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UK Newswire Archive

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Warning over Nuclear Industry Freshwater Use

10-07-2010 09:52

A Pictorial View of the Lakes Nuclear Sacrifice Zone - from Coniston Old Man
While Cumbrians face the prospect of £1000 fine for using a hosepipe during
the drought - Sellafield uses the equivalent of Millom, Barrow and
Ulverston's fresh water put together every day. Over 4 million gallons
are abstracted daily from Wastwater, Britain's favourite view, in order to prevent the high level liquid wastes from boiling.

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Italy: Judicial harassment of EveryOne Group's human rights defenders

10-07-2010 09:51

Pegoraro, Malini, Picciau
Human rights defenders Mr Roberto Malini, Mr Matteo Pegoraro and Mr Dario Picciau are facing criminal charges as a result of their work on behalf of the Roma community in Italy. Petition for the Freedom of HumaN Rights Defenders - SIGN NOW:

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When criminals rule the World

10-07-2010 07:08

Brown, Obama, Sarkozy, Hoop Scheffer, Merkel at NATO's 60th Anniversary Summit
For anyone willing to look at the public record of the first decade of this century and accept the obvious reality that we have at hand two aggressive and therefore illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, initiated on the basis of a fraud against the governments and democratic electorates of several countries and resulting in so many civilian deaths that a conclusion of genocide is inescapable, there is an instant short-list of people with power who need to face criminal charges (if sufficient people of influence and principle were to confront and address this reality now we may avoid a third such war with Iran, borne of the very same template of criminal fraud).

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Before you eat, watch this

10-07-2010 03:45

We keep getting told that our killing for meat is humane. Then we see videos like this.

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Italy pays, Libya deports and tortures

09-07-2010 21:49

Another “success” in the “war on illegal migrants”: Against all international Conventions the Italian government keeps refusing refugees from Eritrea and deporting them back to Libya, whose detention centres are notoriously famous for the constant violations of human rights.

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A story of ordinary repression: earthquaked and beaten up

09-07-2010 21:26

Let's rebuild L'Aquila and its region
Berlusconi’s regime deals with Abruzzo’s earthquaked inhabitants in the only way it knows: by spinning the story to avoid the blame. Now the inhabitants are protesting, they have become the new “monsters” of the media, no better than the anti-globalists who obviously have to be beaten up and repressed at every opportunity.

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Cuba: dialogue ... and debate

09-07-2010 21:03

* We present the no. 16 issue (July 2010) of CUBA LIBERTARIA, edited by GALSIC (Grupo de Apoyo a los Libertarios y Sindicalistas Independientes en Cuba). You may obtain a .pdf file of this edition in Spanish at

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"Why do you choose to be a homosexual when it is illegal in your country?"

09-07-2010 20:35

Ya Basta Media is an experiment in creating an alternative media collective, in the form of a blog, working on a range of issues. Please join in if you like what you see.

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Civil War and Revolution: Anarchism in Spain

09-07-2010 18:24

This is a flyer to accompany the event (exhibition and talks) at the Sparrows' Nest on 18th July, 2010.


Event details here:


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Pleasley Hill People's Network - podcast

09-07-2010 18:24

Pleasley Hill People's Network is a group set up near Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire, which aims to build organisation and political involvement in a small area of this former mining community.

There's now a podcast of an interview covering the challenges this group has faced setting up, the issues it is attempting to tackle, and how it plans to go about this.

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Land and Freedom - event poster - 25th July

09-07-2010 17:24

On Sunday 25th July at 2.15pm Ken Loach's epic on the Spanish Civil War and social revolution ‘Land and Freedom' will be shown at the Broadway Cinema.

Event details:




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Coal Train Court Verdict [1]

09-07-2010 17:22

Charges dropped against drivers and a legal observer, and thirteen who locked on or provided support plead guilty to reduced charge. No prison but restraining order and compensation being considered.
Trainee writes Charges dropped against drivers and a legal observer, and thirteen who locked on or provided support plead guilty to reduced charge. No prison but restraining order and compensation being considered.

