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UK Newswire Archive

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Fire Authority Sticks the Knife In (Symbolically At Least)

21-01-2007 18:00

The following facts are all we know for certain. A non-union firefighter - who sided with the Fire Authority's cuts agenda last year by crossing the Fire Brigades Union picket line - was badly injured when he tried to put one of his boots on. His foot was sliced open when he brought it down on a Stanley knife blade.

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Peace Meal next Saturday

21-01-2007 16:49

Food, frolics, cabaret and music to raise funds for Peace In The Park at the Blind Institute on Saturday 27th of January

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Indy media Ireland, where have you gone???

21-01-2007 16:29

I scour the internet looking for quirky pieces of information which haven't transcended to this part of the world, then when I reach for my mouse to go to my haven of safety where my news is acceptable, I find "Server Trouble". Yes it seems Indy media Ireland ist Kaputt, and in true spirit I'm writing about it over on Indy media UK!

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Airport boss killed by Tree

21-01-2007 16:23

A falling tree has killed the boss of the UK's sixth busiest airport.

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March on Worthing Police Station

21-01-2007 15:42

A PROTEST march on Worthing Police Station has been called for Saturday February 17 in the face of police intimidation of Titnore Woods campaigners.

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Lying Like It’s 2003: FRANK RICH ; President Carter accused of anti-Semitism

21-01-2007 15:13

RICH: This White House gang is so practiced in lying with a straight face that it never thinks twice about recycling its greatest hits.


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Sussex firm's link to primate testing

21-01-2007 14:57

ANIMAL rights campaigners are calling for people to get in touch with a firm involved in facilitating lab testing on monkeys.

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A Handful of Lunatics

21-01-2007 14:15

As the world races to nuclear confrontation in the Middle East the mass media is as quiet as a mouse. What is the latest news from the Persian Gulf? Confirmation of the reported build-up of Iranian troops on the Iraqi border required. Kurdish, Turkish and U.S. troop movements are strangely omitted from popular newswires. Follow-up coverage is a thing of the past, what is the latest from the Chinese leadership? THE PUBLIC DEMAND TO BE INFORMED AS IT IS THE PUBLIC THAT WILL DO THE DYING!

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10 Downing Street Hacked by Cops

21-01-2007 12:02

Police have allegedly hacked into 10 Downing Street computers to get evidence in the Cash for Honours inquiry. It's difficult to know what to make of this being neither a fan of Downing Street or the police.

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Calling all comrades G8 to expose clandestine corporate oligarchy G8 works for &

21-01-2007 11:47

Annual Meeting of the illegal Trilateral Commission Brussels, Belgium, March 16-19, 2007
location most likely a 5star hotel with room for 300plus & usual facilities of G8 conferences

document hopefully attached on file in its intended format,

for translation please try

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Greenwich Starbucks protest

21-01-2007 11:08

As part of its ongoing solidarity campaign with sacked Starbucks workers in the US the Solidarity Federation, ex-loafers and London IWW held a picket of Greenwich and Blackheath Starbucks on Sat 20th Jan 2007.

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manchester riots

21-01-2007 09:50

last night the a57 was closed off for sevral hours due to an inopropirate response by police to ravers walking to a wharehouse party.

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Racist Pigs try to extend their remit

21-01-2007 09:40

The Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) Wales has written to a backpakers hostel asking it to remove the advert. "foreign passport holders only".

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Oaxaca, Mexico - repression and resistance

21-01-2007 01:07

The New Year has seen more brutal repression in Oaxaca, including the murder of teacher Enriqueta Santiago Santiago by a death squad after her abduction on 12th January. Resistance such as street and prison demos is continuing (though with fewer people than earlier) while indigenous Triquis have declared an autonomous municipality. A "megamarch" has been called for 3 February in Oaxaca City.

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Neocons “Clearing a Path to the Targets” in Iran

20-01-2007 23:37

It takes a “specialist” on “Persian Gulf affairs, with special emphasis on Iran and Iraq” to get at the real reason behind the impending neocon attack on Iran.

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Deacon Dave - Sunday event postponed

20-01-2007 21:19

Deacon Dave was due to give a slide presentation about his recent 2 month stay in Hebron Palestine on Sunday 21 Jan. It has been postponed until Sunday 11 Feb at 6.30 at Christ Church, Pitsmoor

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New crime bill flouts presumption of innocence

20-01-2007 21:13

This week the Home Office published its proposed Serious Crime bill. Under the guise of tackling “serious and organized crime,” the Blair government is to further erode the presumption of innocence, so that people who have not been charged—let alone convicted—of a criminal offence can be subject to draconian restrictions on their freedom of movement.

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Caoimhe Butterly public address Dublin

20-01-2007 20:47

todays a/v presentation in Dublin
Notes made by an attendee at todays public address by Caoimhe, who has spent the past five months in Lebanon and who experienced the results of Israel's offensive. She is now back in Ireland briefly. During her visit she will speak about her experiences in Lebanon (in both Beirut and the South) and will be highlighting projects that she is currently involved with (including a film project about life in the wake of the Israeli bombardment and invasion). She has today succesfully spoken in Dublin, and is due to speak in Cork, Belfast, Limerick, Derry, Galway and Nenagh.

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Pipeline protest hits Brecon

20-01-2007 19:38

Information and samba flooded the town of Brecon today as the protest took on a new form.

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The Battle To Save Iraq's Children

20-01-2007 19:33

In January 2007, 98 Doctors Signed a letter to Tony Blair demanding an end to the medical shortages in Iraq, and accused the UK of breaking the Geneva Conventions on humanitarian care, here is the footage compiled by Filmmakers Against War that led to the signing and sending of the letter.
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