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UK Newswire Archive

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Licence to kill?

06-12-2006 10:08

The Menezes family went to the High Court yesterday, in a further attempt to get justice for Jean Charles, who was gunned down in London by police on 22 July last year.

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International Human Rights Day in Brum this Sunday 10th December

06-12-2006 09:51

This Sunday 10th December is International Human Rights Day, there will be a protest rally in the city centre at 1.00pm outside Waterstones on High Street.

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Testimony of a detained Oaxaqueño

06-12-2006 03:29

November 9th, 2006 street protest camp in Santo Domingo ( burned down twice by paramilitaries last time and final on the nigth of the 25th ), Oaxaca City.luna.

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Report on beginning of Oaxaca Indigenous Peoples Forum

06-12-2006 02:36

Oaxaca Indygenous Peoples Forum Starts: here is a report. luna.

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Invitation:building support for action against climate change

06-12-2006 00:05

What can we do to support and encourage radical action against climate chaos?

One of the follow-up meetings after the climate camp focused on what we
can best do to support action taking place on climate change. There will be another in Manchester on Dec 14th.

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Sheffield Refugees get further police harrassment

05-12-2006 21:58

Cops arrive at Sheffield house in early morning and threaten violence after being refused entry. After community support arrives and several hours talking they leave promising to return with tools to breakdown the door. The threat turns out to be empty.

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UK Week Of Action For Oaxaca - 9th-17th December 06.

05-12-2006 20:30


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Save Chechnya

05-12-2006 20:08

The terrible condition of the Chechen people

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Demonstrate against the BNP’s racist rally: Dagenham

05-12-2006 19:59

Protest against the BNP
Saturday 9 December, 1pm assemble Central Park, Dagenham
Nearest tube: Dagenham Heathway
Supported by: Sertuc, GMB London, T&G London, CWU and Barking & Dagenham Alliance

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NARN Fur Tour Report

05-12-2006 19:54

A tour of demonstrations was held in Yorkshire, with noisy and visual protests outside prime shops stocking real fur. Local newspaper coverage was received and an interview about the fur trade with NARN aired on two local radio stations.

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Peace agreement, Olmert's style (by Latuff)

05-12-2006 18:45

Would you buy an used car from Olmert?
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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BNP leafletting in Deal and Dover, Kent UK

05-12-2006 17:50

According to 3 local district councillors, the British National Party have been leafletting the following areas in the very recent past: Deal, the village of Whitfield (near Dover) and the Tower Hamlets area of Dover.

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Blair's legacy: Trident renewal. Blockade Aldermaston!

05-12-2006 16:21

AWE Aldermaston: activists call for a stop to building work as government publishes White Paper outlining Trident renewal plans

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Letter from Jeff "Free" Luers, Political Prisoner, Dec 1

05-12-2006 16:18

On 3 December 2006 there was an International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners that involved people from countries around the world. In Palestine, the Philippines, Haiti, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, England, India, and the U.S. people marked December 3rd with rallies, marches, and other forms of resistance.

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Climate chaos and aviation: giant issue -> giant letter

05-12-2006 15:13

Yesterday climate activists from Southwest Climate Action smartly stormed North Somerset Environment and Planning Offices to protest against the planned expansion of Bristol International Airport.

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Boycott Bulgaria, Boycott Sofia

05-12-2006 15:06

Can't go without mention it again, but in a few weeks time Bulgaria will become a full EU member and will have to comply with the European Commission's Regulation No.998/2003. The missing legal pet control is replaced by criminal collection and abuse of the great number of healthy animals.

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APPO comunique:Flavio Sosa's Arrest and the state's systematic cleansing

05-12-2006 15:05

APPO comunique:Flavio Sosa's Arrest and the state's systematic cleansing of d social movement
APPO them against us. they have armies, repression, terror we have unity, organisation, solidarity and hope. Movilise!

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Official notice of the APPO

05-12-2006 14:35

We greeted with joy the initiative of the EZLN

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Colourful NHS staff protest manchester: Tuesday 5th December,

05-12-2006 14:16

people in the N/W may want to support this, (although Karen Reisemann is in the SWP) perhaps cheering it from the pavements.

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Kurdish family snatched and face deportation 06/11/06: TCAR Mobilises on Tyneside

05-12-2006 12:38

On Tuesday 5 December around 25 refugees and local people living in Newcastle gathered outside Government Offices North East to say: ‘Immigration is no crime, End detention! Deportation is the crime, Lock up Labour!’. This comes in the wake of a week of protests inside Britain’s immigration detention centres, and follows the detention of a Kurdish asylum seeking family at their home in Fenham in the early hours of Monday morning, with the intention to deport them to Turkey on Turkish Airlines flight TK1980, leaving Heathrow at 11.45am this Wednesday. (this is the same flight booked for Hassan from Unity in Glasgow - Tyneside Community Action for Refugees took to the streets Tuesday morning to protest against all immigration detention, and to demand the immediate release of Hidayet Ozdemir, his pregnant wife Hatin and their two children, 12 year old Denniz and 7 year old Guseren.
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