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UK Newswire Archive

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Nazis in Russia tried to murder an antifascist again

15-01-2007 05:13

sequence of nazi attacks on anti-fascists in Russia goes on.
14 of january 2007 in St.-Petersburg group of about 10 nazi attacked with knives an activist of Food not bombs.

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About the OTHER Khan, Dame Eliza?

15-01-2007 04:58

…from The Guardian:

“The 7 July bombers who killed 52 people in terrorist attacks in London in 2005 were once described by Britain's security service as 'clean skins'."

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Photo from Athens IMC makes fool of the counter-terrorist police

15-01-2007 04:00

Police considered an older wikipedia photo as connected to the US Embassy attack

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Are Iranians sleepwalking into a disaster?

15-01-2007 02:15

Never in the long history of Iran has a threat had such disastrous
potential as the current threat of US attack. In the past when the
Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, etc. raided, destroyed, divided the country, there
was always the potential for a strong leader to rise up in the future and
re-unify the land.

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10/01/07: Downing Street Candle-lit vigil for Guantanamo Bay prisoners

15-01-2007 01:47

Video of the candle-lit vigil for the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay.

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Islamophobic Australians attack peaceful Aussie mufti

14-01-2007 20:51

Peace Shiek
January 15, 2007 - Aussie mufti Sheik Taj al-Din Hilali's recent comments during an Egyptian TV interview have triggered more Islamaphobic outrage in Australia, with a number of politicians, including Federal Immigration Minister Senator Amanda Vanstone, laughing him off as an "irrelevance" or demanding he "stay in his native Egypt if did not like Australia."

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FOIA,U.S.A.G.Alberto Gonzales and SEC Chairman Chris Cox's Enron conflict

14-01-2007 20:32

And there is every reason to believe based upon where these shares are ending up in boiler rooms around the world and dumped on investors through Refco,vFIN,UBS, CHARLES SCHWAB AND OTHER MARKET MAKERS AND STOCK BROKERS IN THE U.S. AND AROUND THE WORLD THAT THEY CAN AND DO AID FAR RIGHT CRIMINALS AND ELITES TO LAUNDER MONEY FOR WHATEVER CAUSES THEY WISH !

Thanks for aiding world wide terrorism by allowing money laundering and illegal pump and dump scams,Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales.You are one of terrorism's and international criminals dream come true.

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Copenhagen: On .. two .. many Youth Houses!

14-01-2007 18:58

Copyright Mark Knudsen //
Today is truely a historic day for the colorfull youth of Copenhagen. It started as a big demo 'For more Youthhouses' - and ended fullfilling it's own wishes at once! Another Youthhouse has just opened earlier today in the Copenhagen North Western part of town in a big industrial building, Dortheavej 63, half an hour walk from the other Youth House.

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BNP member, Peter Bradbury

14-01-2007 18:25

BNP Central London member
I was shocked by the news in the Guardian 21.12.06 that told of Peter Bradbury’s membership of the British National Party.The BNP are trying to infiltrate the middle class.

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NeoCon Rag Acknowledges Union Jack's Failure in Afghanistan

14-01-2007 17:42

Despite their abject failure to occupy Afghanistan and Uncle Sam's failure in Iraq, the Brits have followed marching orders on Iran. But the military has resisted, and the leak of this humiliating document, demonstrates it.

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IsraHell plans nuclear strike (by Latuff)

14-01-2007 16:59

IsraHell plans nuclear strike
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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14-01-2007 16:41

Este artigo trata sobre a História Indigena do Brasil, especialmente no Estado do Mato Grosso do Sul. O objetivo é contribuir para um melhor entendimento da problemática indígena diante da economia capitalista e da sociedade envolvente. Para isso, focalizamos a questão religiosa, que a priori, se coloca como instrumento salvacionista da alma do sujeito histórico, retardando o engajamento por parte de algumas comunidades na luta pela terra.

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9/11 DVD distributed at Rosa Luxemburg conference in Berlin Germany

14-01-2007 15:54

after about 6000 DVDs have been distributed through an independent network of 70 businesses, galeries, clubs now the Rosa Luxemburg conference, which is affiliated with the german Linkspartei - the only party opposing german military missions overseas - has decided to distribute the DVDs as well -

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Climate Chaos Campaigners Confront Corporate Cowboys in Churchill Square Clash!

14-01-2007 15:18

A march in Brighton in January 2007 against climate injustice faces corporate thuggery.

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The Freedom of Refusal

14-01-2007 14:35

Basic income would revolutionize today's work society. Workers would have greater negotiating power and employers would have to pay more for onerous work. Everyone would receive a basic income without being tested for neediness or being forced to a return favor.

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Anti-Arms Trade Campaigners launch new Legal Attack against Factory’s Lawyer

14-01-2007 14:32

Anti arms trade campaigners have handed in seven official complaints to the law society regarding the conduct of Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden, the solicitor who represented EDO MBM in their failed attempt to gain a civil injunction against protesters at their Brighton factory.

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sunday times leaks info about new anti-war exhibition at tate britain

14-01-2007 12:35

a press release tomorrow will reveal the exact nature of marc wallinger's new installation at the duveen gallery, tate britain. meanwhile the organisers are angry at a leak to the sunday times which was published this morning under the title 'tate puts artistic bomb under blair.

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Corruption in Israel

14-01-2007 09:51

I want the money
and we are fighting fo these crooks

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Police harrasments against "Köpi" in Berlin

14-01-2007 08:30

About 50 riot policemen and some other state-control institutions occupied for about 1 hour some rooms and the yard of KÖPI - cultural-autonomous center in Berlin. It was second police-ride on the house in 10 days. Police focused amoung others on gathering of the anti-g8 related materials. Since some weeks the "Anti-G8-Soli-Cafe" takes place in KÖPI on weekly basis...
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