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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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As for Zionism;

02-06-2010 06:38

“It depends on what you mean by Zionism. I was a Zionist activist in my youth. For me, Zionism meant opposition to a Jewish state. The Zionist movement did not come out officially in favor of a Jewish state until 1942. Before this it was merely the intent of the Zionist leadership. The Zionist movement for a long time stood against the establishment of a Jewish state because such a state would be discriminatory and racist.”

~ Noam Chomsky

‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.’

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Israel vows to attack next Flotilla boat - possibly tomorrow

01-06-2010 14:17

After the failure of the US/UK states to allow one single sanction against Israel, following the attack on the Flotilla boat yesterday, news is breaking that another two boats are already en route to Gaza.

The MV Rachel Corrie, which was held up in Malta due to technical problems is currently sailing towards Gaza with a crew of Irish and Malaysian activists in a bid to deliver its cargo of aid supplies to the besieged people of Gaza. It is expected to reach Gazan teritorial waters tomorrow, according to a spokeswoman for the Irish Palestine Solidarity Campaign said, quoted in the Irish times. However, Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the Free Gaza Movement said that the boat may not arrive until next week.

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Report and photos of demonstration for Gaza in Edinburgh on 31st May 2010

01-06-2010 13:43

A demonstration was held in Edinburgh against the Israeli attack on the flotilla to Gaza. 20 photos are included.

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800 Protest against Israel’s massacre on the high seas in Manchester

01-06-2010 12:23

Over 800 people gathered outside the BBC in Manchester in what was an angry and determined protest. Everyone gathered was outraged by the massacre committed by the Israeli military against aid workers bound for Gaza aboard a humanitarian flotilla organised by activists, MEP’s, trade unionists and journalists from across the world.

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Petition about the continuing internment of over 100,000 Tamils in Sri Lanka

01-06-2010 11:06

Petition about the continuing internment and human rights violations against over 100,000 Tamils in Sri Lanka.

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ISMer loses eye on West Bank flotilla demo

01-06-2010 03:11

Emily Henochowicz was shot directly in the face with a tear gas canister
21 year old American activist loses eye after being shot in face with tear gas canister

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Audio from the London Flotilla Demo 31.05.10

31-05-2010 23:44

The speeches at the Rally opposite Downing Street.

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Israeli strike on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza is part of a broader military agenda

31-05-2010 22:05

It should be understood that the raid on the Flotilla also coincided with NATO-Israel war games directed against Iran. According to the Sunday Times "three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline."

While these naval deployments were underway in the Persian Gulf, Israel was also involved in war games in the Mediterraean. The war game codenamed "MINOAS 2010" was carried out at a Greek air base in Souda Bay, on the island of Crete.

Also, in the wake of the decision directed against Israel's nuclear weapons under the auspices of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the White House reaffirmed not only its support to Israel, but also to Israel's nuclear weapons capabilities. The statement issued one day before the raid on the flotilla points to US support of "Israel's strategic and deterrence capabilities, which also include the launching of a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran.

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Global moment of silence - Friday, 12:00 GMT

31-05-2010 20:03

Our warmest condolances go out to the families who lost their loved ones today when the flotilla was attacked.

We propose a global moment of silence this Friday at noon Greenwich time to mourn our collective loss, and unify ourselves globally against ALL repression, no matter the place, language, "nationality", creed, gender, identity, etc., of the person who suffers repression.

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Gaza Solidarity in Nottingham

31-05-2010 18:05

Angered by Israel’s murder of unarmed civilians on board the Gaza flotilla carrying humanitarian aid, concerned residents and students from across Nottingham held a protest in the Market Square today.

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Cambridge protest against Israeli attack

31-05-2010 15:44

Over 40 people gathered in Cambridge Market square today in an emergency vigil, to protest against the Israeli attack on the aid flotilla. Israeli commandos boarded one of the humanitarian aid ships at dawn and killed over 10 people.

The vigil was called at very short notice, and coincided with the larger demo outside Isreali embassy in London. In Cambridge people gathered with peace signs as well as plackards with slogans such as "stop the occupation", and "end the blockade on Gaza". Leaflets were distributed with background on the occupation of Palestine, and activists chalked the news on the pavement.

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PHILIPPINES: Marcoses come close to full circle

31-05-2010 12:59

With three of them now holding elective posts – including one senator – the Marcoses have come close to full circle.

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Birmingham emergency protest for the 19 murdered flotilla peace activists

31-05-2010 12:40

MONDAY 31st May, 4pm outside Waterstones near the Bullring, for the victims of the murdered 19 peace activists, all victims of violence from the Israeli army.

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HOW TO piss off Nokia without leaving your chair

31-05-2010 12:06

The Nokia corporation just launched a new online marketing campaign. It is an alternate reality game named "Conspiracy for good".

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VIGIL(s) for GAZA in Southampton

31-05-2010 11:39

Gaza massacre of aid convoy dudes - meet up anywhere in Southampton and also at the Bargate. Stay awake whilst society slumbers even if it is a bank holiday monday - bank on yourself showing no - VIGIL.

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Israeli troops storm Gaza flotilla

31-05-2010 11:33

Just in case youtube decide to pull this video from AlJazeera.

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Locations of gaza demos today

31-05-2010 11:28

More demos seem to be being called every minute - please post them up here so people know where to go.

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BASTARDS! Gaza aid flotilla attacked by Israel! (by Latuff)

31-05-2010 05:42

I beg you all of you that make this tragedy circulate ad nauseam
through the Internet along my cartoon. People are free for reproducing
it on blogs, papers, magazines, TV, everywhere.

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Israel Attacks Palestine Flotilla, Wounded, Dead?

31-05-2010 04:25
Greek indymedia reports
at least two dead, from other media sources
Guardian corroborate "Two TV networks are reporting that Israeli warships have attacked the six ships carrying pro-Palestinian activists and aid for blockaded Gaza, killing at least two and wounding an unknown number of people on board."

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Good Bye, Strawberry Fair!

30-05-2010 16:43

See ya on the day!
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