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UK Newswire Archive

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Holocaust Denier Dumped by UCL

22-04-2008 22:31

22 April 2008

UCL has been made aware of views expressed by Dr Nicholas Kollerstrom, an Honorary Research Fellow in UCL Science & Technology Studies.

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2nd Beverley Green Fair (PRESS Release:- To All Media for Immediate Release)

22-04-2008 22:19

By popular demand, Beverley Green Fair is back! We will be holding our second Green Fair next Sunday 27 April 2008 at Longcroft School, Beverley.

Shan Oakes, one of the Green Fair organisers, said, “We held the first event in May last year and it was such a success that people said ‘you have to do it again’ so we had no choice! The partnership with Longcroft School worked extremely well. This time we’ve chosen an earlier date so that it’s well before school exams.

‘Green’ means ethical, and fair. ‘Green’ is also about sharing and participation. Our aim is to have a day which is fun, and which promotes local, social, cultural and economic diversity, make a showcase of sustainable living, encourage community spirit, and provide information and workshops on alternative life choices.”

All the favourites from last year have been invited, plus a recycling bonanza in the form of a Magnificent Car Boot Sale.

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1 may Day of Climate Action

22-04-2008 20:52

Invasion of the climate snatchers!
Only one week to go!
Contacts, resources and ideas for action, and public actions.

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Tank Shell that Sprays Deadly Darts Killed Cameraman in Gaza, Say Doctors

22-04-2008 16:50

This weapons system is designed to kill a great number of people indiscriminately. It effectively turns the tank into a massive shotgun. Like Israel's massive use of cluster bombs in Lebanon, these weapons are designed to kill whoever is around.

Using them in civilian areas is the same as deliberately targeting civilians.

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Thurs 1st May Workers Day festival Wolverhampton

22-04-2008 16:35

Workers of the West Midlands Unite!

Come and join the 14th annual 1st May celebrations in Wolverhampton.

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Reports from the Brighton Tubas Solidarity Group - Transference

22-04-2008 16:24

This is one of a series of reports from the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group. A project aimed at fostering links between Brighton, UK, and Tubas, Palestine.

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SHAC National March & Rally at Novartis Primate Research Centre

22-04-2008 15:58

SHAC National March & Rally 2007
This is a reminder that it is less than a week to go before the SHAC national march and rally for World Week for Laboratory Animals. Where we'll march against animal experiments and demonstrate at Novartis primate research site in Horsham.

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Bath Bomb #9 now online

22-04-2008 15:41

Yes, the new edition of the Bath Bomb is finally ready. Stories from the dark underbelly of lovely lovely Bath. Or something like that:

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British government lied about 2007 Persian Gulf naval incident

22-04-2008 15:38

Secret Ministry of Defence documents released to the Times newspaper reveal that the British government lied about the circumstances surrounding the capture of 15 sailors and marines from HMS Cornwall in the Persian Gulf by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRG) in March 2007.

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Call for participation in the Radio and Public Media Forum, EA3, Peru

22-04-2008 15:30

Between May 10 and 16 in Lima, the Alternative Media Forum will be carried out with the support of Enlazando Alternativas 3 and a number of independent media of Peru, Latin America and Europe. These neetings will be parallel to the Fifth Summit of European Union-Latin America and Caribbean (EU-LAC) Heads of State, held in Lima.

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Israel Rejects Truce-Calls Offer a 'Failure'

22-04-2008 14:54

This was predicted long before the visit took place.

Israel and the Us engineered this 'crisis', and does not want it to end.

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Palestine Today 042208

22-04-2008 14:46

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Tuesday April 22nd, 2008.

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Stop the illegal eviction of a 22 mnth old baby and family from east Birmingham

22-04-2008 13:46

Fatma Yavruk and her family, including 22 month old baby Arda

Fatma Yavruk and her family, including 22 month old baby Arda, are due to be evicted from their Birmingham home today, due to a bureaucratic mix up by the UK Border Agency and the callous attitude of their Housing Association landlord, Astonbrook.

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Letter from Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Anarchist prisoner

22-04-2008 10:31

This text was written by Gabriel Pombo da Silva and read on the tour that his mother, Pastora did in April in some European countries. It was translated from German by ABC Berlin. Gabriel is in prison for his attempt to escape a police control near Aachen, after having escaped from Prison in Spain where he had suffered torture and isolation in the notorious FIES units.

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Global Food Crisis: Hunger Plagues Haiti and the World

22-04-2008 00:11

Consumers in rich countries feel it in supermarkets but in the world's poorest ones people are starving. The reason - soaring food prices, and it's triggered riots around the world in places like Mexico, Indonesia, Yemen, the Philippines, Cambodia, Morocco, Senegal, Uzbekistan, Guinea, Mauritania, Egypt, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Peru, Bolivia and Haiti that was once nearly food self-sufficient but now relies on imports for most of its supply and (like other food-importing countries) is at the mercy of agribusiness.

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A Zionist Conspiracy to Wreck Wikipedia

21-04-2008 23:31

Electronic Intifada
The ultra-Zionist group CAMERA, which specialists in witchhunting academics on US campuses who support the Palestinians, has been caught with their pants down trying to infiltrate 50 editors into Wikipedia with the aim of destroying and vandalising articles supporting the Palestinians and in particular articles on the Nakba and Deir Yassin.

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World Day for Laboratory Animals, Oxford, 19 Apr 2008

21-04-2008 21:21

Audio and video of some of the speeches at SPEAK’s march and rally in Oxford, to mark the World Day for Laboratory Animals and to keep Oxford University’s new vivisection laboratory in the spotlight.

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PIA Stop Beagle Flights

21-04-2008 20:18


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(BAYER) Questions about Trasylol Since 1963

21-04-2008 20:16

Cologne, Germany: When Bayer AG convenes its annual stockholder's meeting on April 25th in Cologne, the German group Coalition against BAYER Dangers (CBG) will be on hand to introduce countermotions to the proceedings, one of which will focus on the history, and dangers of Trasylol (known as Aprotinin).
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