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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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01-03-2015 14:52

Violent former football hooligan Jeff Marsh has linked up with his Rangers loving hooligan friends in the SDL to deliver Pegida Scotland, organised by Casuals United's "Pie And Mash Squad" (5 words), a sectarian version of the neo-nazi-crammed Pegida UK which failed to win support in Newcastle. Expect anti-Catholic chants alongside anti-Muslim and plenty of Hitler saluting.

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Operation GRhone and the Badger hunt

20-02-2015 19:39

Repost of our article about police repression in Bristol, and our response...


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Benjamin Netanyahu is an Existential Threat to Too Much of the World: And now he

15-02-2015 21:58

We Americans (conditioned in the Hebrew tradition) have learned to see enemies in Biblical terms as one-sidedly evil as Satan. It takes a mass media of some very sophisticated accomplishment to continually portray people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, several Middle Eastern leaders as Satan. One needs to be somewhat steeped in the Biblical Literature to create such black and white conclusions. This is one legacy the Bible has bequeathed to modern politics—the absolutism of naming enemy in terms of good versus absolute evil. Israel plays a master game of such portrayal of their supposed enemies. The current leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad is the new version of Zionist Satan, but even this casting of totally evil Muslim figure is not good enough—we have a new entity that does the most obviously sensational sins—behead journalists and engage in egregious forms of violation—the ISIS/ ISIL phenomenon that America magically armed and some claim even trained (see in alternative media) and magically uses to create even more authoritarian war powers to an already criminal torture state that Barack Obama has no power to quell.

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UG#703 - Dispatches from Weimar America (Surveillance & Unchecked Power in USA)

30-01-2015 13:04

This week, a range of speakers contribute complimentary perspectives on life in modern USA. We examine the methods, history, purposes and trace the implications of the mass surveillance state and its accompanying machinery of social domination by perpetuating fear among the US citizenry. How to respond to an amoral government which appears set on establishing a totalitarian state, or of destroying society in the effort?

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Leadership Issues at ITUC Continue

29-01-2015 13:39

ITUC and ILO employee describes double standards at ITUC and ILO. The leadership of these organizations are accused of putting their own interests before those of the workers that they are supposed to help. The ex employee is especially critical of Sharan Burrow.

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ALERTA ANTIFA - PEGIDA NAZIS INVADE NEWCASTLE ON 28/02/15 @edlnews @slatfascists

29-01-2015 11:01

EDLers, BNPers and Britain Firsters will be goostepping around Newcastle on Saturday the 28th of February from midday onwards, under the Pegida UK (PUK) flag of convenience. PUK's facebook administrators describe this as a "warm-up in a place of support" before moving onto London and Birmingham which they call "enemy territory", hoovering up hardcore nazis as their own.

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The Missing and Missing Still – Mining, Renaturation, Implications

19-01-2015 21:32

The Moon is kind of a cosmic climate recording that the Earth does not provide, because our atmosphere swallows most of it. But no material wind has ever blown the crust of the Moon, making the craters of meteorite impacts a historical record of activity measurements. Paralleling the era of temperature recordings for climate prognosis, the full planet has however experienced a similar phenomenon: Mining, most but not all of it for energy consumption, has left an unequivocal writing on it that can be read even by the futurologically blind. Millions of mines small to mega-large overwhelmingly inflicted during the energy boom generations leave a lasting message of the carelessness of this finite era in the face of these to come. Renaturation can only make them former mines – of everything from millstones to uranium – but not natural landscape. Neither are they reasonably filled up with debris to restore the destroyed surface. It is not merely the mortal sins like mountaintop removal or the “fossil trinity” of oil, coal and gas making up for the lion´s share of exploitation, but a general carelessness for the whispering of the “Mother of all Nightmares” in the sky which quite obviously is warning against the temptation to leave the ground beneath the feet in similar condition. This is the same species that speculates about the construction of planetary meteorite shields – not only with war ravaging the planet making any such shield a classical antiquity “wonder of the world”, but also with the contradictory intent of leaving something very similar to the impact it is allegedly meant to avoid.

