all people. What a surprise.

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UG#729 - The Dynamics of Deep State Capture (The SEC, Bear Stearns,Gary Aguirre)

18-02-2016 13:21

This week, we examine the topic of regulatory capture in the US financial sector. We hear of some smoking guns which are hidden in plain sight - the blindingly obvious leads not properly investigated by the SEC, the FBI, the US Justice Department or any agency of the US government. Our main presentation is a 90 minute piece from lawyer and SEC whistleblower Gary Aguirre is introduced by an outline of the take down of Bear Stearns from - which although produced in 2009 has enduring relevance for anyone seeking to better understand the importance of the Deep State in the Financial 'Crisis'.

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#PEGIDA BUCKET FANNIES @siegfails #ANTIFA @slatukip @misscheeky666 @JLRFB

06-02-2016 14:16

Tommy Tit found a use for the posh Tory-Boy Kippers attending his demos......

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: #PEGIDA BLOODY MAYHEM @slatukip @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @siegfails

04-02-2016 13:02

Pegida's neo-Nazi goosestep from Birmingham International Airport Train Station to an industrial car park is not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish. And we are not talking about confrontations between ANTIFA and the fascists. Serious bad blood remains between many EDL members and Tommy "Tit" Robinson, with Stephen Yaxley Lennon accused by many detractors, with good reason, of grassing up the rank and file to the police. Non more so than when a large number of Birmingham EDL rioters were caged - Tommy apparently was on the phone for a week to officers investigating these crimes, once the photographic evidence was released. Nothing is left to the imagination with Tommy Tit - and one of his most offensive lies was when he headbutted a ex-military dissident in Blackburn who publicly accused him of being an informant, later pretending he viciously assaulted him because he was "a nazi". Lots of ex-EDL members are promising to turn up demanding answers from Tommy, whom they firmly believe to be an agent of the state.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA: TOMMY WHITE SUPREMACY @slatukip @misscheeky666 @JLRFB @siegfails

03-02-2016 20:05

Tommy Tweets White Supremacist Video
Well versed by Helen Gower Pam Geller and Robert Spencer, Stephen Yaxley Lennon was told to steer clear of white supremacism, however from time to time, Tommy blatantly lets the mantle slip by publicising anti-Semitic white supremacist conspiracy theory YouTube videos, blaming Jews and supposed "anti-whites" for "causing immigration". See the extremely damning captured screenshot. Just in-case people are wondering whether this was a once-off, some weeks later (late November), a friend of Tommy's warned him about tweeting any more white supremacist material, more than aware that antifascist opponents could discover Tommy Robinson's real beliefs.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA TEAM TOMMY @slatukip @JLRFB @signfails @bikeyjezmo @misscheeky666

01-02-2016 19:36

Neo-Nazi group Pegida tried to sanitise their extreme racism, however a simple search for old tweets comes up with all the proof you need to show that Tommy Robinson's inner circle of friends include hardcore white supremacists who loathe black people. Stephen Yaxley Lennon's Australian cheerleader "Ozz Sue" AKA Team Tommy", who repeatedly champions Tommy's Pegida UK and his Birmingham demo, is exposed by her own past tweets as a sickening white supremacist who regularly posts KKK-style anti-black captions online. Tommy Robinson is more than happy to use this white power nut to promote his Islamophobic organisation on Twitter. Black Brummies - you know the score.

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ALERTA #ANTIFA TOMMY GOES FULL HITLER @slatukip @JLRFB @misscheeky666 @siegfails

01-02-2016 17:30

Having pretended to moderate his views, former EDL leader and BNP member, Pegida UK Fuhrer Stephen Yaxley Lennon has virtually copied Adolf Hitler rants about removing Jews from Europe in the 1930s, this time targeting Muslims. The sickening tweet the scumbag made last night promises to get rid of all Muslim males from Europe, in a chilling echo of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies, which were actioned, as we all know, by Kristallnacht, forced ghettoisation, and finally the Holocaust. Whilst Tommy is a rabble-rousing white supremacist windbag who has very little chance of ever gaining electoral power despite his obvious hopes with a Pegida UK link-up with UKIP sometime in the future (whilst Farage refuses to proscribe the neo-nazi organisation) chillingly extremist comments like his, (see the screenshot) provide all the ammunition to enpower the violent criminal fascist rampages that happened in Stockholm and Leipzig. MILITANT ANTIFA - BE THERE!!!

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NF HITLER SALUTES #NAZIS #ANTIFA @siegfails @misscheeky666 @ant1fane @JLRFB #edl

31-01-2016 14:43

In the same week that billions of people worldwide commemorated the Holocaust, vile horrific neo-Nazi NWI and NF thugs turned up in Dover to salute history's worst ever mass murderer, Adolf Hitler. Whilst the BBC and Sky News liked to call them far right protestors, they were the furthest right as you could possibly get - supporters of anti-Semitic genocide. Such pictures were not broadcast by the main news channels who preferred to describe the disgusting national socialists as "anti-refugee campaigners". Shame on he media for going soft on Nazi hate, and failing to spot the hardcore neo-Nazi regalia, including triple cross NF flags, Combat 18 flags and the dozens of Hitler salutes that happened throughout the day. Playing up to the David Cameron / Theresa May narrative that immigration is a "bad thing" is bad in itself, but failing to spot Nazis as being Nazis, shows a distinct lack of understanding, sacrificing history and common decency to facilitate a rightwing political agenda. Ordinary people were not out demonstrating against refugees in Dover. National Socialist thugs were!

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HUMAN RIGHTS violation by a group of Poles in London

31-01-2016 01:15

I have become a victim of psychological and physical torture while living in London. My persecution is being done by an organised, technologically advanced group of people, claiming to be Polish Special Services
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