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UK Newswire Archive

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Overview of preparation for ESF in London Nov. 2004

26-01-2004 21:22

This is a comprehensive overview of the ESF process in the UK so far, tracing events all the way back to the 2003 ESF in Paris and the lobbying for 2004 ESF to be in the UK. Note the same actors behind the scenes (big Trade-Unions, SWP) who lobbyied for the 2004 ESF to be in UK despite a lack of transparancy in the decision-making process that was employed were the very same actors who have been lobbyists for a change to a more hierachical organising structure for which a proposal has been given which they have quite sneekily managed to congregate around while existing working groups were cynically ignored, dirty tricks/sabotage tactics employed such as not providing working groups with key information (like quotes for venue hire by the GLA) and the abandoning of volunteer lists to organise the last UK Assembly employed - to purposefully create the appearance of a disorganised-vacuum to justify the installation of a new hierachical committee.

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Taking Control of the Unions

26-01-2004 21:13

New ideas of thinking and organising are needed.There needs to be a break with labour and its trade union machine.

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Case against anti-war protester dismissed

26-01-2004 21:08

Police’s treatment of school students was outside the law.

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No longer should cannabis users get wasted.

26-01-2004 19:57

The Government are reclassifying cannabis as a class C drug. Here is my opinion of this...

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The misery of Housing Association tenants!

26-01-2004 19:34

Why wont the left help tenants who are being oppressed by their housing association? Secure Housing is one of the most important issues to working class people?

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Attacks against Arab community (by Latuff)

26-01-2004 19:31

Terrorism against Arabs in IsraHell
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Oxford uni Occupied by fees protestors

26-01-2004 19:19

brief video of oxford students occupying university building (exam school) in protest against proposed top - up fees..

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Access or Incarceration?

26-01-2004 18:39

The campaign cites that providing access to avenues of expression is more a solution than incarceration.

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Third Encounter of Fight Against the FTAA

26-01-2004 18:34

The 3rd Hemispheric Encounter of Fight Against the FTAA, that will have place in Havana from January the 26th to the 29th, will turn into an alternative to the “Summit of the people”, which has recently finished in Monterrey, Summit in which the American presidents defined the integration policies according the north American model.

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Oxford University Examination School occupied

26-01-2004 17:29

beginning of the occupation
Around 4h30pm, Oxford University students occupied the Examination School of Oxford University in protest to the top-up fees.

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26-01-2004 17:13

Occupation of the exam schools now (5pm Monday 26th Jan) over the issue of tuition fees, try to come along and join in

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Police Frame James Thorne: Trial this week

26-01-2004 16:32

Your Manchester comrade James Thorne is being tried on a trumped up assault charge after police violently dispersed a peaceful protest last June. All support on 29/30 January at Manc Magistrates Court warmly appreciated.

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DisAsda on the Old Kent Road: building resquatted again under noses of bailiffs

26-01-2004 15:34

As of Monday afternoon (2pm), protestors are currently successfully resisting another eviction of the main building at the Ossory Road protest camp, where Asda/Walmart plan to build a supermarket, on the Old Kent Road. Having allowed bailiffs and security to enter the building this morning and lock up doors etc, protestors yet again managed to regain entry into the building and climbed on top of the roof.
For Latest, ring: 07879 814822 or 07811 622875
Action planned 2 weeks from now.

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SWP/GR (solitary wanker party) hijacks 2004 ESF (European Social Forum) process

26-01-2004 14:55

The European Social Forum is supposed to be a non hierarchical gathering of grass roots alternatives to the traditional political process.

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Shock news !! : McDonald's make you unhealthy

26-01-2004 14:20

LAST February, Morgan Spurlock decided to become a gastronomical guinea pig.
His mission: To eat three meals a day for 30 days at McDonald's and document the impact on his health, He put on 25 pounds but his supersized shape was the least of his problems.
Within a few days of beginning his drive-through diet, Spurlock, 33, was vomiting out the window of his car, and doctors who examined him were shocked at how rapidly Spurlock's entire body deteriorated..

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WSF / WEF collected reports from ips

26-01-2004 14:00

Collected reports from WSF and WEF by Terra Vivi / IPS
Some very good articles here:

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2 Press Releases from the Hunt Saboteurs Association

26-01-2004 11:52

Hunt Master fell while attacking saboteurs + Saboteur seriously injured at hunt - huntsman arrested

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Urgent: Battered Women Deportation Hrngs Tues & Wed

26-01-2004 09:23

Please take the time to send a few emails, stick up for people who need support in their struggles. Please consider printing up the attached flier for your area.

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Parenting Versus Protesting? Kids at protests

26-01-2004 01:51

Is it irresponsible to take kids to political protests? Are some protests safe and others not? How do you tell the difference? I interviewed 12 activists, 10 of whom are parents, 7 of whom are street medics on this topic.

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Fight Global War! Fight Capitalism! ... in munich 2004

26-01-2004 01:24

Every year on the second weekend of February the leading warmongers meet in Munich: at the former called "Wehrkundetagung", meanwhile renamed "Munich Conference of Security policy" generals and politicians from member states of NATO and other military powers like Russia and China come together to discuss the military aspects of capitalist world division/capitalist globalisation. The host is nobody else than Horst Teltschick, a former foreign policy expert in the government of Helmut Kohl. Today he works for the "Quandt-Stiftung". The Quandts are main shareholders of the transnational group BMW. It's a natural course of action that friends and competitors of the armaments industry are also invited to this illustrious party.
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