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UK Newswire Archive

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Fargate Speaker #12 out now

08-02-2010 12:12

In This Issue: More rises in bus fares, discontent in the fire service, continuing look at Sheffield’s radical history, film review and more ...

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Brighton Zine Festival

08-02-2010 11:46

Brighton Zine Festival 18TH-21ST February 2010

Zines,talks,food,music,unityand everything else that kicks!

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Sauce for Gander

08-02-2010 09:42

The US clobbered BAE for bribing American infected Saudis. How should they clobber Boeing for profiting from US Govt intercepts? How should the US Govt clobber itself?

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Bath Black Cat occupied social centre has new home!

08-02-2010 09:28

In addition to the story below, a Bath radical debating group is starting this week at the Black Cat, running on the 2nd Thursday of each month, this months topic is 'should we vote?'. Debate starts at 7pm

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Quantitative Easing, what it is and why it’s not working

08-02-2010 08:28

The Bank of England would like to stimulate the economy, but I don’t believe that is QE’s real purpose. What it was meant to do was to cover a UK debt hole that most people don’t understand but could push the economy into depression.

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84 + Women on Hunger Strike, behind the Wire @ Yarl's Wood IRC

08-02-2010 08:18

"Detention results from political decisions that represent a "hardening attitude towards irregular migrants and asylum seekers" (*PACE)

End the Detention of Foreign Nationals Now!

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Pianeta di Amore Planet of Love Planeta lásky 愛的行星 Planeet van Liefde Planet of

08-02-2010 02:24

Flag to plant on the Planet of Love
Radical performative global action: how 'bout a hug?

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EDL Bottles Out Of Bolton Nazi Brawl

08-02-2010 02:21

The excellent news for everybody who finds racism repulsive is that the neo-Nazi (in denial) cretins of the EDL have decided not to seik heil around Bolton after a customary visit to Wetherspoons. The street-fighters of the EDL had deliberately planned their riotous punch-up to coincide with a multi-faith gathering, hoping the gutter antics of their football hooligan masterrace would drive a wedge between Muslims and people of other religions setting community against community resulting in an increase in racial tension.

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Refugees/gay Rights. Stop the deportation to Burundi of Alvin Gahimbaze

08-02-2010 00:43

“His life will be in serious danger if he is deported back to Burundi due to the ethnic clashes and the serious institutional homophobia”. The human rights activists are appealing to the United Nations and the European Parliament to save this young man's life.

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More Zapatista Communities Face Eviction

08-02-2010 00:23

According to La Jornada eleven more communities are targetted for eviction.

These are Nuevo San Gregorio, Nuevo Salvador Allende, Nuevo San Pedro, 6 de Octubre, Poblado Laguna El Suspiro, Ojo de Agua el Progreso, San Jacinto Lacanjá, Nueva Galilea, Benito Juárez, Ojo de Agua La Pimienta and Chuncerro

On 22 January, some 120 indigenous people who had lived for 20 years in the villages of El Suspiro and Laguna San Pedro, in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve in the Lacandon jungle, were evicted by federal police, units of the Mexican army, and personnel from the office of Federal Prosecution for Environmental Protection (Profepa).

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International activists arrested in West Bank raid

07-02-2010 23:24

Israeli soldiers raided a Ramallah apartment around 3AM to arrest a Spanish and an Australian activist over expired visas in direct violation of the Oslo Accords.

At three in the morning, the Israeli army forcefully entered an apartment in the Area A city of Ramallah and arrested two activists from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) on suspicion of overstaying their visas. The two, Ariadna Jove Marti, a Spanish journalist, and Bridgette Chappell, an Australian student in the Beir Zeit university, were then taken to the Ofer military prison located inside the Occupied Territories, where they were handed over to the Israeli immigration police unit “Oz”.

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Afghan proverb (by Latuff)

07-02-2010 20:38

We have the TIME!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Protest French Consulate UK Tues 9th Feb : re : Violent police raid in Calais

07-02-2010 19:54

No Borders are a group who help desperate migrants and have rented a space in Calais that was being used to provide homeless migrants with a warm dry space to stay, food, drink, basic medical supplies, clothing and bedding etc. The French Police and UK Border / Immigration Police have smashed their way into the building via the windows and arrested almost everybody and continue to chase migrants through Calais. The migrants are fleeing political persecution, torture, rape, political imprisonment, starvation etc.

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nuclear power: human chain reaction 24/4/2010

07-02-2010 18:14

Friends of the earth and friends of the earth germany planning (BUND) on the 24/4/2010 a 120km long human chain of anti nuclear protesters between the 2 nuclear powerstations of Krümmel und Brunsbüttel.

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Police evict new No Borders/ SOS Sans Papiers space Calais

07-02-2010 17:12

Police force entry and arrest all those who were inside, who all had papers. Illegal eviction of space.

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Police raids new NoBorders space in Calais

07-02-2010 17:07

On Sunday afternoon french police has raided the new NoBorders space in Calais ( called the Kronstadt Hangar), all activists inside were brought to police stations.

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The Verdict is in...

07-02-2010 15:25

Order in court (well another court) Systemxchange Social Centre 1st March 2010 @ Wandsworth.

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'Herbal Essences Test on Animals!' Boots Invasion, Cambridge

07-02-2010 14:53

Campaigners hold a walk-in protest at Boots over its sale of Herbal Essences who test on animals, Cambridge, UK.

A video of the action can be found here:

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Uncovering The Rapid Rise & Growth Of Far-Right Radicalism In Russia

07-02-2010 14:22

A few days ago we posted an article regarding the rapid rise and growth of some of Russia's very own Neo-Nazi paramilitary groups. These groups have been responsible for hundreds of racially motivated attacks against immigrants and refugees, plus many more murders. They typically record these attacks/murders so that they can eventually be shown to brainwash and control young recruits.
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