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UK Newswire Archive

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Message from SHAC: May Raids Anniversary

02-05-2008 19:27

Novartis HQ smashed & painted during HLS march in Barcelona
As I'm sure you're all aware, it was recently the year anniversary of the May 1st raids. Where over 30 people's right to stand up against Huntingdon Life Sciences was stolen from them.

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Euromayday in Terrassa: The Precarious are Rebelling!

02-05-2008 19:13

Santa Precaria appears at Terrassa Mayday 08

1 May 2008. In the early evening, a festive Euromayday Parade took the streets of Catalan city of Terrassa in the metropolitan perifery of Barcelona. Its demands for social rights were highlighted by several actions in specific places in town. The parade was lead by a truck, where Chikiprecario and Supervivienda from the viral housing campaign V de Vivienda) entertained the crowd with choreographies, supported by a hip hop crew. Euromayday Terrassa is a node in the EuroMayDay Network, where precarized people in many cities are cooperating to create a political expression against "precarityof work and live".

chickiprecario video | report & pics [es] | chainworkers interview

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Nottingham Celebrates Mayday with Moazzam Begg

02-05-2008 18:48

In recent years Mayday in Nottingham has once again become a major celebration with the march from the Brewhouse Yard already something of a tradition. As successful as these demonstrations have been, they have taken place on the nearest weekend to May 1st, with little happening on the day itself. This year, the Mayday Organising Committee (an off-shoot of the Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group) felt that something should be done to mark the day itself and decided to organise a rally addressed by local asylum seeker Amdani Juma and former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg.

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Joseph Guzman, Survivor of NYC Police Shooting of Sean Bell, Live Sunday

02-05-2008 18:39

Joseph Guzman
Joseph Guzman, Survivor of the New York City police shooting of Sean Bell, will speak on the verdict and struggle for justice.

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Update on Worthing election arrest

02-05-2008 18:09

MORE details have emerged about the dramatic arrest at the Worthing council election count today. Here is an updated report:

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“The first May Fayre in Mayfair for 300 years.”

02-05-2008 17:30

Cross-dressing 18th century lords and ladies gather to reinstate the celebration of the May Fayre in central London. Police couldn't help but tap their feet...

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This Week In Palestine – Week 18 2008

02-05-2008 17:16


This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for April 26th through to May 2nd, 2008.

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BNP take council seats in Amber Valley

02-05-2008 17:10

Yesterday's local government elections do not appear to have been an overwhelming success for the British National Party (BNP), but in Amber Valley, Derbyshire they won two seats from Labour and missed another by only one vote.

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Zimbabwe: More Than Complicity Of Silence

02-05-2008 17:06

Article taken from Black Commentator, which questions the western media's penchant for an intepretation of what has happened in Zimbabwe which has a very partial reading of the source of the country's problems and accepts a deliberate misreading of historical events. Quote from article: "The right of anyone to criticize ZANU PF or Mugabe is valid and should be reserved without a person being condemned as an agent of the CIA or State Department. However, progressives and certainly revolutionaries must necessarily include an analysis of and explicit stand against US-British intervention."

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Israel Minister Rejects Gaza Truce as Hamas Chief Assasinated

02-05-2008 16:30

Why would they accept a truce?

They engineered this, and will keep the killing going so long as nobody says or does anything about it.

History will not judge us kindly for our shameful silence and inaction ...

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Dissident Island - Coming from our new home

02-05-2008 15:13

Nice little show for tonight, plus we're very excited to be coming at you out our new home in the (yet to be named) Shoreditch social centre

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International Socialist Resistance & Youth Against Racism protest call

02-05-2008 15:08

ISR & YRE call for a protest outside of City Hall tomorrow, 3rd May, should the BNP win a seat on the London Assembly.

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Turkey: 30 000 cops against mayday

02-05-2008 14:51

30,000 cops were deployed to prevent Mayday marchers from rallying at Taksim Square. Many hundreds have been arrested, and an unknown number injured, during the ensuing fracas. Although police stopped journalists from broadcasting in Taksim, some videos and photos are starting to show up online.

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Novartis - Spying upon employees

02-05-2008 13:20

Recent scandals of Lidl, Penny, Schlecker and other companies in Germany show that spying upon employees. is common. Novartis is a dedicated and ruthless exploiter of animals, nature and mankind, also an avantgarde in spying.

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Video of May Fayre in Mayfair, London.

02-05-2008 12:53

Mayday celebrations have a very long history of social disobedience countered by State repression.


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Novartis – Social Security Fraud

02-05-2008 12:14

Novartis Face Fraud Lawsuit Again

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Titnore candidate arrested at count

02-05-2008 12:00

A CANDIDATE supporting the Titnore Woods eco-protest camp in Worthing has been arrested at the election count.

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Visit Palestine

02-05-2008 11:57

Demonstration at Bil'in
Two callouts for people to show solidarity with the Palestinians have been issued recently. On May 30th people with gather in Egypt and will attaempt to enter Gaza in an act to break the murderous siege and to stand in solidarity with those inside. This event is also the launch of the International Solidarity Movement's 'Summer Against Apartheid'.

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InfoUsurpa Guide & Offline News

02-05-2008 11:14

London Indymedia Offline and InfoUsurpa are published together every two weeks in a 4-page sheet. This edition covers the first 2 weeks of May...

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Germany, Hamburg: Heaviest Mayday Riots since 30 Years!

02-05-2008 11:09

Germany, Hamburg. Cops were hunted, barrikades were built - 10 000 protesters turned Hamburg into Chaos, yesterday.
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