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UK Newswire Archive

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Climate Chaos - it's not too late. Meeting in Oxford

17-04-2006 18:28

Public Meeting on climate chaos and radical options for stopping it:
Friends' Meeting house, St. Giles, Oxford
7.30 Wednesday 26th April

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Pics from European Alternative Resistance Sound System Parade Demo

17-04-2006 16:58

EAR Sound System Parade
Some collected pics from the Strasbourg european anti-repression demo held on saturday 15th april.

The demo was against the repression against free parties, festivals and squats - and in particular last summer's brutal attack by czech riot police against the Czechtek tekno festival.

Up to 3000 people attended the demo, including some from the uk.

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Irish Anarchists Clash With Police During 1916 Commemoration

17-04-2006 12:40

While the Irish state held it's first military parade in over 36 years in rememberance of the 1916 insurrection against British rule a group of 60 Anarchists marched on a military base just outside dublin.

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Refugee Rights Protest Hits Kirribilli House

17-04-2006 07:42

Kirribili Protest
Upon arrival at Kirribilli house the police used force to push everyone off the street onto the footpath. With the few hundred people protesting it made it cramped and uncomfortable. Loud and passionate speeches took place from various people from activist groups, religous leaders and media personalities. The action ended with some street theatre from Perth activists.

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London Mayday weekeend

17-04-2006 06:21


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Anti-War, Pro-Whale - actions this week

17-04-2006 00:55

This is a reminder of an earlier call for action, in support of the Dutch group Disarm ! ( Ontwapen ! ). There is an international arms fair being held in the Nederlands this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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16-04-2006 17:48

There will be a Critical Mass bike ride around Cambridge on Saturday 29th of April. Meet on Parkers Piece, opposite the Fire Station @ 11am.

Bikes and other non-polluting forms of transport are very welcome.

Those without human powered transport might want to join the "Defend Public Services Demonstration" that is meeting in the same spot at noon.

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16-04-2006 16:46

Amongst the peaceful action at Kirribilli House in Sydney today, six Perth refugee rights advocates have staged a demonstration against John Howard's blatant violations of the UN convention on refugees. Over-zealous police pushed the group onto the footpath, confiscated their signage and video-taped the protest...

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Prisoner Solidarity - EVENT - Mexico-London TONIGHT 16th@LARC

16-04-2006 12:57

freedom for all political prisoners
In preparation to Alejandro Cerezo and the Comite Cerezo's Tour of the UK and 'the old continent', we are organising an event at LARC on sunday 16th. from 7 pm well be cooking and dishing out mexican food and so on. At around 7:30, the screening of "Seguir Siendo Cerezo' will start. discuss, eat, drink...

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Stop extradition of sick prisoner to Spain!

16-04-2006 10:58

n July 2005 the Spanish anarchist Roberto Catrino López was arrested in Amsterdam after he had escaped from the notorious FIES regime in Zaragoza, Spain a few months before. From fear for being handed over to the Spanish state, Roberto has chosen to stay silent about his captivity in The Netherlands until today. However, the Department for Justice in Spain has tracked this comrade down and has requested for his extradition this week. Roberto that infect is with HIV want however under no circumstances to return to the hard reality of solitary confinement and abuse under the FIES regime.

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Is Iran a threat to world? (by Latuff)

16-04-2006 01:27

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Haslar detainees on hungerstrike

15-04-2006 22:49

More than 80 detainees in Haslar immigration detention centre have refused dinner this evening in protest againts arbitrary detention, in solidariety with the detainees in Colnbrook. They are also protesting about the conditions in the centre.
People of all nationalities have joined the hungerstrike in all wings.

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QUEERUPTION 9 TEL-AVIV - Open Meeting & Talk in Brighton

15-04-2006 19:18

Queer activist & member of organising group for Queeruption 9 Uri Ayalon will visit Brighton on 21/04/06 as part of European speaking tour. Queeruption 9 is an anrcho-queer DIY event in Tel-Aviv and will include workshops, art, parties, sex party, direct actions, joining the international world pride march in Jerusalem & demonstrating against the wall.

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Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill: Open Letter to MP

15-04-2006 18:38

Below is an open letter sent, on 15 April, to our MP regarding the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill which threatens to end meaningful parliamentary democracy in Britain.

The full letter with hypertext links is available via the following entry posted to the blog:

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Manchester demo - Stop criminalising asylum seekers

15-04-2006 17:54

Noone is illegal
Good demo today in Manchester as part of the international protests against immigration detention kicking off this month.

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The Power of Latinos

15-04-2006 17:19

In the last weeks, the sleeping giant of American politics has growled: the young immigrant generation, the Latino population.. E pluribus Unum - one out of many - is the national motto of the US inscribed on all kinds of public buildings.

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NO life sentence for soldiers who refuse to be occupiers

15-04-2006 15:24

The Armed Forces Bill is being discussed in the UK Parliament. Section 8 introduces a new tougher definition of desertion: soldiers who intend to avoid serving in a "military occupation of a foreign country or territory" can be imprisoned for life.

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BNPtv newsreader-exposed as Dover (Kent) teacher

15-04-2006 12:36

Published in the Dover Express. April 13th 2006. They're not online so here's just the jist of it.

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Hillsborough: 17 Years, 96 Dead: No Justice

15-04-2006 11:44

April 15th marks the 17th Anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy and while it is easy for many to forget it with time, it is hard for the families who, despite years of campaigning, still have not seen any justice for those they lost.

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Anti-Deportation Solidarity Action at Ethiopian Airlines

15-04-2006 11:16

On Friday the offices of Ethiopian Airlines were targetted by anti-deportation activists.

Ethiopian Airlines regularly deports asylum seekers to Africa.
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