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UK Newswire Archive

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Turner for turning

19-01-2007 20:32

and right too

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MP yet again pictured promoting McDonald's

19-01-2007 17:35

For the second time in a week, Gerald Howarth MP is pictured promoting McDonald's.

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19-01-2007 17:28


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remember MLK day, etc

19-01-2007 17:21

numerous events happening, includes afternoon do at the friends meeting house, euston rd, 4pm saturday.
despite seeming incorporation into media "sainthood", plenty is in the actual history to cause new thinking - so - in the spirit of the "remember the eleventh" campaign - 2 extra facts to remember . . . .

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Bloody report from Ballinaboy/ Rossport, Ireland

19-01-2007 15:13

Gardai plough into crowd to assault and intimidate
Report from today, friday of the ongoing protests at Ballinaboy, Mayo. Usual Garda violence etc.

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Inside Cheney's nightmare

19-01-2007 12:35

Let Libby swing
and those who helped him create it

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Vote Brian Haw

19-01-2007 11:03

Channel4's political awards this year see Brian Haw up against Tony Blair amongst others for MOST INSPIRING POLITICAL FIGURE. You don't need to pay to vote for him, just email send an email to with the subject Brian Haw and this text - I am voting for Brian Haw as the Channel 4 Political Awards 'Most Inspiring Political Figure of the Year'

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OutRage!: Nigeria's svage anti-gay laws- PROTESTS REQ.

19-01-2007 09:58

Gay rights group OutRage! issues protest call over Nigeria's new and savage anti-gay laws...

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Shilpa Shetty: When Racism Isn’t Racism

19-01-2007 09:34

The row in Britain, and now in India, over the racist behaviour directed towards Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty during the celebrity game show "Big Brother" raises several questions, beyond this specific case, about the notion of racism itself. What has been highlighted is a widespread and persistent failure to come to terms with the meaning and nature of racism and what constitutes racist behaviour. The current debate therefore provides an opportunity to discuss an issue that has escaped widespread, serious consideration for far too long.

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You Have to Learn English.. But Sorry, You Can't!

19-01-2007 08:43

Earlier this week, a campaign was launched by the University and College Union (UCU), the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (Niace), the National Association for Teaching English and other Community Languages to Adults (Natecla), the Refugee Council and other concerned bodies to 'lobby the government' to reverse plans to end automatic fee remission on free English classes for asylum seekers. In a briefing paper published on 11 January, 2006, the Refugee Council detailed the real risks associated with limiting the ability of asylum seekers and refugees to learn English. "For refugees, limiting access to English classes will increase the difficulties they already face in building new lives in the UK and finding work," the paper said. Many refugees are unemployed or in jobs which don't use their skills and experience, and refugee communities are among the poorest in the country.

Ironically, in 2001 ESOL became part of the government's Skills for Life programme, sitting alongside literacy and numeracy. Since 1 November 2005, when the Life in the United Kingdom Test was introduced, all refugees applying for citizenship have to pass that test, of which language is a crucial part, before they are 'naturalised'. There has also been a lot of fuss lately about the amount of money spent on translation and interpretation, and such changes will obviously increase the need for translation and interpretation in public services (unless the next move by the government is to ban asylum seekers and refugees from these services!).

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Convenient Coincidences

19-01-2007 05:07

Analysts are trained to give special attention to what appears to be coincidence. A good example of this today would be the current hysteria in the UK over the racial vilification of an Indian actress on some inane TV show and ‘coincidentally’, in Australia, the mysterious ‘surfacing’ of an extremist DVD allegedly produced by an Australian Wahhabist Muslim. The mass media of both these nations is saturated by these attention-stealing ‘stories’. The attention of the respective populations has been conveniently diverted away from coalition forces quietly preparing for a nuclear attack on Iran. It could also be argued that the racist card is being utilised to soften western populations to the use of nuclear weapons – after all, unwashed Arabs and Persians are expendable, aren’t they?

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Entry Denied:

19-01-2007 04:09

Frozen visitation and re-entry
Entry Denied: Palestinian-Americans Among Thousands Blocked by Israel from Occupied Territories

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New London Social Centre

19-01-2007 03:01

New Occupied Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
(old Vortex Jazz bar)

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Spirit of Broadway Market benefit, 3rd FEB, Homerton, E9

19-01-2007 01:31

Solution Sounds allnighter benefit, Whispers nightclub, 3rd Feb, Homerton, E9

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Democrat Agenda Omissions

19-01-2007 00:52

It gets even worse, as it always does, as not a word is heard from Democrats that the Bush administration through lies and deceit committed what the Nuremberg Tribunal called the "supreme international crime" of illegal aggression against a country posing no threat to us or its neighbors. The new Congress also said nothing about what former UN head of Iraqi humanitarian relief called an act of genocide against the Iraqi people when he resigned from his post in anger and disgust in 1998.

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Support working class Indians against Caste oppression.

19-01-2007 00:33

Indian Maoists have been carrying out a dignified struggle against class oppression in India for some years - all leftists should support this struggle against class and caste oppression by millionaire, conservative, Hindu BJP supporters (like Shilpa Shetty).

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Liverpool's Colin 'Cover Up' finally admits: "TONY PARRISH TOLD THE TRUTH"

19-01-2007 00:24

Liverpool city council have finally admitted that Tony Parrish told the truth on his legendary liverpoolevilcabal blog. The admission comes in a confidential report compiled by the city council's own internal audit department and endorsed by chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' (Colin Hilton, ed)

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Another Horrific Workplace Death on Merseyside

19-01-2007 00:03

Just two days after the horrible death of a construction worker in Liverpool, another Merseyside worker was killed on the job, in equally unpleasant circumstances.

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Do Merseyside Fire Authority Want A Rematch?

18-01-2007 23:22

Since the partial defeat of their cuts agenda last summer, Merseyside Fire Authority have been steadily stepping up provocations against the Fire Brigades Union. In November, letters were served to fourteen emergency crew members, calling them to hearings over incidents during the September walkout, including one for 'smiling aggressively'. Then a firefighter got in trouble for drinking a cup of tea. Now management have locked FBU members out of their own meeting at West Derby fire station, forcing them to hold the meeting in the rain!

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Nestlé puts up a transparent smokescreen

18-01-2007 23:05

Nestlé is boasting of its positive rating in a Global Accountability Report. But Nestlé has little reason to be proud when you read what the report actually says.
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