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UK Newswire Archive

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Getting Lost In Translation: Ahmadinejad And The Media

30-09-2007 12:26

Obviously Ahmadinejad was not saying "We don’t have any homosexuals whatsoever in Iran" —something nobody in the world would believe, not even in Iran. And by implication, he was not telling his audience, I am a plain liar! —something which his audience at Columbia and the American media construed him to be saying.

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London demo against Iceland's deportation of eco-activists

30-09-2007 12:26

A demonstration against Iceland's persecution of environmental activists will take place in London on Tuesday 2nd October, meeting at Sloane Square (nearest tube: Sloane Square) at 1pm.

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International narcotics agenda behind Myanmar instability

29-09-2007 23:58

For the past month, the military government of Myanmar has been the focus of increasingly strident demonstrations, resulting in violent military crackdowns in recent days. What must be noted is the Bush administration's open support for the dissidents, in conjunction with growing international (Western) support behind a coup attempt, and the likely parapolitical goals behind this agenda.

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SOCPA - pics from today's liberation of parliament square

29-09-2007 22:47

following on from the article at
here are three pics of the parliament square liberators at work this lunchtime

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Tumoujgha Republic Birth of a Nation

29-09-2007 22:31

Tumoujgha Republic Birth of a Nation

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'Student Climate Project' takes off!

29-09-2007 22:25

The 'Student Climate Project' is an exciting new activist project by student activists aimed at getting the wider body of students onboard the climate movement. The project holds its launch gathering from the 30th November to the 2nd of December, and has just launched online forums. Everyone is welcome to get involved!

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Burma, Opium & the CIA

29-09-2007 22:12

Burma is one corner of 'the Golden Triangle' of opium production. Until the recent US 'liberation' of Afghanistan made it the worlds largest producer, this was where most of the worlds heroin came from. Neither Burma, Vietnam, Laos or Thailand had any history of opium production until colonial times, when they were used in the British Opium Wars to produce enough opium to corrupt and subjectate China.

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Demo- in Solidarity with Miriam Rose and Persecuted Saving Iceland Activists

29-09-2007 21:48

1PM Tuesday 2nd October, Icelandic Embassy meet at Sloane Square
Come and show Solidarity with Miriam Rose, a Saving Iceland activist from the UK facing deportation from Iceland where she lives for being: "a threat to public order and security and fundamental societal values" also to show solidarity with Olafur Pall Siggurdson an Icelandic activist being framed for "Obstructing a Police Vehicle" following an attempt to run him over by a senior policeman.

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Is the "Gay Executions in Iran" story being ginned up for political purposes?

29-09-2007 21:06

There's been a lot of talk about Ahmadinejad's statement about how Iran supposedly "doesn't have gays like you do" - which of course totally distracts from the substance of his speech in which he proclaimed that Iran was not going to attack anyone and that he didn't deny the holocaust as claimed but only questioned why the Palestinians had to suffer for it.

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NWASDG organising meeting, Saturday 6 October 2007, 12pm.

29-09-2007 20:19

There will be an organising meeting on 6 October at the Friends Meeting House (Quaker House), 6 Mount Street, Manchester, from 12pm to 2pm.

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29-09-2007 20:16


Despite fleeing oppression in Iraq, Sabah Abdul Rahman Kasim was arrested by what he thought were police officers, but were in fact officers from Borders and Immigration Agency (BIA), on a bus in Manchester (Bus no. 17) at 3:30pm on Saturday 8 September 2007. He was essentially kidnapped and sent to a holding centre, possibly Dallas Court Reporting Centre, in Salford.

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No One Is Guilty In Israel

29-09-2007 19:20

In deliberately targeting civilians, Israel can no longer make a distinction between itself and any other "terrorist" organization. And just like any other demand placed on "terrorist organizations", the individuals responsible for its horrific crimes must be held accounatble for their actions.

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SOCPA - parliament square has been liberated

29-09-2007 17:07

activists got to work earlier today on the two-metre fencing all around parliament square. the grass is now liberated, open to the public, and to the burmese protestors. police so far have not intervened in the operation which was carried out by around a dozen activists.

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Children of 5767-Gaza: Quality of Mercy Revisited

29-09-2007 15:40

THE DEAD DO NOT SPEAK ~~~ THE SOUNDS OF SILENCE IN PALESTINE The Hebrew year just ended and the statistics are now available... statistics that show how many Palestinians were MURDERED by the Israeli army in the past year. It was a 'relatively quiet year'.... only 457 Palestinians and 10 Israelis were killed..... including NINETY TWO Palestinian children....

Yet the Israelis claim that Gaza is an 'enemy entity'..... strange reasoning.

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Key Nations Delay Iran Debate

29-09-2007 15:39

Watch for the US to apply 'substantial pressure' on the IAEA between now and then.

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The Big Lie called the "War On Terror"

29-09-2007 15:38

The fraudulence of the "War on Terror" is clearly revealed by looking at the pattern of actions that preceded and followed its launch.

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Things Can Only Get Buddha ... As SchNEWS Examines The Sudden Iintrest In Human

29-09-2007 15:19

As SchNEWS Examines The Sudden Iintrest In Human Rights In Burma

"I call on those who embrace the values of human rights and freedom to support the legitimate demands of the Burmese people." - George Bush.

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SOCPA - betrayal

29-09-2007 12:53

media today reports that there is now a total ban on protest within a mile of parliament while the commons is in session.

it really is time for people to wake up!

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Celtic Football Club appoint John Reid as chairman

29-09-2007 12:10

A unbelievable disgrace

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'Financing Climate Change' speakers event; 8th October, University of Birmingham

29-09-2007 11:28

'Financing Climate Change'; 6pm, Lecture Theatre G33, School of Education
Bronwen Thomas (People & Planet)
Ewa Jasiewicz (PLATFORM London)
Speakers event on how the Department for International Development and the Royal Bank of Scotland financially support future dangerous and unsustainable climate change.
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