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UK Newswire Archive

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this is what self defence looks like

19-07-2006 21:52

today 60 lebanese civilians have already been killed. civilians trying
to escape from their homes throughout south lebanon are targeted.
trucks with food, aid and rescue convoys are bombed.

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Liverpool Vigil Fails To Stop War

19-07-2006 21:33

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert tonight vowed to attack Lebanon and Palestine for "as long as necessary", despite about a hundred people turning out for a vigil on St George’s Plateau in Liverpool.

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UN Shelled By Israel, Neo-Cons Rise, Thirsty For War

19-07-2006 21:03

Rumsfeld stated in 2002 that he wanted to use Lebanon as a launch-pad for other planned military operations. It might be prudent to revisit the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, and find out who was truly responsible for his death.

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America's Slaughter in Lebanon

19-07-2006 21:03

World events have recently taken on the personality of a madman from a bad 60's b grade movie, intent on taking over the world. Maybe that is exactly what's happening.

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Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9/11

19-07-2006 21:01

I can't help wondering if one of the ships being used to ferry foreigners from Lebanon won't be the target of an "Iranian" missile. Would make great Propaganda ...

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The Insane Brutality, Moral Decay Of Israel

19-07-2006 21:00

It's becoming very clear that this military operation was designed for the wider purpose of inciting a war with Iran and Syria, which the Extremists responsible failed to dupe the international community into supporting, what with the whole "Iraq WMD" thing they perpetrated.

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Londonwide Group backs Khoodeelaar! No to Crossrail Bill

19-07-2006 19:17

As the Westminster House of Commons Crossrail Select Committee practically winds down the main business of going through the motions of hearing objections to the Bill, concern is rising about the very shabby way that the Committee has treated the main opponents.
It is expected that the Select Committee will back the Government Crossrail Bill. Thousands of families will suffer across the East End as a result.
To prevent this becoming inevitable, a London wide democracy pressure group has today extended its support to the Khoodeelaar! Campaign against Crossrail attacks on the Brick Lane and Whitechapel Area in East London
This announcement follows a day long campaign against Crossrail hole attacks programme conference held in the Brick Lane and Whitechapel London E1 area today.

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Sat 22nd July, Picket Israeli Tennis Team in Eastbourne

19-07-2006 17:19

Picket Israel’s tennis team in their Davis Cup tie with Britain
On Saturday 22nd July from 12.00noon (note change of time)
At Devonshire Park Tennis Club, College Road, Eastbourne, E Sussex, BN21 4JJ
Minibus from Brighton leaves St Peter’s Church at 11.00am

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Why on earth is Israel killing innocent civilians?

19-07-2006 16:55

Today 50 or more innocent civilians killed by Israel

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Lebonese demo Tuesday night. The blockading of Parliament.

19-07-2006 16:37

The volume increases.
The road outside Parliament was blocked for around 20 minutes by around 500 mostly Lebanese demonstrators. The action forced the main gates to be locked by Police so MPs wishing to drive home at the end of the session found themselves locked in.

The Police were hopelessly outnumbered so could do little except stand and watch. They called in reinforcements from just about everywhere including City of London, British Transport Police and local Westminster duty plods. Having no option but to adopt a softly, softly approach they kept well back letting the stewards gently move the protesters back into the square. They then formed a line of vans and officers across the front of the demo and remained until the protest finished. There was no violence, the protest remained loud and angry until the end.

Expect greater numbers on Saturday.

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Tuesday Night Lebonese Protest. Vigil for Peace in Parliament Square.

19-07-2006 16:25

Lebonese refugees....
The candlelit vigil called by the Palistinian Solidarity Campaign in Parliament Square was a lot bigger than expected. Since the demo was booked events in Lebanon have spiraled with hundreds of civilians killed in airstrikes and Israel increasing its military operation with every passing day. So the half a dozen or so cops deployed found themselves policing a protest of around 2000 angry people. Direct action was inevitable....

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Illegal police trespass at Titnore Woods

19-07-2006 16:22

Video Police van
Wednesday afternoon a police camera crew illegally entered the Titnore Woods protest camp to film protesters and construction works on site.

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Teacher arrested for Speaking Irish

19-07-2006 15:59

Máire Nic an Bhaird, a Belfast member of the Irish-language youth organisation Na Gaeil Óga and secondary school teacher is before the courts today (Wednesday, 19 Iúil 2006). Her crime - speaking to a member of the PSNI in her native language, Irish.

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19-07-2006 15:53

IT IS RAINING BLOOD IN LEBANON The photos they do not want you to see

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arrested for trying to deliver a letter

19-07-2006 15:49

steve and barbara - stopped twice this morning
activist steve jago was stopped and searched twice this morning and then arrested. he was trying to peaceably deliver an open letter to met commissioner sir ian blair. he has so far been prevented from doing so

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CARDIFF Lebanon Meeting

19-07-2006 15:46

Cardiff Stop the War Coalition
Emergency Public Meeting:

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Belgrade remembers Srebrenica - 11 years on...

19-07-2006 15:20

The Srebrenica massacre was the July 1995 killing of up to an estimated 8,106 Bosniak males, ranging in age from teenagers to the elderly, in the region of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina by a Serb Army of Republika Srpska under general Ratko Mladić including Serbian state special forces "Scorpions". The Srebrenica massacre is the largest mass murder in Europe since World War II and considered by many as one of the most horrific events in recent European history. It is also the first legally established case of genocide in Europe after the Holocaust. (source: Wikipedia).

11 years on, a large crowd gathered in the city centre of Belgrade to remember the victims killed in the Srebrenica massacre. Last year the same vigil was attacked by nationalist groups, some of who trew teargas in the crowd. The police guarded the protest heavily this time. We took some photos...

Links: Wikipedia on the Srebrenica massacre | Preliminary list of 8106 Bosniaks killed in Srebrenica - (PDF version) - Issued by Federal Commission for Missing Persons on June 5, 2005 | The Association Women of Srebrenica - Official Website | Srebrenica Genocide Blog - Independent Blog Regarding Srebrenica Massacre | "Cry from the Grave" documentary film detailing the account of the massacre | Chemical Warfare in Bosnia? The Strange Experiences of the Srebrenica Survivors (a Human Rights Watch report) | BOSFAM - Non-Governmental group supporting displaced women in Bosnia

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19-07-2006 14:42

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