Eighteen people from Bristol and Bath were in court yesterday to answer two charges of obstructing the railway at Ffos-y-Fran open-cast coal mine in Merthyr Tydfil. Seven people who had chained themselves to the track and six who had been acting as support and legal observers all pleaded guilty to Section 36 of the Malicious Damages Act 1861, and not guilty to Section 35 of the same act (the section carrying the infamous life penalty). Five people including a legal obvserer and drivers pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Section 35 was dropped against all 18, crucially acknowledging that this was not a malicious action as originally alleged, and Section 36 was dropped against the 5 who had pleaded not guilty to it and had clearly had nothing to do with the obstruction.

Five of the eighteen walk out of court with no conviction. For the other thirteen, sentencing will be on August 13th at Merthyr Crown Court. There will be no prison sentences, however it appears restraining orders and an £8000 compensation claim are being considered.

Those involved are very grateful for the continued support of friends in Merthyr Tydfil, Bristol, Bath, nationwide and beyond. Hopefully there will be a big turnout for sentencing, when those facing restraining orders will explain for the record why they felt it necessary to blockade a coal train.

This Sunday, Bristol & Bath Rising Tide host an evening at Kebele Social Centre in Easton, recounting train blockades carried out by Bristolians over the past 30 years opposing social injustices from climate chaos to nuclear waste. Film, food and discussion from 6:30pm.

Full Story | Bath and Bristol Rising Tide Stop Coal Train | Action Snaps: Ffos-y-Fran Coal Train Blockade | Ffos-yFran Coal Train Blockade Action Report

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Linamar factory to close

09-07-2010 16:39

Workers who fought for others jobs set to lose theirs

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This Week in Palestine – Week 27

09-07-2010 16:32

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for July 3rd, through July 9th , 2010

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Defend Africa House - No Borders Gig - July 16th - Birmingham

09-07-2010 15:34

Live Music - DJ's - Vegan Food

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Shift Magazine Call-Out for Articles for September issue

09-07-2010 15:31

Shift Magazine are asking for abstracts for potential articles for the next issue. These articles should be focused around the issue of borders and the emerging European political and security project.

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Defend Africa House

09-07-2010 15:22

Fundraising Gig

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FILIPINOS around the world: Turn grief into revolutionary courage,

09-07-2010 15:06

Learn from Ka Elliot, Cast away parliamentary illusions!

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Activist radio & comms skillshare tomorrow, bristol

09-07-2010 14:22

Activist Comms/Radio Training
Castle Park, BRISTOL
10th July 2010
Midday - 4.30pm
Suggested Donation: £2 (just to pay for radio batteries)
A daytime skill-share in communications and radio use for use in a wide variety of situations. Learn how to use walkie talkie radios and set up comms networks to speed communication and bolster security at camps, demos, street parties etc. Get in touch with people who do communications networks at various events around the country and beyond.

Anyone can turn up on the day, but we'd like an idea of how many to expect and to be able to get in contact if details change, so please let us know if you're planning on coming - either by email to or by text to 07796 864 649. Bring some food for a picnic, something waterproof to throw on just in case, and come prepared for an active day outdoors.

Then use your newfound skills to "Break The Bank" as the Camp For Climate Action 2010 targets RBS and other climate criminals, 19th-25th August, Edinburgh. See for more details (this training is for anyone irrespective of whether you intend to go to the camp or be involved in comms at the camp!)

If anyone's interested in bringing such a skillshare to wherever they are please be in touch.

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Activists 'decorate' Israel Ministry of Tourism billboards.

09-07-2010 14:11

A number of Israel Ministry of Tourism billboards in London Tube stations were recently 'decorated' with red paint. Only one billboard was accessible from the platform and had some additional information added — the others were placed track-side and so had to be reached using other means. This action succeeded in getting several posters removed.
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