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UK Newswire Archive

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Help Save The Liverpool Garden Festival Site!

06-04-2007 14:28

Langtree McLean have been cutting their way through trees at the former Garden Festival site in Liverpool, even though they don't have planning permission yet and they don't own the site yet!

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Cultural Inversions and Criminal Leadership

06-04-2007 13:20

Imagine coalition leaders recoiling in horror at the prospect of facing the truth that it is they who are the most criminally liable and culpable terrorists in the world today! Former Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, stated that in order to effectively combat terrorism a universal definition of ‘terrorism’ would be imperative. A ratified definition would eliminate politically motivated, arbitrary definitions made by various groups/States for the principal purpose of servng their own interests. In the absence of a universal definition the legal system and International criminal courts are ‘hamstrung’ or worse, subject to manipulation by powerful (criminal) interests.

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4 questions for Al Gore.

06-04-2007 12:56

Vostoc graph
Or anyone else who knows the answers.

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Polish ecologists still under surveillance...

06-04-2007 12:01

A letter, sent to all Polish police headquarters about an order to investigate and gather information about opponents of building the bypass through Rospuda Valley has already been circulated around the Internet.

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“Foul nuclear waste deal” alleged by German activists

06-04-2007 03:06

Opponents of Germany’s main dump for highly radioactive nuclear waste are crying foul over a deal the environment minister is proposing. The deal would be to resume exploration of a salt deposit as a final repository if the minister’s opponents agree to a wider search for alternative sites. Local opponents to dumping near the northern village of Gorleben point out that since the early 80s there has been scientific proof that the salt dome there cannot prevent atomic waste from entering the biosphere because it lacks rock cover.

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'We Gathered Intelligence'

06-04-2007 02:57

Considering the illegal, Covert War already underway, and the full-scale Act of Aggression being plotted by Israel, the US, and possibly Britain as well, it's interesting that no real, plausible explanation has been offered for this incident.

Considering the ages and appearances of these troops, it's most likely that they were intentionally offered up to capture, in order to further the demonization of Iran in the run-up to war.

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Torture: Read it in the Israeli press

06-04-2007 02:50

Glorigying monsters is one way world governments perpetuate this cycle of wars.

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AUSTRALIA:Our Fascist Welcome Mat John Howard's ABCs

06-04-2007 00:56

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?
When someone comes to visit how do you greet him or her? With open arms and a welcome mat or with a list of allegations and a naming and shaming file? True it is Labor this time but not Liberal even though Lab is Lib hence Lib/Lab but what proves the point is that when it's too embarrassing for Lib then it's up to Lab to do the dirty work and attempts to get away with it. But the process is clear it's all about Isamophobia and what mileage John Howard's ABC and their mass media and political allies can make out of it for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)?

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Spray Building 'spring into action' open for business

05-04-2007 23:15

Here in Nottingham, A 'free space' has been made available and is now prepared for use. There will be many workshops here and at the other locations around town.

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Three charged over 7/7 bombings

05-04-2007 22:53

Two of them from Beeston
A current corollary to the July 21 trial
The BBC repeatedly reels the June 28th 'trial run' video at Luton rail station on its broadcasts
Bullshit, utter bullshit charges

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Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns: Part 15

05-04-2007 22:26

Activity is continuing at EcoWorks with the Straw Bale building

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Mother of imprisoned youth Shaquanda Cotton on Uhuru Radio Sunday

05-04-2007 21:51

Shaquanda Cotton in prison
Talk Live with Creola Cotton about her successful campaign to free her daughter, 15-year-old Shaquanda from juvenile prison in Texas.

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April edition of Liverpool's News Not Profit

05-04-2007 21:43

The April edition of Liverpool's News Not Profit has hit the streets, proudly bearing the strapline 'Not yet owned by Rupert Murdoch or Richard Branson'.

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River Barrages are an Expensive Burden on Nature and Communities

05-04-2007 21:29

An analysis of the potential economic and environmental costs of the Preston Vision Board's 'Riverworks' Barrage scheme, in the light of the experience of the people of Cardiff and the highly expensive Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Barrages are an expensive burden on nature and on communities, but make substantial profits for greedy developers.

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M For Media Malarkey - SchNEWS Alternative Media Gathering 2007

05-04-2007 21:15

Callout for all to come down to Brighton for...
M For Media Malarkey - the SchNEWS Alternative Media Gathering 2007

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Manchester United Fans get a taste of (G8) Genoa

05-04-2007 21:13

Lasts nights 1st leg of the quarter final of the Champions League between Roma and Manchester United was marred by violence between both sets of fans and between the Italian Police and the English fans. There are reports that the Police "reponse" was over the top.
The BBC reports that the home office is demanding an explanation, after reports of people being beaten with truncheons while they were on the ground.

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Spring into Action’s Climate Camp , Day 1 at JB Spray factory

05-04-2007 20:44

Spring into Action’s Climate Camp first day of workshops at the JB Spray building Russell Street, Radford, Nottingham

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Recently detained family need help!

05-04-2007 20:16

A family from Teeside have recently been forcibly removed from their home and taken to a detention centre in preparation for their deportation. The family have been living in the UK for six years after fleeing illegal persecution by the Sri Lankan army.It is extremly perilous for the family to return to Sri Lanka and it is inconceivable that they should be forcibly returned.
There are a number of ways in which you can help.

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London Mayday Autonomous Anarchist Block.

05-04-2007 19:40

Clerkenwell Green...
There will be a Mayday Anarchist Block assembling 1st May in London. Assemble at Clerkenwell Green at 12 o'clock and, lookout for Red and Black flags.
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