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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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London Solidarity Protest Against G8 Repression

14-05-2007 11:53

protesters standing on the pavement by the Kempinski hotel

About 50 people gathered at the Kempinski Hotel in London on Friday, 11 May, to show their solidarity with the victims of the G8 raids in Germany last week, and to express their opposition to the G8, capitalism and all that [call]. Kempinski is the hotel group hosting the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, next month.

The Met had 'designated' a pen on the opposite side of the street, but protesters refused to be penned in and stayed by the hotel, without entirely blocking the pavement. Some leaflets were given out and not much more happened.. well, apart from the FIT struggling to get good shots of people's faces.

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News and views about post-electoral unrest in France and resistance

13-05-2007 22:36

No Saucepan demos in each neighbourhoods and no “reclaim the streets with the kids, grandma and grandpa”. Not yet but a sweet, lovely wind of may is blowing, flowers of small acts, liberation of words, desires, Life, speeches and exchange, arguments and passion, reason and organization, solidarity and networking, exchange and rebellion.

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"Bollocks 2 Blair" needs to be clearly defined... please help!

13-05-2007 18:12

I have been reading up on "bollocks" and have found a variety of meanings and usages.

Back in the day, around 1000 A.D., it gave reference to a small ball. Later on, in the 18th century, it referred to a priest and cuz priests talk such shite, it gave further reference to the shite that priests spoke - bollocks... and the meaning of the word continued to grow to testicles and beyond...

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"It Takes an Enormous Amount of Courage to Speak the Truth When No One Else is O

13-05-2007 00:32

World-Renowned Holocaust, Israel Scholars Defend DePaul Professor Norman Finkelstein as He Defends Himself Against Libel & Fights for Tenure.

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Michael Moore,U.S.Treasury Dept.,SWIFT Brussels,Cerberus,Bawag Bank,Cuba

12-05-2007 21:01

When I informed SRA International as well as their 'spinoff' Mantas AML or anti-money laundering software had failed to stop massive illegal pump and dump account of Endovasc and even the SEC said Mantas' client Charles Schwab ran pump and dump frauds of U.S. penny stocks in collusion with Vfinance of Democratic Congressman Tim Mahoney and LOM or Lines Overseas Management of Bermuda and that the Treasury's own 'IT' or internet technology provider and developer of Mantas AML had allowed their own shares to by promoted and manipulated by a Kuala Lumpur and Dubai connected boiler room called Bellador Group,I was met with silence and both Christopher Cox's corrupt SEC and John Snow's and now Henry Paulson continue in cover up mode.Why ?

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National Day of Action in Defence of Asylum Rights, May 19 - Manchester Event!

12-05-2007 19:23

Nation Day of Action - Manchester Leaflet!
Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) have called a National Day of Action in Defence of Asylum Rights on Saturday 19th May.

In Manchester, the North West Asylum Seekers Defence Group are supporting that call!

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Solidarity Protest at the German Consulate in Edinburgh

12-05-2007 13:09

About 20 -30 people participated at the solidarity protest against the G8 related police raids in Germany from Wednesday 9th of May.

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Protest against G8 Repression

12-05-2007 12:45

Huge raids were carried out in Germany on the morning of Friday, 9 May. In response people gathered outside the Kempinski Hotel in London, part of the hotel chain hosting this year's G8, to show their solidarity.

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Please Take 5 Minutes To Help A Prisoner

12-05-2007 12:18

Long-term prison resister John Bowden is currently being victmised for his politics and for his links to the Anarchist Black Cross.

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Solidarity Action (G8) at Kempinski London

11-05-2007 19:54

Police Allready There
Around 50 people gathered at the Kempinski Hotel in London tonight to show solidarity with the victims of the wave of repression against G8 activists in Germany.

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!! G 8 BREAKING NEWS !! police declares protest march on june 7th illegal

11-05-2007 12:24

Incredible! As reported today on indymedia Germany a spokesman of the Einsatzleitung of the police declared the planned international anti-G 8 protest march in Rostock on june the 7th for illegal and forbidden!

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Arrests in Barcelona against the squatter movement

11-05-2007 03:56

On 23 April, 2007, Javier Mazas and Peter Gelderloos were arrested during the police response to a small demonstration organized by the Assamblea de la Okupacion (Squatters Assembly) on La Rambla, in Barcelona.

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Germany: Raids against G8 opponents

10-05-2007 21:37

"Operation aimless" by Federal Supreme Court prosecutors triggers even more mobilization capacity for G8 protests

Press release by the persons concerned

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Advice for Hessle's party victims.

10-05-2007 17:19

It has come to our attention that the police are collaring various individuals the consider to be part of the 'riot' in Hyde Park last weekend. This is a cynical attempt by West Yorkshire constabulary to protect themselves against charges of brutality. By making arrests they are seeking to justify their over-the-top actions and win better publicity for themselves in the face of videos being released onto the internet showing their actions for just what they are.

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No G8 Demonstratio in Vienna: Stop the Raids!

10-05-2007 16:11

On May 10, 2007 a spontaneous demonstration took place in Vienna, Austria. Some 150 people met around 4pm at Schwarzenbergplatz and marched to the nearby German Ambessay to protest against the repression against the anti-g8 movement in Germany and the eviction of the Köpi, a squatted autonomous center in Berlin.

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SO36 statement regarding yesterday's raids

10-05-2007 15:48

Among others, the Berlin-based group SO36, a "provider of Internet services for activists" such as email addresses, mailing lists and hosting of websites, was raided yesterday morning. Here's a translation of their statement published on

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S.O.S. ... - - - ... R.S.V.P. Friday 10:00 a.m. Horseferry Road

10-05-2007 13:33

Please attend this court hearing so as to ensure my personal safety and so justice may be claerly seen to be done.

It took a lot of effort on my part to secure this listing which despite wonderful help from those who slog in the chaos that is the offices whithin COWMC, justice certainly wasn't easily accessible.

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Top eight reasons for U.S. led Iraq occupation

10-05-2007 13:26

It’s spring of 2007, four years deep into Iraq occupation .Here’s a mature top 8 reasons that combined to trigger this invasion/occupation of what used to be the sovereign nation of Iraq.

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Defend Halima and Bailey Jr. - Tuesday, 15 May 2007, 9.00am

10-05-2007 12:49

Defend Halima and Bailey Jr!
On 15 May, Hamila and Bailey Jr. have an appeal hearing at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (AIT) on Mosley Street, Manchester.

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German Consulate Attacked!the messanger

10-05-2007 12:04

Copied from Indymedia Scotland:

As a show of solidarity with the victims of police repression in Germany, the German Consulate in Edinburgh has been redecorated in lovely yellow.
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