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UK Newswire Archive

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WTO Prisoner Support

07-03-2006 13:15

HSBC cardiff
Raising awareness for WTO prisoner

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M.Howard on Terminator gene technology'(GM Crops)

07-03-2006 13:09

Letter from former Tory leader Micheal Howard to a constituent on GM crop Terminator Genes.
Sad git appears to be leaning towards allowing it after further 'testing'....

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Listen up: Democracy Now! London visit.

07-03-2006 13:04

Sorry about the short notice but

Democracy Now!, america's syndicated, community radio news &
current affairs show will be broadcasting from London for the next few

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Bow West Says No tonight to Crossrail attacks plan on the East End

07-03-2006 12:03

The battle for the public ownership of community resource is taking place across the UK along side the battle against huge diversion of the resource to war and propaganda. Nowhere more consistently than in the East End of London. Quite appropriate, Bethnal Green and Bow MPO George Galloway is involved in the battle as much as any UK Parliamentary constituency Member of Parliament [MP] is ever seen to be. Galloway is due to support tonight’s Bow West campaign meeting against Crossrail attacks on the East End. Speakers include Carole Swords who has been harassed by the present Tower Hamkest Council for her defence of the community. Khoodeelaar! is backing the Bow West meeting.

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Corporate Accountability event 8 March - Westminster

07-03-2006 10:32

The Simultaneous Policy is a package of measures being developed by people around the world to address global problems such as climate change, unfair trade and unsustainable development. One of the issues SP could address is unregulated corporate power with measures that can effectively old corporations to account. Join the discussion.

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Under-reporting of British casualties in Iraq

07-03-2006 10:28

The Lancet has published research on the under-reporting of Brirish casualties in Iraq which highlights the governments reluctance to reveal the true situation

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Tree Protest still going STRONG!

07-03-2006 09:17

Still going!!!

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Anti-poverty campaigners ask “Where next after Make Poverty History?

07-03-2006 08:45

Oxford World Development Movement (WDM), leading global justice campaigners and founding members of Make Poverty History are organising a conference in Oxford asking ‘Where next after Make Poverty History?’

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07-03-2006 07:03

The UK Ministry of Defense has just admitted (March 3, 2006) that a large CIA transport, such as the one picture with torture prisoners and US Army policemen, has landed at RAF bases in Britain and Ireland. Were these people treated thus on British soil? Here are the flights reported:

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author of US torture revisionism and rendition to speak in London

07-03-2006 04:01

Alberto Gonzalez, US Attorney General will address the Institute of Strategic Studies at 1000hrs on Tuesday 7 March 2006. Gonzalez is the legal apologist for "rendition": the abduction and torture of hundreds if not thousands of people in contravention of international law at Guantanamo and elsewhere.

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Nature of Good and Evil - Christ vs Antichrist

07-03-2006 00:46

An actual audio recording of the Son of Man outlining the very
real war senario of Christ vs. Antichrist.

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New Infoshop News podcast

07-03-2006 00:04

The new installment of the bi-weekly Infoshop News podcast is now available for downloading and listening. The Infoshop News Show features news from the Infoshop News newswire, music, interviews and other features. This edition features the last part of Infoshop's 2005 interview with Jon Bekken, who is a professor at Albright College and longtime editor of the Industrial Worker.

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Khoodeelaar! legal grounds for court action against Crossrail-hole Council

06-03-2006 21:56

Court action to force the East London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council to abandon its collusion with Crossrail hole attack plan on the community is about to be mounted. This has taken two years preparation and the community campaign group Khoodeelaar has published the first list of grounds today. The Crossrail hole Bill is a reference to the hybrid 'Crossrail Bill' now in the UK House of Commons

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2nd Renaissance -13

06-03-2006 21:12

The Feds and the parrot people
Such a development is part of the phenomenon of reverse surveillance that will come to characterise the 2nd Renaissance and a rapid transition to a Level 4 Civilization and a truly free society. You can learn more about reverse surveillance at the 'Surveillance' freesite. Reverse surveillance principles extend well beyond the use of ubiquitous digital imaging technologies, and include audits of all aspects of federal government operations, by randomly selected teams of citizens. The Feds and the parrot people will be quick to pronounce that such monitoting is "not in the national interest," but it will definitely be in our interests, and those of future generations of humanity.

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World Internet News Mission Statement

06-03-2006 20:55

The following is the mission statement for an investigative/altenative, non-profit, convergent newsroom at the University of Houston that is looking for student reporters in the UK.

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Strike! The miners strike remembered 22 years on

06-03-2006 20:53

This Sunday at the Commonplace social centre in Leeds, we will remember the miners strike with films, talks, photo exhibitions and cheap grub. Come along to 23-25 Wharf Street in the City Centre

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A series of Sunday screenings & debate on ‘The War on Terror’

06-03-2006 20:13

Please print and put up a poster
At The Vaults & Garden Organic Café,
University Church, Radcliffe Square, Oxford

Sunday evenings in March
- Doors open & delicious organic food on sale from 7.15pm -
All films start at 7.45pm

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06-03-2006 18:06


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Need for critical theory

06-03-2006 17:34

A profound social need exists today for critical theory.
Not theory as a separate sphere—there are already too many separate spheres.
Not theory, as direction of praxis—often praxis knows how to manage very well on its own.
Not theory as a closed language of a clerical caste, but as an element of revolutionary political action for whomever would like another time.

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06-03-2006 16:45

In order to raise funds so that he can save his home and shop Spirit invites you to a roots reggae party on:
Saturday 25th March, 10pm till late
@ The Silent Whispers Club
21-23 Sedwick Street, Homerton, London E9
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