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On suppression of truth during Pope’s visit and challenges to the Filipino relig

19-01-2015 09:24

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino people in condemning the Aquino regime for suppressing the truth and covering up the realities of poverty and oppression during the course of Roman Catholic patriarch Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines on January 15-19.

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18-01-2015 16:54

Since being released from gaol, Tommy Robinson AKA Stephen Yaxley Lennon has trekked across to Germany to learn from anti-immigrant fascists Pegida, his intention to clean up his beloved EDL to appeal to ageing middle class Hooray Henry's who associate Henley with Regatta snobbery rather than crappy shirts and jeans.

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Rep. Governor Jindal due to spread #FoxNewsFacts lies in speech in London

17-01-2015 16:22

USA Today article about bringing division to the UK
Republican Governor and "potential presidential candidate" Bobby Jindal is due to give a 'lecture' on Monday at the House of Commons in which USA media reports that he will "reiterate the disputed claim that Muslim immigrants have created "no-go zones" in Europe".

Such statements take us back to Enoch Powell politics and are naive and ill-judged prejudice at best, and deliberately reactionary, divisive and inflammatory at worst.

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Je ne suis pas Charlie!

13-01-2015 20:59

“Je ne suis pas Charlie – I am not Charlie!” That is the defiant note being sounded by anarchists in France in the face of the sickening wave of nationalistic reaction sparked by the Charlie Hebdo killings.

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23/24 January: 2nd Manning Truthfest in west Wales

09-01-2015 21:24

Remember the Manning Truthfest in January 2014? Well, it's back!

A troupe of Irish musicians, actors and activists supported by Afri will travel across the Irish sea to Pembrokeshire on 23rd January for a solidarity weekend for Chelsea Manning and her Welsh-Irish family.

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Squat Eviction in Mexico City - Chanti Ollin

09-01-2015 01:04

solidarity banner drop in chiapas
Early morning of 7th January, Chanti Ollin was evicted violently by police.
But the resistance continues..

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Obstacles to Solidarity: The Age of Anxiety

08-01-2015 19:44

Continuing his examination of the decline of radical activism, Mikhail Goldman explores the theory that we are all very anxious. Precarious employment, continuous surveillance and the threat of sanctions under modern capitalism paralyse us and make us more alone than ever. We need to recognise and fight these obstacles to solidarity.

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Solidarity demonstration Brixton Prison New Year’s Eve 2014-15

03-01-2015 12:31

No Justice No Peace
Solidarity demonstration Brixton Prison New Year’s Eve 2014-15


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My view on the `Honours System`

02-01-2015 01:48

`The UK Honours system recognises people of outstanding merit and those who have committed themselves to service to the nation. It's been around for centuries, but it was a closed system for many years. Only since 1993 has everybody been free to nominate. ` Thus mass murderers oops International Statesmen like Henry Kissinger are likely to receive an award as he did in 1995.

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VIDEO: Anarchist Riot Greetings from Greece for 2015 [Jingle Bells]

01-01-2015 18:45

VIDEO: Anarchist Riot Greetings from Greece for 2015 [Jingle Bells version]

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The Royal Family—32 reasons why they must be required to answer police questions

30-12-2014 23:25

32 reasons why Mrs and Mr Windsor, Andrew, and Charles, must be compelled to answer police questions for the UK's Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

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In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War

25-12-2014 17:24

Text “In Rojava: People’s War is not Class War”, which you can read below, represents a contribution of “Internationalist Communist Tendency” (ICT) to a debate that has been taking place in certain circles claiming “anti-capitalist struggle” since several weeks. The central points of this discussion are current events in Western Kurdistan, Rojava.

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Rebellions In North America

19-12-2014 18:53

Around the world, the class struggle, the struggle against state is a struggle against the policial state and his terror: the killing of Rémy Fraisse in France, the attack and torture against Nikos Romanos in Greece, and the recent/preventive actions against anarchists in Catalonia, and the attack on Westfield demonstrators in London. Until today's accounting, there are incidents of riots and social protests in at least 21 countries since the beginning of November.
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