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UK Newswire Archive

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Anarchist Federation Meeting, 22nd May

17-05-2007 19:48

Details of next AF Meeting, Manchester

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Two imprisoned for violating Official Secrets Act

17-05-2007 19:44

The imprisonment of David Keogh and Leo O’Connor under the Official Secrets Act is a flagrant violation of democratic rights. In part aimed at intimidating opponents of the occupation of Iraq, it is bound up with efforts to conceal the contents of a discussion between George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair on actions illegal under international law.

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Palestinian Pinochet Making His Move?

17-05-2007 19:11

Whatever the precise breakdown within the Bush Administration, it’s plain that Dahlan, like Pinochet a quarter century, would not move onto a path of confrontation with an elected government unless he believed he had the sanction of powerful forces abroad to do so. If does move to turn the current street battle into a frontal assault on the unity government, chances are it will be because he got a green light from somewhere — and certainly not from Mahmoud Abbas.

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Eviction & Injuction Against Squatted Garden? Reading Resists!

17-05-2007 17:26

Common Ground Occupied Community Garden in Katesgrove is threatened by Reading Borough Council already! Join the party, join the resistance!

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April Was Third Warmest Ever

17-05-2007 15:35

Yesterday NOAA reported that the global mean
temperature for April ranked as the 3rd warmest
in recorded history. This is in the trend for the
past 11 years.

March was the fifth warmest on record.
Dec. to Feb. was the warmest on record.
2006 was the warmest year on record.
2005 tied for the warmest year on record.
10 of the 11 warmest years on record have
occurred since 1995.

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Free Screening of The Lie of the Land

17-05-2007 15:23

Free Screening of Molly Dineen's Chanel 4 Documentary - The Lie of the Land - 6.30pm at the RSA, 8 John Adam Street, WC2 - Monday 21st May, 2007

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London Counter-Recruitment Picket, Friday May 18th 1:30pm

17-05-2007 15:23

Tomorrow - 18th May – at the Bloomsbury armed forces recruitment centre, people will be going armed with fliers to give a counter view of what life is like in the army. The Bloomsbury recruitment centre is located in the same building as the Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO), the government's arms sales agency.

With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan raging the chances of being killed and injured have increased dramatically over the past few years. But even if ex-services personnel make it back alive many are still scared for life from their experiences.

We encourage everyone to help us hand out fliers and let people know what it's really like in the military!

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Review of Conspiracy Festival in Leeds

17-05-2007 14:59

While the author does not openly slate the conspiraloons, it's clear he does not consider "an entire weekend" of such activities to be progressive or contain any real value, with the emphasis of the event being purely entertainment.

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Dale Farm's Plea To Bulldozer Company

17-05-2007 14:54

Protest against Baliff company Constant & Co, on Thursday 31st May, 2007.

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Training in Camberwell Squatted Centre 03 June 2007

17-05-2007 13:27

After a number of great experiences sharing knowledge and skills, the next Indymedia London training tries out a new venue: the Camberwell Squatted Centre. From 3 to 5pm (roughly). For every one who wants to get involved and needs a face-to-face friendly introduction.

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Crime of the Century - Article 2

17-05-2007 12:50

Letter Page 1
In the aftermath of our first article ( found here: ), Nicholas Sarkozy has responded and continues to pervert the course of justice.

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Cops Search Public

17-05-2007 12:41

Buses stopped

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post office closure

17-05-2007 11:50

death of community

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Call for a Superhero Block at the G8 2007

17-05-2007 11:15

G8 poster invitation of the "The Dispensables"

The Dispensables and precarious Superheroes called The Unbeatables are calling for a block at the mass demonstration and at the mass blockades against the G8 summit. Both entities are part of the ongoing struggles to understand and resist contemporary conditions of precarity of live and work.

Video: Superhero block, Euromayday Hamburg 2007

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Review of End Times

17-05-2007 11:13

The dismal state of the US corporate print media.

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Arwa from Hebron Speaks in Manchester and Sheffield

17-05-2007 11:08

Arwa Abu Haikal will be speaking in;
Manchester on Tues 22nd May at 7.30 and Sheffield on Thurs, 24th May at 7.30.

Arwa is in England for 3 weeks, speaking about the experience of her family living alongside an extremist Jewish settlement in the middle of the Palestinian town of Hebron.

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Two imprisoned for violating Official Secrets Act

17-05-2007 10:51

Punished for exposing Bush and Blair’s crimes in Iraq

The imprisonment of David Keogh and Leo O’Connor under the Official Secrets Act is a flagrant violation of democratic rights. In part aimed at intimidating opponents of the occupation of Iraq, it is bound up with efforts to conceal the contents of a discussion between George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair on actions illegal under international law.

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Will EU Funding be used in Ireland to destroy European heritage?

17-05-2007 08:41

Irish ancient royal site to be bulldozed using European taxpayers money?

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Self-Harm in Immigration Removal Centres

17-05-2007 08:23

Unforgiveable treatment of people seeking asylum.

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Meningitis vaccine linked to ME in Norway concerns investigators in New Zealand

17-05-2007 02:03

In Norway approximately one third of students developed symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) within 1-3 weeks of receiving the Meningitis vaccination. Now Investigators say the Meningitis vaccination campaign in New Zealand may prove detrimental to children’s health.
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