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UK Newswire Archive

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One Million Pounds to be a British Muslim

07-06-2007 11:38

The following article was written by Hussein Al-alak of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign, in response to a Government report published this week, which includes allocating £1 million of public money for the training of Islamic Imams.

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G8 Protest 2-6-2007 ON GOING 'RIOTS'

07-06-2007 11:24

The 'water' in those cannons might have chemicals in it.
It looks like you could breath it in:

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G8: Police take media bus

07-06-2007 11:08

Protestors resist the police entering the bus
Yesterday, evening the German police surrounded, boarded and then forced the driver of a Dutch independent media bus to leave with them.

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“JFK plot”: Is Washington trying to open a Caribbean front in war on terror?

07-06-2007 10:50

Last weekend’s scare headlines and breathless broadcast reports about the unspeakable horrors that were supposedly foiled with the uncovering of the “JFK plot” have largely faded from view as evidence mounts that the alleged threat was grossly hyped—if not totally invented—by US authorities.

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Workers Strike at LNG Terminal

07-06-2007 10:50

300 men at the Dragon LNG terminal currently being built at Waterstone, Milford Haven have voted to continue industrial action.

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Republican presidential candidates back nuclear strike against Iran

07-06-2007 10:49

Nine of ten candidates for the Republican presidential nomination explicitly or tacitly supported a US attack on Iran using nuclear weapons, in response to a question at Tuesday night’s nationally televised debate in New Hampshire.

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Letter from women detainees at Yarlswood IRC

07-06-2007 10:33

... We are victims of torture, rape and ill treatment from our
countries having been forced by circumstances to flee our countries
of origin in search of safety and protection.

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A Missionary of Ignorance

07-06-2007 10:11

The king of arrogance and the missionary of ignorance are part of a frozen elite consciusness of fear and indifferent reason where there are no alternatives and bankruptcies are just normal business practice. Another world is possible of open arms, not clenched fists, a world where everyone has a place and where many worlds fit!

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Bomb Iran: For Israel and America!

07-06-2007 09:09

Unsubtly titled "The Case for Bombing Iran: I hope and pray that President Bush will do it,", Norman Podhoretz's op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal is a work of eloquently simplistic and hysterical propaganda, truly a model of the genre. I recommend it as a seminal document of the Bush era, prior to what may well be its crowning disaster. It's lengthy but worth reading closely as a concentrated statement of the argument we will probably hear in ever shriller pitch in the coming months.

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London Meeting Random People Event

07-06-2007 08:59

Starting at 2 pm on Friday June 8 outside Starbucks in Leicester Square. In London, unless people are drunk they don't talk to other people. Which is a sad state of affairs. By getting random people to talk to one another, who knows, London might be a slightly more friendly place to be.

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Picket in support of John Bowden

07-06-2007 08:46

Parole Board HQ in London on Friday 8th June

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Urgent Action Needed! - Demirci family Must Stay

07-06-2007 08:29

Demirci family
The Demirci family was detained on Monday 4th June, when they went in to sign at the Home Office. Halil and his wife, Songul, and their two children, Sezer and Donduzilan have been given a removal date for this Friday morning at 7:00am. Sezer, who is 12 years old, was attending Alexander Parade Primary School. He speaks English with a Scottish accent. Donduzilan, who is 5 years old, was born in Scotland. The family as we write are on their way to Tinsley House IRC.

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Joseph Kakembo Belongs on Teesside!

07-06-2007 08:26

Joseph Kakembo
Joseph is a Ugandan who fled to the UK 14 years ago. Since his first application for asylum in April 1993 he has been through a series of hearings, reviews, and appeals - each one preceded by months of anxious preparation and followed by weeks of waiting and hoping and worry.

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07-06-2007 04:22

About 200 or more autonomous masked up protesters tried to get to the security fence this morning at about 4.30 am, but they stopped shortly after Reddlich after a clash with the police.

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Miners Who Worked Above Ground

07-06-2007 02:56

The following below is from the house of lords website.For those now suffering from,or the relatives of those who have died from COPD.Chronic Obstuctive Pulminary Disease

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Freedom House and CANVAS linked

07-06-2007 02:39

CANVAS,a suppose Gandhian non-violent site and Freedom House, linked as it is to the National Endowment for Democracy of infamous memory, are here shown to be linked

CANVAS has been behind some of the recent pro-RCTV actions in Venezuela

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The Salvador Option in Beirut

07-06-2007 01:33

Considering the Zionists' considerable operations to destroy Lebanon, it's becoming clearer why "Neo-Cons" such as Eliot Abrams created Fatah al Islam, just as Israel created Hamas decades ago, to undermine Palestinian unity.

The paradigm of the US rushing weapons and advisors to Lebanon (remember how Vietnam started?), in order to help them crush a group created by US/Israeli Neo-Cons, symbolizes everything wrong with US foreign policy in the region.

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Stop the Deportation of the Unek family to Turkey! Fax request and protest repor

07-06-2007 00:53

The Unek family have been told they will be deported to Turkey this Friday, including mother Marvili who has serious health problems, and 6 month old Ayse-Rojin. The family's solicitor is attempting to lodge a fresh claim, but the family have still not been told if their deportation will be stopped, and time is running out. Please take the time to fax, phone or email using the details and below and help us to stop their deportation.

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G8-Heiligendamm: State paid agent provocateur unmasked

06-06-2007 22:56

Oe of a group of five was catched.
During a G8 summit blockade near Bad Doberan, following repeated media warnings a so-called "agent provocateur" has been unveiled. This violence provoking state employee has sneaked into the peaceful anti-G8 sit-in action and instigated people to violent deeds.
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