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UK Newswire Archive

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Call for Solidarity action at London's Czech Embassy. Friday 06/10/00 at 4:pm

04-10-2000 17:18

RTS: Call for solidarity action at London's Czech Embassy this Friday 6 October from 4:pm.

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Salon - Keeping an Eye on protesters

04-10-2000 16:38

An Aug. 1 FBI advisory to corporate security officials and police reads, "Based on the increasing priority that independent media centers appear to have received by protests and activists organizations after N30 [the November 30 demonstrations against the WTO], the coverage will likely attempt to record law enforcement operations, particularly during the marches, and even more so if physical response is used by local law enforcement."

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Caravan Launch at 10 Downing St (picture)

04-10-2000 13:15

Caravan Launch at 10 Downing St (picture)
On Thursday September 28, 157 black balloons were released opposite Downing Street, one to represent each death due to racist violence, death in police custody or immigration laws since the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993. The Caravan went on to Sheffield and Newcastle, next stops during October 6-9 are Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol and a solidarity meeting outside the London Park Hotel refugee hostel in London.

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UK Civil Rights Caravan Continues Campaigning Tour

04-10-2000 12:55

The UK Civil Rights Caravan continued its campaign against racism and racist attacks and for full rights for asylum seekers. On Sunday September 24, the Caravan visited the Unemployment Centre and participated in the S24 counter conference and demonstration against the Labour conference in Brighton.

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Prague : open letter to Vaclav havel against torture

04-10-2000 00:04

See title

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bbc 2 thursday night 9.50pm

03-10-2000 13:48


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Reflections on Prague

02-10-2000 13:37

An editorial collective has just been set up in London with the intention to produce a publication called "Reflections on Prague". This will follow the experience of the "Reflections on J18" publication produced after the the Global Day of Action on June 18 1999.

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Straw announces new measures

30-09-2000 19:05

on 28 sept, home office minister jack straw declared new provisions to stop a repeat of the recent fuel tax blockade. Without giving any details about the 'understanding' reached, he stood on a united platform with police, oil companies, and trades union leaders

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Exclusive: World Bank employee tells all!

30-09-2000 18:27

A Czech national working for the World Bank Group has explained how the international body recruited staff for the Prague summit and sheds some light on the secrecy within the powerful body itself. They also highlight the obsession the group has with maintaining PR with the outside world.

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Third Picket outside Czech Embassy in London. (English + Photo)

30-09-2000 18:10

Third Picket outside Czech Embassy in London. (English + Photo)
Friday 29/09/00 saw the third consecutive picket outside the Czech Embassy in London to demand the immediate release of all those arrested at the anti-IMF/WB protests in Prague. Activists in London blocked all four lanes of the road outside the Czech embassy until the police removed them. The protesters continued their picket for a further two hours.

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Solidarity actions with prisoners held in Prague

30-09-2000 18:10

Actions in solidarity with the activists detained in the Czech Republic after the anti-IMF demostrations have been held around Europe.
More on indymedia Praha

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Release from the first of those arrested in Prague

29-09-2000 23:47

Accounts of severe human rights abuse and political repression following mass random arrests in Prague. Call for prosecution of responsible agents and release of all political prisoners.

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London activist meets a representative of the Czech state

29-09-2000 20:07

At five o'clock Friday the 29th, an activist who had requested to talk to a representative of the Czech state was granted an interview with Vice Consul Milan Coupek inside the Czech embassy in Notting Hill - where a picket has been held for the last three days in response to reports of police brutality and torture of political activists in Czech prisons - who shut down the IMF/World Bank conference on Tuesday. A IMC UK reporter was also admitted to the interview.

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At last a sensible corporate media prague article (guardian)

29-09-2000 18:25

'Luddites' we should not ignore - article from The Guardian

Instead of vilifying the Prague protesters, we could learn from them

Full article | 18 comments website closed down on demand of the Financial Times

29-09-2000 14:22

The provider Easyspace has taken the content of the website off the web after lawyers of the Financial Times have complained about the website's content.

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British Embassy in the Czech Republic confirms 15 detained UK citizens

29-09-2000 14:19

A conversation was had this morning between IMC UK reporter Richard Malter and Nick Burns, the Vice Council in the British Embassy in the Czech Republic, just before 11am this morning Friday the 29th.

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Come all Friday S29 to the Czech embassy in London, 4pm.

29-09-2000 02:12

It started with few people, but it kept growing in numbers as people arriving from Praha were turning up directly from the buses. Police also turned up quite massively (4 or 5 vans) and they kept us at the other side of the road.

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Second Picket outside London's Czech embassy. Thurs 28/09/00 (Photo)

29-09-2000 01:19

Second Picket outside London's Czech embassy. Thurs 28/09/00 (Photo)
Thursday 28/09/00 saw another picket of the Czech Embassy in London in solidarity with the IMF/WB protests in Prague and for the immediate release of more than 800 activists currently in detention in the Czech capital. Five vans loaded with police acted quickly to prevent the protesters from occupying the pavement outside the embassy. An activist was arrested when we decided to leave.

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Second Picket outside London's Czech embassy. Thurs 28/09/00 (Video)

29-09-2000 00:45

Thursday 28/09/00 saw another picket of the Czech Embassy in London in solidarity with the IMF/WB protests in Prague and for the immediate release of more than 800 activists currently in detention in the Czech capital. Five vans loaded with police acted quickly to prevent the protesters from occupying the pavement outside the embassy. An activist was arrested when we decided to leave.
Watch the video (24 seconds)

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Activistas del estado español en libertad

28-09-2000 23:51

En la tarde de hoy, jueves 28 de septiembre de 2000, cerca de las 20h. han salido en libertad los/as activistas del Estado Español detenidos en Praga el martes en la manifestación contra el FMI y el BM
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