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UK Newswire Archive

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Climate Camp launches Press Complaint over G20 article

24-02-2009 02:03

Today, the Camp for Climate Action lodged a complaint with the Press
Complaints Commission (PCC) against the Evening Standard. The camp claims
the Standard's article regarding the April 1st event "Climate Camp in
London's Square mile", to be held during the G20, is misleading.

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Euskal Herria (by Latuff)

24-02-2009 01:28

Pais Vasco
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Police round up kids to make sure they 'Staysafe'

24-02-2009 01:22

As a test run for a project to be instated in 69 areas of the UK in April 2009, Yorkshire police stopped 1,200 children who were out at night and took them into 'police protection', before their parents picked them up. Several were also questioned by Children's Services.

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Students mount a Wall of Debt in Manchester

24-02-2009 00:59

The Wall of Debt at Manchester University
Students from the Reclaim the Uni group at Manchester built a Wall of Debt last Tuesday 17th February 2009 – as a visual representation of the cost of higher education. Students were asked to write how much debt they were in each brick of the mock wall. In just over hour all the bricks had been filled, with a total of over £2 million being owed by just 140 students who took part. Several individuals owed as much as £35,000 each.

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Celebrate BP's choice of Fossil Fools Day to celebrate its centenary!

23-02-2009 21:26

Image by Nick Turner
For reasons unfathomable yet deeply pleasing, BP* has chosen Fossil Fools
Day - April 1st 2009 - to celebrate its centenary.

This will take place at the British Museum, where the not-so-great and the
far-from-good will quaff cocktails, snaffle canapes and watch a
celebratory film.

And we will be there too, between 6-7pm, to say ‘Your party’s over!'

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Class Solidarity with the General Strikes in French Oversea Territories

23-02-2009 20:46

After a 4 weeks long general strike in Guadeloupe which has also extended for 10 days in Martinique, the struggle of the workers of these two French West-Indian islands enters a difficult phase. The French government has just refused its support for the draft agreement on a wage increase which took shape between the trade unions and the employers organization.

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British Gas punish woman for using too little electricty

23-02-2009 19:51

British Gas punishing people trying to save the planet.

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ITALY Terrorist Neofascist Roberto Fiore -

23-02-2009 19:46

Roberto Fiore
Extremist group calls for gypsy expulsions

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BMW Workers Self-Organising Against Bosses and Sellout Union

23-02-2009 19:40

At 6 am this morning there was a small picket in response to the lay off of 850 agency workers, outside two gates of BMW's mini car plant in Cowley, Oxford. We were expecting a mass picket of laid off temp workers. These workers have been self-organising against their bosses and the corrupt union leaders who've essentially sold them out.

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The Other Israel: Israeli refuser speaks in Sheffield - Wednesday 11th March

23-02-2009 18:54

Tamar Katz, an Israeli student recently released from prison, speaks in Sheffield about the struggle of Israelis to resist and undermine their government's war-machine and its colonial project in the occupied territories.

Wednesday 11th March, 7:30-9pm @ Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 6, University of Sheffield

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Protest against Agrexco's share holders Apax Partners in London

23-02-2009 17:01

Apax employees arrive to find the door D-locked
A small protest was held this morning at the London headquarters of Apax Partners, a UK-based private equity giant that holds a majority stake in Israeli agricultural co-op Tnuva, which owns 25 percent of Agrexco Agricultural Export Company, Israel's largest exporter of agricultural produce, which is guilty of trading in fruits, vegetables and flowers grown on illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land in the Occupied Territories (see the Carmel-Agrexco topic page

Earlier in the morning, an anonymous protester had separately D-locked the building's main door, causing some disruption to the baffled employees arriving to work. Armed with a banner and leaflets accusing Apax Partners of profiting from the illegal settlements, they called upon the company to divest from Tnuva or be complicit to crimes under the International Criminal Court Act 2001.

Police arrived about an hour later and imposed Section 14 of the Public Order Act! But protesters didn't leave until they'd run out of leaflets and energy.

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Palestine Today 022309

23-02-2009 16:21


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday , February 23ed , 2009.

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Actions and Resources for Fossil Fools Day 2009

23-02-2009 16:11

FFD is only five weeks away! We know of various affinity group actions around the UK but thought we’d upload some inspirational public actions you can get involved with on the April 1st and some resources to help inspire you to take action in you local area.

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Work Stopped at Rosewell Open Cast Coal Minse Site

23-02-2009 14:47

At 9am today a group of eco-activists began to disrupt the operations of Scottish Coal at the Rosewell open-cast coal mine in Midlothian. Some of the 10 activists stopping work today are local

Full article

Film & Short update on outcomes of Birmingham University occupation

23-02-2009 13:33

This article has been reposted because the original film wasn't entirely uploaded via ftp. The full film should now be viewable.

The occupation at the University of Birmingham ended on 20th January on the same day it started when the occupiers decided to leave after two shifts of university security and 30 police besieged the building that evening.

Full article

Turkey prepares to assume a more significant role in Afghanistan

23-02-2009 13:19

ISAF troops under NATO command, September 2008
Aiming to create an influence in the Middle East with its now-familiar identity as a “Muslim country” and after its latest stand in Davos, once again Turkey is preparing to use this influence in Afghanistan, in favour of the US. It is is expected to provide a wider and more critical support for the NATO's ISAF occupation forces.

Full article

Bullied schoolboy wants Anna Bligh to address judicial corruption

23-02-2009 13:05

This article details our fight against severe school bullying and systemic judicial corruption in the Queensland justice system. And the failure by government to address my documented and corroborated allegations of judicial corruption and the complete breakdown of the rule of law.

Full article

PHILIPPINES: Scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement now!

23-02-2009 12:08

The secret Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) document exposed by Sen. Joker Arroyo is the latest in a string of arguments to hang the iniquitous agreement. The secret document is an insult that adds to the injury of Daniel Smith’s contempt of our justice system.

Full article

Action against Scottish Coal open cast mine this morning

23-02-2009 11:52

At 9am today a group of eco-activists began to disrupt the
operations of Scottish Coal at the Rosewell open-cast coal mine in the
Midlothians. Some of the 10 activists stopping work today are local residents.

They climbed onto digging machinery to prevent works and climbed onto trucks to prevent
coal from leaving the Rosewell site for 2 hours this morning. Then police arrived but no-one were arrested.
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