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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Made in Cumbria - now funded by the nuclear and arms industry

24-02-2010 10:48

Made in Cumbria members learnt on Monday by email that they will be funded
wholly by the nuclear and the arms trade industry. Made in Cumbria was
established in 1989 as an economic development initiative by Cumbria
County Council to promote the sales of crafts, gifts and local foods.

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Would You Kill For Pot?

23-02-2010 23:22

Pickets against death penalty for drug offenses (including cannabis) in Malaysia: London Paris Vienna, THURSDAY 4 MARCH 2010, 1 PM: For an end to the death penalty for drug offenses in Malaysia and elsewhere.

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"Fumble For The Fatherland", Boxing's Fascist Fight Night

23-02-2010 16:57

The sport of legends Muhammad Ali and Amir Khan, is being hijacked this weekend at the world-famous Caesars Nightclub venue at Streatham in South London. This coming Sunday, the 28th February 2010, a team of eight fascist-friendly semi-professional English boxers will supporting the neo-Nazi EDL, entering a boxing ring displaying EDL logo shorts and flags for an official EBC prizefighter contest.

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The 'Butchers Apron' ~  aka the 'Union Jack'

23-02-2010 07:32

The 'Butchers Apron'
The vast majority of people who make it to the UK, seeking asylum come from former British Colonies. Countries that the UK plundered of natural resources and when forced to depart, left most of the countries in political turmoil the ramifications of which still bedevil these countries today. It is vital that we emphasize this when discussing immigration and asylum

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Mossad’s Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues

22-02-2010 18:18

Mossad death squads operate directly under the Israeli Prime Minister (who personally approved the recent murder).The vast majority of Israelis proudly support these assassinations, especially when the killers escape detection and capture. The unfettered operation of foreign state-sponsored death squads, carrying out extra-judicial assassinations with impunity, is a serious threat to every critic, writer, political leader and civic activist who dares to criticize Israel.

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Never Mind the B*****s?

22-02-2010 18:00

I have been further arrested on two separate occasions for public expression of "bollocks" and "blair". Both cases were dropped on the date of trial under somewhat convenient circumstances, the CPS offering no evidence. The first case was dropped the week the Sex Pistols released their 3oth anniversay edition of the album "Never Mind the Bollocks - Here's the Sex Pistols". The second case was to be attended by Lady mary Warnock, picking up the torch of common sense from Professor Kingsley and QC John Mortimer who valiantly defended our right to use that Saxon Age old word of bollocks.

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Animal Protection Party shops thrive in spite of police clampdown on SHAC stalls

22-02-2010 05:39

The Animal Protection Party have opened another shop, which they say have "gone from strenght to strength" in spite of the massive police clampdown on fundraising stalls for AR groups like SHAC. After the police raids on SHAC they claimed that SHAC had raised £1 million through street stalls & closed down the SHAC [which they said were ALF] stalls. The APP shops however stay open.

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“Knife arch” for Piccadilly Gardens

21-02-2010 17:32

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have today erected a temporary “knife arch”, consisting of a metal detector and sniffer dogs, in Piccadilly Gardens for pedestrians to walk through.

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end childslavery by the Dutch!

21-02-2010 12:37

Childslavery by the Dutch. Children as young as 6 are taken from their parents without any reason and rented out to work in France and Germany and European ministers do NOTHING! Children work up to 18 hours a day or they will get no food.

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BP workers on strike in Colombia

21-02-2010 05:25

Workers for BP in the department of Casanare, Colombia have been protesting, demanding that the oil multinational improves labour conditions, since 23 January.

“We earn $30,000 (£9), this is what we were paid in 2004. Everything has gone up in price. Our salary is the only thing that hasn't increased. After paying food and bills we are left with nothing in the pocket while BP earms millions from Casanare oil. Us poor people need respect too as we are humans, just the same as rich people. And a dignified salary is part of this respect.”

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Further Unjust Sentences for Gaza Protestors - Friday 19th February

20-02-2010 14:58

All the young men sentenced at Isleworth County Court yesterday afternoon for Violent Disorder during Gaza protests started harsh stints behind bars last night...

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Rough Music #23 Out Now

20-02-2010 10:43

Yer Dirt Digging, Muck-Raking Rag (Feb/March) - Out Now on the streets of Brighton...

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Camden Animal Lab campaign residents "We are up against heavies".

19-02-2010 20:31

There are plans to build a high level [3+] virus contianment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden Council house estate alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library. Residents have been campaigning against the lab plans. Some have said that "we are up against heavies" and others have spoken of "dirty tactics" by those who are in support of the lab plans including aggression.

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Frankfurt(GER)/Calais: Protests in Front of french consulate

19-02-2010 20:30

As a reaction towards the Hangar-Raids the ongoing repression against migrants and activists in the french Harbour City of Calais almost 30 people gathered this morning in Frankfurt/Main [Germany] to protest and demonstrate transnational solidarity in front of the french consulate.

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No ID, No Freedom. People sent home Without ID

19-02-2010 15:01

Police in Wakefield checked 900 ID card, anyone found out in public with NO ID was ordered to go home and not use the streets of Wakefield

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Gaza Protests: Harsh Sentences Likely To Deter Lawful Protest

18-02-2010 22:52

outside the embassy
Harsh sentences delivered
On Friday morning last week the waiting room inside Isleworth Crown Court started to fill with some of the protesters who had taken part in the London-Gaza protests in January last year. They were there to be sentenced for their role in those protests. The defendants had all pleaded guilty to charges of violent disorder, some because of pressure from their lawyers, others as part of a plea bargain and in fear of a heavier sentence if they stuck to their original "not guilty" pleas. Also present were family members and friends who had come to lend their moral support. The atmosphere was one of tense, nervous anticipation. Most of the defendants had been told that they could expect to be sentenced to community service, which is what the author of the pre-sentence reports had recommended. Others expected a custodial sentence but, in light of their early "guilty" plea and other mitigating factors in their favour, a relatively short one.

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Stop The Stevenage GSK/Wellcome Trust/Mandelson Animal Torture Park

18-02-2010 18:59

Plans were unveiled in October 2009, that's FIVE MONTHS AGO, to build a new animal testing lab park in Stevenage. They plan to open the project, fully built in 2011. This should be opposed with a National campaign. We want to know what is being done to stop this animal lab science park. Is anything being done? We are aware that Brendan co ordinates UK Animal Rights / ARC. What will be done?

Full article | 16 comments

Call out to Brendan / London Animal Rights and Bedford Animal Rights.

18-02-2010 18:48

In October 2009 plans were unvelied by the government, Glaxo Smith Kline, Wellcome Trust and Stevenage council for a new Stevenage Bio Sciences Park. This will of course contain new animal testing labs. The plans wee unvieled in October and have been met with SILENCE. Is there a campaign other then struggling local activists who do not want the lab? Will there be a national group?
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