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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Arrogance and greed of Tony Blair

14-08-2010 15:17

Tony Blair 'alleged' war Criminal
The arrogance and greed of Tony Blair beggars belief.

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Drill huggers stop Shell's drilling work

13-08-2010 18:33

Yesterday people from the local community of Pullathomas and Rossport and Solidarity campers lead by the rousing sound of a visiting bagpiper and drummer, returned to one of Shell's drilling rigs, gaining access at low tide across the exposed sand bars of Sruwaddacon bay. On arriving at the rig a number of people surrounded the drill casing and danced around it before forming a tight huddle to prevent any further work occurring. Meanwhile others held a large banner and occupied the area while children played in the sand.

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50,000 children killed in Catholic Indian residential schools.

12-08-2010 22:38

As part of "Protest the Pope" week a screening of the multi-award winning film "Unrepentant"
is scheduled for September 15th at Conway hall in London.

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The Plight of Ehsan Abdoh Tabrizi

12-08-2010 17:18

Durham University Student Imprisoned at Evin

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G20 Seoul: there will be a storm

12-08-2010 16:06

"The wind from above assumes its old forms of arrogance and haughtiness. The police and the Federal Army close ranks around money and corruption. The wind from below once again travels the ravines and valleys; it is beginning to blow strongly. There will be a storm..." -Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN

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Request for full investigation into ‘unseen’ major NZ tragedy and reply.

12-08-2010 12:37

NZ Human Rights Commission acknowledges our council's view that a major NZ tragedy which has occurred at the bottom of the social scale. Human rights omissions have resulted in mass social class discrimination after the State and bureaucracy have been modeling itself on the English class system. Many other States seem to becoming more rigidly top-down seriously curbing independence and 'unsafe' truths.

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Africa and Development

12-08-2010 10:49

There's plenty of discussion on how we should lift African countries out of poverty and debt. Yet it's rarely asked what the root causes of Africa's staggering poverty, and what is the role of white Westerners in it?

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The Pope is trying to get the convicted mass murderers in Chile released

12-08-2010 00:06

The Pope is trying to get the convicted mass murderers in Chile released. This fit with the long standing support by the Catholic Church for any and every fascist dictatorship from Hitler down.

Another reason so support the "Protest the Pope" demonstrations in London.

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Remember Rwanda when you "Protest the Pope"

10-08-2010 23:06

The Catholic Church instigated the genocide of 800,000 people in Rwanda and despite the International Court convictions of Priest and Nuns it went almost unnoticed. Draw attention to this crime when you join the "protest the Pope" demonstration in London.

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Felipe Calderón's war on drugs in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (by Latuff)

10-08-2010 20:05

Felipe Calderon's war on drugs in Ciudad Juarez
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff

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English Defence League plans against Camberly Mosque in Surrey.

10-08-2010 20:01

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic and racist organisation responsible for riots across the UK. They are organising against the plans for Camberly Mosque in Surrey. The reason? "It overlooks Sandhurst". The EDL say that they are against extremists such as MAC but have rioted against any town that has a Muslim community, and have attacked Muslims all across the UK.

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Tonino Libero! - you'll never walk alone.

10-08-2010 15:58

In Naples, Italy, the first of May the police allows a group of fascists to approach the yearly “labour day’s demonstration”. The fascists starts right away provoking and threatening.
The comrades react and push them away. One fascist takes refuge in a shop, a fight bursts and he gets out of the shop bloody and wounded.

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Guantánamo Bay: Military Tribunal for Child Soldier Starts Today

10-08-2010 12:34

copyright: RK Wolff
The first trial of a minor for war crimes in over 60 years starts today setting a dangerous international precedent. Accused of war crimes in Afghanistan aged 15, a young Canadian victim of the Afghanistan war and the war on terror today stands trial in a kangaroo court + demonstration in support + petition + Amnesty Canada trial blog

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BP: The unfinished crimes and plunder of Anglo-American imperialism

10-08-2010 08:10

In the light of British Petroleum’s grotesque crime, as yet unfinished, against humanity in the Gulf of Mexico it is well to recall briefly BP’s no less hideous crime perpetrated in its earlier incarnation as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) and its further name change to the Anglo Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) in 1936. At the century’s turn, William D’Arcy, financial tycoon and politician, pursuing the advice of his financial associate and empire builder Cecil Rhodes frantically began his quest for oil in the Persian Gulf.

Little did the masters of British imperialism realize that one of the most dazzling El Dorado’s in the long and tortured history of British imperialism would soon be born? Geo-politically it would have reverberations well beyond the region of the Persian Gulf. It was one of the most decisive steps in the march of imperial globalization, the speed-up the concentration of capital and the resulting imperialist rivalries.

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English Defence League plans to invade Al Quds Day in London September 4th.

09-08-2010 19:38

The racist & Islamophobic English Defence League are planning to invade Al Quds Day annual demonstration and march in London on September 4th. The English Defence League [EDL] are an Islamophobic, criminal organisation with links to organised racism. They have rioted in Stoke, Luton, Dudley, Bolton etc have placed pig's heads on Mosques and have pulled of Muslim women's clothing.

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Russia - in defence of Khimki forest and arrested antifascists - solidarity need

09-08-2010 14:42

At this moment, Russia's antifascist, anarchist and environmentalist movements
are in great need of international solidarity.

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Govanhill Political Policing (Pics)

09-08-2010 12:27

Strathclyde police are stepping up harassment against Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters in the Govanhill area of Glasgow. On Saturday 7 August the police once again intervened, seizing political material and cautioning and charging a supporter of FRFI for selling the newspaper. He is now the third FRFI supporter to be charged with this alleged offence following a similar attack on 13 July. These charges come at a time of increased harassment and threats of violence, including death threats emanating from local fascists and racists, who have also increased their attacks on FRFI in recent weeks in the area.

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No borders clip

08-08-2010 23:23

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